Domino's Pizza

3415 Hiatus Rd, Sunrise
(954) 749-6801

Recent Reviews

Aileen Rojas

Always perfect and good timing

Fernando Pessoa

Estimate delivery was 20min. Took them 2.5 hours to deliver my food. The store is only 1 block away from my house.

Pablo Cerda

We have recently started buying from Domino's through the app. This store in my area is well established. I have walked in and used delivery through the app. The food has always been well prepared. The app needs some tweaks but that is corporate to figure out.

Carrie Furman

I won’t order again. It’s supposed to be contactless delivery. The driver insisted on being at the door when I opened it and then insisted I sign the receipt. This is after I added tip online and there was no tip on the receipt so I questioned that. I’d rather order from another chain who respects and follows policy of contactless delivery. Your driver was rude.

Andrea Rodriguez

Placed an order at 9 pm at 10 I checked the tracker and it hadn’t moved so I called the store, no one answered. Called the store about 7 more times, no one answered. My husband went to the store around 10:30 because we still hadn’t received our food or heard from the store. When he arrived they finally made our food ( no apology for the inconvenience, no offer of a refund, no offer of a discount, nothing!!) When he opened the pizza at home (by now it’s 11pm) the pizza was raw dough! I’m now re cooking a pizza at 11 at night after paying over $30 including delivery and tip for a driver that never came. I’ll be calling in the morning to ask for a refund. Choose a different location to do business with.

Ella Poulin

Very good pizza.. Service was great to.. I would go back

Antrelise Gantt

Very poor customer service. I was placed on hold in the middle of my order and the person never came back! So I called back and the manager answered and immediately asked if I would hold—-when he finally came back, I told him politely what happened and he was very unapologetic, told me he was short staffed and what did I want him to do about it...he then mocked me and hung up. So, I went to dominoes on pine island-and guess same order was $3 cheaper!! This place has been problematic for a while

Joe Smith

Make sure you own your own pizza cutter before ordering delivery here, you are gonna need it. Multiple times telling management my pizzas aren't cut all the way when getting them and its still the same thing every time i order.

Rebecca Colegrove

It was definitely the perfect comfort food for the chilly weather. The hand tossed pizza was well seasoned and the garlic knots was a great addition to our pizza! And a brownie pie was the best way to top off a good night!??⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I ordered my dinner and it's always been ready as the timer estimated.

Gürkan Ç.

I found a hair on my wings!! Are this guys sure about they are following COVID-19 rules


Good pizza. Similar as all Domino’s around the city

Maleia Dhanoolal

I went to pick up my order and the cashier was outside smoking... my boyfriend waited for someone to come to the front desk and nobody came. He decided to finally come inside and give me and my boyfriend our pizza. Will not be coming back ,very unprofessional

Jimmy Snuka

The manager is good but the pizza wasn't cooked properly. I will never buy from this place again. Funny. I know how to make pizzas they are bogus. Garbage and no one cares.

Sara Baig

Let me ask you a question, does this seem fair? I ordered the twists ant they gave me 4 out of 8 extremely skinny and tiny. Just use more dough. I mean I already paid for it right? How are you giving me less than I paid for? Pizza was delivered on time. But that’s such bad practices. Give people what they ordered. It’s not letting me insert the picture I wish I could show you

Jacqueline Zenon

After ordering my food, the cashier told me that I would have to wait 45 minutes to make my pizza because he wanted to go on a break. I asked for my money back and he didn’t even care about losing my business, he just gave my money back and went on his break! Unbelievable!

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