540 Clematis St #3, West Palm Beach


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I cannot believe I'm the first to review here. I came to see what others had to say about this place because this place is gonna be the closest to authentic Taiwanese boba you're gonna get in the WBP area. As a milk tea bubble tea connoisseur moved to this area (from living in other major cities that have boba tea shops everywhere and after trying literally every boba providing shop/restaurant in this area), this place nails it. The boba is perfectly cooked to create full review
Honestly didn't have high expectations going in because there are almost no Asians in this part of Florida. But I had a craving and I saw this was new. The place was well decorated and staff friendly. I got a large bubble milk tea. It was not too sweet. I usually ask for half sugar but I forgot this time and it wasn't teeth hurting sweet which is the norm for typical bubble tea shops. The bubbles were fragrant and sweet which is one of the things I look for. It is way to full review

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