Bistro Ten Zero One

1001 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach
(561) 803-1908

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Sherry W.

We sat outside on a Sunday for lunch. We were the only customers. We were able to order off the breakfast and lunch menu at 11:30. The menu has a fried chicken sandwich, but they grilled it for me. It was topped with caramelized onions and a spicy aioli. I chose the side salad which had romaine, cucumber, red onion and tomatoes . The fresh fruit side my friend had with her eggs and toast included pineapple, strawberries, and blue berries. The fries were tasty that were served with my friend's club sandwich.

Ramon Gil

I recently dined at this restaurant, and unfortunately, I had a disappointing experience. The food tasted terrible. I was left with a less-than-satisfactory impression, and I won't be returning to dine here again. Atmosphere was great.

Keisha Wheeler

Chicken wings were just eh. Fully cooked but chewy fat and very little sauce. Over priced at 19.00

Chris M.

I was in town to check on a piece of property. I had breakfast at the hotel since it was convenient. I was pleasantly surprised with the size of the omelet. You never know what your going to get at a hotel and it is usually overpriced. The price was reasonable so I went a second time. If I ever stay at the hotel I will be sure to patronize this restaurant.

christina saunders

Food was delicious and had a nice calm atmosphere.

Scott Bort

Ok, the food is pretty tasty, but the service is atrocious. You literally have to stop someone walking by and ask for things like….. drinks, menu, drink refills, etc. They’re friendly enough, but holy cow it’s like they’ve never worked in a restaurant before. And no they weren’t busy, just myself and one other table and we all ordered salads. The lady running food delivered the food to the table next to me and noticed I needed a water refill, but walked off and went behind the bar and looked at her phone. I’m baffled because the food is so good.

Rich Haste

Nice hotel restaurant, food is good but not really unique in any way. Staff are cool.

Cesar Cartagena

This is my second time visiting, and I'm glad I gave this place another chance. I was disappointed my first visit with the Mahi Mahi (everything was severely overcooked) and the soup of the day (somehow, it tasted burnt). Granted, it was a very busy Friday night. I returned on a slow Monday night and tried the more simple pub fare: wings and the classic burger. Both were excellent. So, I recommend you go for the pub fare and simple dishes (burgers, wings, sandwiches). Also, both times, that Moscow Bourbon was excellent. Highly recommend it.

Ijanae A.

This is a horrible place my sister found a bug in her drink and a man named frank took the bug out and gave it back to her.and he asked me what do you want me to do and he didn't even know what he can do about it but take the big out I had to get up out my seat to go talk to a manager.frank also told me they have bug's flying around in the restaurant and that's how the bug got in my sisters drink. He needs to be fired don't bother going here according to Frank they have bugs

Kennedi P.

Salad came out better than expected. Very quick and kind service. Great atmosphere for dining & drinks

Jason S.

It tasted like dog food and the mashed potatoes don't have salt the food has no flavor, and the chicken has no taste at all and tasted like a piece of s****

Jacqueline McKinney

The menu choices are varied without being overwhelming. The tacos and chicken Caesar were good. You pretty much walk in and seat yourself. Getting a menu took about 7 minutes (yes I timed it and it felt like an eternity). Once you get the menu you know you're on their radar and will be able to order. Overall the experience was good.Parking: The gate out of the parking lot is faulty. It's like Russian roulette sometimes you pay and sometimes the gate raises when there are no cars around.

Lauren P.

Overpriced (even for a hotel, I travel for a living). Steak on my $24 salad that fit in a cereal bowl was inedible, $15 for a Makers Mark? Uber eats would have been better and for once, cheaper. Clearly they're taking advantage of the captive audience.

Toni Brady

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of food at this little bistro. It doesn't appear like much but the food and service was excellent. I work in the hospitality industry and I've been all over the world to mom and pops and fine dining restaurants. First, the portions are very large and for Palm Beach, that's extraordinary in and of itself. Second, the food was fresh and delicious. We ordered the hummus plate as an appetizer and I was pleasantly surprised by the freshness of veggies it came with. Then, our meals were just as grand. I ordered the blackened fish sandwich with a salad. And although it is difficult to get it cooked just right, it wasn't too well done and I ate all of the fish (except too much bread.) Salad was fresh, tomatoes could have been a better quality brand. The bun they used could have been a better quality as well, but that was my only complaint. All in all for the value, very well worth it for a hotel and for being in Palm Beach County.


Nice looking place…but couldnt get to food. No staff. Couldnt even get a menu after 10 minutes. Walked out

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