DrYnk Bar & Lounge

2255 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors
(954) 530-1800

Recent Reviews

Harrison C. Davies

This location has a very cozy atmosphere and offers a nice sectional layout. Including a very nicely put together back patio making use of all the square footage which is a little less than some of its neighbors. Nice staff to boot! #wiltonmanors #wiltondrive #cocacola

Carlo Mannino

Fantastic local gay bar in Wilton Manors. The drinks are strong, the setting is beautiful and comfortable, and the open area in the back is beautifully landscaped. It's always full, which says a lot. Great spot.

Joe Blaty

Always a lot of fun on Sundays. Friendly bartenders and great cocktails. The backyard is like your own casual backyard, except with a bartender waiting for your beverage order.

John Speziale

Best bar on the Drive. very friendly staff

Matt Sparks

Great experience, welcoming owners, excellent service, fun crowd, comfortable and easy to talk there.

Jason Hamilton

I love this place! The ambiance is just wonderful. Great drinks I love the relaxed vibe out on the patio! A beautiful place to drink & relax. Highly recommended!

Nuvi A.

The best bar in Fort Lauderdale, hands down! and variety of cocktail drinks is what makes this place a gem. ASK FOR FRANK!! He is extremely passionate about his craft. His drink are out of this world.

Jessica Miller

Nice atmosphere and great drinks. The bar tenders were very nice and not overcome with our party of 20 that walked in off the street.

R R.

I have been going to Drynk for a while now. It's a great place. The bar is super chill and i can actually hear my friends when i talk to them. The bartenders are attentive and do a phenomenal job in getting orders correct. Alex by far has been my favorite. He's able to grab my order over the general noise of a very busy bar and deliver it quickly. His drinks are always tasty and when he makes an old fashion, the flame and display is ON POINT. He keeps me going back!

Terry N.

Alex is literally the worst bartender on Earth. Do yourself a favor and avoid Drynk. Hunters across the street has much better quality drinks at a cheaper price and much better bartenders. Today, I asked the bartender Alex for a tab. He looked at me and ignored me. I reported the issue to the manager Sergio, who nonchalantly looked at me and said he will talk to Alex. In my opinion, that is not effective enough and a poor reflection of the bartenders on basic customer service.

Steve L.

I have to preface this with, This is our "go to" bar. I love Drynk. My last bar bill for December at Drynk was over $700 because we always bring friends here. It is a great bar. Fantastic happy hour until 8pm and an amazing outdoor patio. Why only the 4 star rating? One word... "Frank" the bartender. Every other bartender is professional and amazing, except Frank. We brought out of town friends to Drynk and Frank treated then like shit. My friend waited patiently in line and when he repeatedly got skipped over he asked Frank if he could get a drink. The response he got was, "wait your fucking turn" and then " I am closing you're tab and you are out of here. I don't think so! Reported this guy (Frank) to management who were responsive and helpful. Sooooo, if not for Frank, tHis would be a 5 star bar. Don't avoid this bar, but avoid Frank.

Mundolatinocuisine C.

One of best baBar and Lounge in wilto manors outstanding service great admosfer and environment.

james dempsey

This place is a must do any day of the week, very decorative setting small, must say very friendly crowd. As I was going through my wallet this past sunday I dropped some money and this guy happened to see it came over and gave it too. The staff is great unlike some places you go where you get tons of attitude and pay a high price for drinks. I would gladly take out of town guest there for a night cap or just an afternoon drink. For me this is one of the best places on the drive a must do.

Kat Wojnas

Great place to grab drinks. The bar is nice and spacious with an outdoor back back. The smoked cocktails are fantastic. The decor is very well done, especially for the holidays

Jason R.

So beautiful and classy. One of the need to go to bars in Ft. Lauderdale. Alex is an amazing bartender, rarely do you find someone so beautiful that is also a sweet person and makes an amazing drink. Definitely making this a regular stop!

Daniel R.

Just a shout out that the website has been updated with the menu/specials and table service is now available. Talk about an owner that really listens to what people suggest! I'm impressed! My comments about what can be done to make this place better were heard. So with that said now rating it a 5!

Diamond E.

This is the best bar in Broward county, and if you are a part of the LGBTQ community, it's in a safe spot for you. Smack dab in the middle of Wilton Drive is Broward county's most amazing bar that is all inclusive. The waiters are friendly and knowledgeable. The drinks are phenomenal, but there is no food. They do not serve food here. However; they will go get the menu from next door, if you need some food. You can order from next door and a waiter from next door will bring you your food. Now I don't remember the name of the pub next door. It's just basic bar food so it's nothing special in my book but I came to Drynk for the drinks. My bartender's name is Frank. Frank was voted the best bartender in Broward county and he is nothing shy of his title. He is warm and friendly. He even came up with us own drink called Frank's New Fashioned, and only he will make it for you. First he smokes the ice by using a blow torch. It's a very cool process but don't try it at home. Then he puts in the Jim Bean bourbon. Then he caramelizes the orange and adds blacks cherries on top. It's phenomenal! You have to try it! It's smooth to where you don't even know it's bourbon, but it's not actually as sweet as it sounds. If you have the pleasure of meeting Frank, tell him Diamond sent you!

Andrew Powl

Quality cocktails in a well put together bar. DrKnk is in keep with the rest of Wilton Manors, with the bar staff and patrons being very welcoming. Frank the barman skillfully made off-menu cocktail creations and welcome banter. A place to revisit!

Micheal Ayala-Olivares

The staff is always friendly and the bar tenders always make the best drinks. We love this place!!

Ayush Maheshwari

Amazing place! Great cocktails and atmosphere. Love the team starting with Eric, Aaron and everyone else takes really good care. Wishing all of you a very happy holiday season! Go Drynk!

Kevin K

Very comfortable and cozy Whiskey bar-type ambiance. Bartenders are very competent in their craft. Be sure to check out their outside patio in the back. Very cool place to chill with a group of friends.

Drew P.

This has to be one of our favorite bars across the country. Great atmosphere, the bartenders are friendly, and the drinks are reasonable. The patio out back is the best.

Jerry C.

I probably come here more than my check-ins admit LOL. I'd say if you transplanted DrYnk to NYC's gay Hells Kitchen, it would be swamped every night of the week. It's pretty crowded here most nights of the week as well, usually during happy hour before 8 pm, and especially Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. The bar ambience and decor (except for the old Golden Era movies and musicals with Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford) is masculine and gentlemen clubby. It's probably one of the few gay bars on the Drive that does not have drag shows. Their moosehead on the wall is always changing adornments with the seasons. The bartenders and barbacks are all friendly. The bartenders know their trade, and their take on Smoky Old Fashioned (bourbon or rye) is Wow-worthy. So decadent and warm to your tummy. It even was named Best Cocktail on the Drive 2019 by SFGN voters, finally beating out Alibi's blue LIIT. The outdoor patio is unique to the Drive. It's like being in someone's upscale backyard, complete with its own bar and outdoor urinals to avoid waiting in restroom lines inside. The only problem in back are mosquitos. Even here it looks like management is trying tackle the problem, with new fans blowing (also helps blow the cigarette smoke away), and providing mosquito repellent upon request. Hopefully they also spray the area. Heat lamps come out when needed a few nights a year. This bar and bartenders know its clientele. And that is me ;-)

Gerald Russell

I love this bar, the decor inside and out is wonderful. It's my Sunday Funday spot and a few times during the week. Happy hour is the best around by far,the staff is friendly and nice to look at too!!

Deniz Merey

So, it's a busy Friday night and my friend and I don't live in ft Lauderdale so we are by no means regulars. We walked up to the bar and were served pretty quick. I went back a little while later and the bartender, Brent, remembered me and my drink order from before. As a girl in a gay bar in South Florida that's pretty rare treatment. Not to mention the drinks are well made and not expensive. Even though this bar is busy the service is fast. Also this is one of the only bars where locals actually talk to each other in my experience. I highly recommend this bar to any people who live nearby or have recently moved to South Florida. Definitely look for Brent the bartender as he will most definitely improve your experience here.

Dylan Glockler

Without a doubt the best gay spot to get a cocktail in Lauderdale. Cozy and comfortable atmosphere, good bar staff and great selection of liquor.

Douglas Eitler

craft cocktails, friendly, skilled barkeeps, upscale environment & a great alfresco lounge area in the back with tropical 'scape...stop in & see Priscilla...she's a beauty !!!

Carlos Eduardo Sanchez

Is a nice place. Like a Irish pub. Fabulous cocktails and the barman is very kind. Gorgeous mens

Vincent Dowd

Drink is my FAVORITE bar in Wilton. They have a great ambiance and the owners have an eye for detail. Happy hour is not great for wine drinkers, however regardless of the time it is a wonderful place with a great big open patio for nice days. Even hot days you can find refuge under the large umbrellas.

Danny Ae

THIS PLACE IS AWESOME came here for the first time and Frank took care of us. Very comfortable and cozy place with a classic Victorian aesthetic and great drinks. The patio is equally comfortable to the interior.. right on the drive accessible parking. Love it!

Perrey Zambras

The bartender named Brandon is just terrible. Loves to gossip, can’t make a drink to save His life and seems to favor people based on their looks. The owners of Drynk should get rid off Him. If you want to have a GREAT time with good drinks, make sure You go when Aaron or Patrick are Bartending.

Brent P.

Great little bar in the gay or hood. It's small and quaint and they pour a stiff drink. Friendly, non-cruisy bar where you can have a drink with friends and not feel uncomfortable.

John Bold

Expensive drinks

Mladen Glisovic

Happy Sunday Funday place. Great Happy Hour 2 for 1. Very friendly staff!

Arely Lozano Cantu

Super fun and beautiful bar in Wilton Manors. The bartenders are great and the owners are always making sure everything is in top shape and everyone is having a great time. My favorite spot is the outdoor deck!

Todd Picard

Cute bartenders, servers and bar back. Good place to meet friends and make friends. Delicious drinks of course.

Darin Keyes

This place was great, Aaron was an awesome bartender with an even better personality. Be sure to check out the back patio, it's beautiful!

Mark Nelson

Nice atmosphere for happy hour. Bartenders easy on the eyes. Like the frozen drinks.

Joey Gearhart

Good drinks great staff love Brandon!!

Christian C.

The vibe at Drynk is top notch-everything from the decor to the friendly staff is well thought out and executed. Drink prices are reasonable and the bartenders will whip you up something creative if you desire. The back patio is my favorite space! It feels like an oasis, not like you're in the middle of Wilton Drive.