Local Expedition Wood Fired Grill

5315 Windward Pkwy ste b, Alpharetta
(470) 448-1249

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Allison Gallegos

My husband and I recently went to this restaurant for the first time and the food was so delicious. I had the falafel wrap and local fries and my husband had the plate with pulled pork, rice, roasted potatoes and the la corn. I had my doubts about the falafel but Jay told me it was good and Im glad I trusted him because it was the best falafel I've had in a long time, not only was the falafel it's self good but the wrap in its entirety was the perfect combination of flavors. The fries were so crispy and delicious and my husband said his meal was good too.

Elisa Herrin

We had a very large group which is sometimes hard to handle. The service and the food were amazing. Do not miss out on this restaurant. We were at the Sandy Springs location. Thank you from Rosy Salon and Spa Software.Vegetarian options: Plentiful!Dietary restrictions: We had a lot of our staff with all manner of restrictions. None of us had any issues finding something delicious that met our needs.Parking: Park in the building parking.


Tasty high quality food with pretty good prices. I have eaten here multiple times over the years and the food has been pretty consistent. The sauces take it up a notch.My only negative feedback would be that when I ordered the local fries as one of my sides, they gave me a very tiny portion compared to what you normally would get If you ordered that separately. Take a look at the picture I posted and you can see it's just a few fries thrown on top of the rice and compare it to the other pictures online. When you order it separately, you get a whole container of fries. This is pretty poor and takes away from the overall experience and rating.Other than this snafu, that management can easily fix to ensure that you get what you paid for, the food is good and I will be going back.

Tony Fernandez

Good tastes, but portions are too small. Someone is cashing too much on this. My portion was so small I thought it was a sampler, and did not even fill my tooth cavity. Sorry graphical, but I hope it conveys the message. I may be back sometime, but if portion is even smaller, I will request for a repair, if they decline it then I will have to leave the place and never try again.Not the only place with minute portions, seems a trend in many eateries, so someone has to raise the red flag.

Shavney Busby

Love this place! Good food, especially for our diet restrictions. Always fresh. Always wonderful customer service. Jay is always so helpful. The place is clean! They have so many great veggie sides which is hard to find. Love, love this place.

Katherine Brown

LOVE this place! Great food that makes you feel good after eating it! The only downside is that it is a little small for the crowds I’ve seen there. Other than that, it’s a very enjoyable meal and experience!

Chris Miller (CzarOfTheUniverse)

Even better than I remember! I hadn't been in 3 years, yet it's just as amazing as when I went once a week. The lemon garlic sauce is great, the fresh pita wonderful. The Mac N cheese, crispy fries, broccoli, rice, and street corn are all perfection. Highly, highly recommend this place!

Lindsay Walston

Easily our favorite family spot. We probably pick-up dinner here once a week and it never disappoints. Pick-up is always quick and super easy. Plus there are plenty of healthier options that our younger kids love. Would absolutely recommend!

Naomi Kim

I’ve been here multiple times and the food is always delicious and service always great. I always get the veggie plate and try all the different options.Chloe was great at explaining to my husband for his first time here.

William Parvey

If you’re looking for something healthy but fulfilling, this is the place!!!Atmosphere feels welcoming and warm.I highly recommend the local fries.

Greg Vosevich

In Atlanta on business and found this little gem of a restaurant. Food was absolutely amazing, all fresh options and service was great too. You should definitely try this place out.

The Hostens

Easily the best fast food restaurant in the Perimeter area! My family and I used to frequent Local when we lived over here but now that we moved we are sure to visit if we are in the area. Jay always provides great customer service! I love it here, highly recommend!

Yu-Hsien Ho

Randomly found this restaurant. You order at the computer by the entrance. It's a little clunky, and might be difficult to use for some. The elderly couple in front of me definitely had trouble. Turns out you can also order at the counter at the very back of the restaurant. No sign showing that's where you should order. Food was decent. The highlight of my meal was the grilled pineapples, which were surprisingly good. Nice char on the food.

Courtney Leson

We've been going here for years, but last night we ordered the hummus plate and it was a very small portion with two olives and mostly pita for $7.00. That was definitely disappointing since we had it before and enjoyed it. Then I ordered the southwest salad with chicken and my husband got chicken with LA street corn off the Cobb. Both of our chicken was very dry and not flavorful. I tried to cover the taste with more dressing, but for almost $50 with tip in a fast casual dining setup this is just disappointing overall. We love the hummus at Eclipse di Luna, Milton Tavern and even Tzatziki's down the road. Not sure if this was an off night, but I don't see us going back for awhile with so many restaurants in the area for less or the same price.

Mark Poisson

We've been going here since it opened and always remark how good it is. Between the great selection and the awesome sauces, you can't go wrong.The only downside (if there is one) is the fact they're so busy and parking can get tricky. Nothing to do with the restaurant itself just the location.

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