D92 Korean BBQ

225 E Trinity Pl, Decatur
(678) 973-2454

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Christina Oopara

Jay and Omar were amazing Servers. They accommodated us on a Saturday night with great service, and definitely did a great job in getting our food timely as well as all of our beverages in a very timely manner. I cannot thank them enough for making our experience here so amazing and fulfilling all of our BIG party of 43 people! Ranging from kids to elders !We as a group had an extremely long day, but Omar and Jay were very very good in making our nights and dinner a fun and easy experience.

Talin S.

The service started out a bit flat, but then improved greatly once our BBQ was underway.The food was really delicious, and it was my first time at a Korean BBQ restaurant, and it's definitely a fun experience to have meat prepared at a personal BBQ at your table. Also the cheesy corn that comes with the BBQ is so delicious.The meal also starts out with a ton of small plates of spicy or pickled items to snack on, which are served at no added cost. You can also eat them alongside your meal later.My friend and I shared a bottle of white grape liquor that reminded me of a milder version of Japanese sake. I can't remember the name of it at the moment. All in all we had a great time.Wheelchair accessibility: No wheelchair accessible doors unless someone holds them open for you. Restaurant is on one level though.

Abel C

Amazing time staff was attentive I loved it. The marinated pork was a godsend and I had two servings of all you can eat pork. The meat is also only all you can eat. It was $40~ a person and we had 6 servings.Parking: A few spots but it's free on sundays

Douglas Conner

I can’t thank our server, Steven, enough. My wife and I had a terrible day of traffic and missed our ATL Aquarium Date. We decided to come to dinner early and It was worth it. The price is great, the quality is great, the service is great. I have been to Korea for a 9 month rotational deployment with the Army. I had amazing authentic Korean BBQ while I was there almost every night. This restaurant, D92, is just as good if not better than the every one of those authentic Korean BBQ joints I ate at while in Korea. I can’t give any higher praises than that!Steven cooked our meats for us and allowed us to relax, typically I would prefer to cook my own but his touch was perfect and every meat was perfectly cooked. This was an overall amazing experience and one of if not the best restaurants I’ve ever been to!!!!!!!!

Latoya Hurston

STEVEN!!!!! I literally have no words for how AMAZING his service was. This was my husbands and I first time here and I must say the food was very tasty, and to add to the tastiness Steven was the cherry on top!! Great personality, cooked the food to perfection, I’m a very picky customer and he dealt with us in a patient and very kind way! Management is calling his name if looking for one!

Sharolyn Graybiel

Wasn't sure what to expect but since it is one of my daughter's favorite places to dine, I decided to give it a try. Although the service and food was adequate, I have to say I am not a fan. Was left wanting rice or something other than beets and peanuts to accompany meal. At $40 per person, I also expected NOT to cook my own dinner. Saving grace was the superb glass of Marlbac to rinse between choices.

Kimia J.

My family and I came here. The dinner for 2 was PLENTY for three people. The portions were a lot, but the food was just okay. It was good, but nothing stood out in particular. The price is just not worth it, and we will definitely keep looking for the best KBBQ in town.

Miles C.

We ate here last night. we came from other state so its our first time. theres 3 of us and 1 infant and the server is too lazy to cook the food for us. He even put us a service charge of 20% thinking he could get more tip from us. thats so racist thinking we are asian and we dont tip. not gonna recomend this place very poor service.

Rhett M.

Avoid at all costs!!! Awful service. Our server/cook explained nothing and we had to ask her what literally everything was. She seemed rushed and like she was trying to get out of there. I saw a bottle of bourbon at the bar that I wanted and our server seemed annoyed and didn't want to go ask the bartender for it, so she said it's just for show. At the end of the meal, there were onions left on the tray of things to be cooked. She had turned everything off, and had started cleaning up the area. We asked about the onions and our server said "those are optional do you want those?". We said yes, so she put the plate back on the burner and then just let the onions burn. There also wasn't any hand soap in the bathroom. I don't mean that the dispenser was empty, there is no hand soap dispenser at all! Overall the food was good, but our server made the experience miserable. Will not return and will tell others to stay away!


Highly recommend. My family ordered the chicken wings and veg fried rice. The rice was soo good! I didn't have the chicken but my family said it was good. Attentive servers that helped to cook the food was a plus. We enjoyed our experience. Some meats were more flavorful than others. Overall 9/10 recommend.

Malone A.

Great food. Excellent service on a busy night. Took care of our large group. Omar and Nhi were amazing. Thanks y'all.

Allison R.

Omar was great and the food was delicious! He brought everything out quickly and took great care of our table!

Sunny W.

Quick question....You ever had Nhi flip your food and your lid with excellent customer service!? If you haven't, then you're not living, and you have my condolences. ​Please go on down to D92 EXPEDITIOUSLY and invest in your palate, shop local, and ask for Nhi. Shout out to Omar, he was chefing it up for us real nice

Nina P

It was a dope vibe all around. Food was good and the server (Nee) was helping with the grill because she must have known we might burn the resto down not paying attention to the grill. I would go again.

Lucy W.

Lunch- Banchan (small appetizer plates that change depending on what is made fresh, one of which is usually kimchi) comes before the meal- I had 6 different kinds, with the tofu being my favorite and the only one that I asked for free refill of. Bibimbap is huge and delicious. My first visit, I got the beef and egg version, on a stone plate ($2 extra). It came with a plentora of veggies, which were a variety of textures that worked really well with the rice that crisped up on the stone plate. Korean BBQ- Plenty of food, good quality, great service.

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