D92 Korean BBQ

225 E Trinity Pl, Decatur
(678) 973-2454

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Ibrahim GK

Place and atmosphere is nice however the food was average at best. Tried both beef and chicken. The beef tasted terrible but the chicken ? was decent. The service was slow and we had to ask for napkins half way through meal because non were provided. Two people ended up costing over 140. I'd only recommend this place for the experience and not for the food.

Shameka Parker

This place was pretty good. I thunk they should give more fried rice when ordering the combos. I do like that you get to cook the food yourself and they give you seasoning to season the meat. With the combo we got it was enough to feed 4 people but one person didn't eat the beef or pork so they were nice enough to switch out the pork belly for chicken. I didn't agree with the 18% gratuity cause it came up to $40 for us and the waiter isn't really doing anything unless you want extra rice and drinks. I also didn't like that if 1 person in your group orders the all you can eat everyone has to order it.

Tina Pak Piano

Quiet good! I would return, especially because they have outdoor seating.

Katie Davenport

Was good, though the fire was really hot so the majority of our meats were extra done and blackened in some spots. Never short on meat! We did all you can eat and they kept it coming!

Sue J Hwang

Terrible services. I have been to this place several times, but not a single time, received proper services. Just Had enough. The BBQ combo menus require frequent checks on the grill and services to cut the meats. The only thing the server did for us was to set up the grill when we arrived at the table and came back with the check at the end. I went there to enjoy a nice meal with my friends, but did not have time to do anything but continuously doing what the server was supposed to do, because the meat was burning! The bill included $40 for gratuity, but for what did I pay $40? This is whole another level of shamelessness. I don’t normally complain about servers. Did not complain about it even though the same happened in the past multiple times, thinking that it would get better. But nothing has changed.Does it really require angry customers’ review to get “normal” services?

Vidal Sanabria

Always a grand experience at D-92. Really can't beat the atmosphere and the food!!! They don't advertise the "pork neck" on the menu, but it's there and the tastiest piece of meat at the restaurant.They also have amazing Japanese Whiskey on their drink menu. Great location in downtown Decatur.

Katie Goll

Excellent all around. Our waiter was knowledgeable and helpful. The cocktails were expertly made. The food was well spiced and unique. Perfect date night.

Ruthlee V Malate

Very good food. Good service

Ruthlee M. Tankersley

Very good food. Good service

Christy Hunter

This place took us right back to a place in South Korea. The food was excellent and wait staff was very helpful and courteous. You will not leave hungry. The food had great flavors also. I am not a fan of spicy but my husband loved the spicy foods. I had plenty of other options to choose from. Go try this for a date night, girls night out or guys night out. You could meet the parents here it is that nice yet can be casual.

isha shaw

This would be my first and last visit, at first glance upon entering the place seemed nice but the experience was atrocious. The toilets were so dirty I wondered what part of town I actually was in, the food: what wasn't flavorless was tough as leather making the high prices seem totally outrageous. I usually tip very well but I swear I nearly asked our waiter to tip me, we requested a booth since I had my baby with me and we had to wait 10mins for them to ask if our party of 4 could have one even though there were about 3 or 4 available. Then after cooking most of our meat ourselves they brought the cheque but didn't give us the shrimp they charged us for, the waiter then said after he brought us the complimentary ice cream that he was gonna go get the shrimp and cook it for us to take away rather than change the bill. He comes back with the saddest looking shrimp I've ever seen, this was the worst experience ever. In these times of Covid they did not have any bottles water, just small metal cups and a plastic container of water that only heavens knows where it came from. We had to leave and go to another restaurant cause everyone was still hungry, I now see why they sell alcohol because I would have to be drunk to eat there again.

Kamran Olfati

Poor service. There’s no zero or negative star option here otherwise I’d choose it. So I’m a person who does not loose faith with one bad experience. On several occasions in the past I have experienced bad service at this restaurant. One was just a few minutes ago that we got seated in the worst part of the restaurant. Asked the host to move us and was denied! What upsets me was that the restaurant was half empty! We took the table they wanted us to seat at! 10 minutes in two other tables around us got seated and got attended and the server had not even acknowledge us. This is was my last attempt at this place! And i hope no one will experience this bad service as we did.

Ashley Houwing

If there was a zero star option, I’d give it. Kudos to them for not having the city of Decatur close them down for the multiple cases of cross contamination. The server never showed up promptly for anything until it was time to pay. We couldn’t order all you can eat because apparently they have a shut down at 10:45 although they close at 12. We basically cooked our unseasoned meat ourselves (which it burned because the grill was literally disgusting from who knows what). Prior to that, the server used a cut piece of rib eye fat to oil up the grill…. While my friend had chicken… cross contamination anyone? We never received plates for anything until we asked. The place is so smoky that it nearly blinds you when you walk in like do fans and windows not exist? I cant imagine anyone actually enjoying the experience or food here. I would hope the city of Decatur takes a look into this place for health inspections because if this is how front of house looks like, then we can only imagine how the back is.

Cristina Doan

Wish you could rate the service, food and experience separately. The service was really great. The three gentlemen working on the floor that afternoon were hustling. Our waiter was even running back and forth to ensure everyone was being attended to. I honestly felt bad each time we ordered a new item because it felt like it was just him and the two other guys helping (clean, seat, and attend to) everyone where we were seated. They were very professional, upbeat, friendly, and worked as quickly as they could. The food was delicious! No complaints regarding the all you can eat meal. The two star rating is for the appearance and cleanliness of the restaurant itself. I have no idea what was leaking but it was a brownish black drip that got all over our silverware, bowls, arms, and unfortunately clothing. Management needs to fix whatever leaking is going on and have more people working instead of expecting 3 employees in one section to help a handful of tables. Also the bathroom did not look nor smell clean. Whatever hand soap was there was basically water. The whole experience of a restaurant makes you come back or say well once was enough. Once was enough for me but kuddos to the employees who served us.

Thomas Lang

Great all you can eat Korean bbq. Lots of great sides and good service

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