Taylor'd Bar-B-Q

2759 E College Ave, Decatur
(678) 974-8213

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albert reynolds

Taylor bbq is great. I've tried almost everything they offer and it has all been one of the best bbq items I've had. Must get if in the Avondale Estates area.

Mark Padfield

Not from Atlanta, I found this place online. I’m so glad I decided to eat there. I ordered the pimento cheese, as an appetizer and it was amazing! The brisket was good, but the Brunswick Stew and the pickles, OMG, By far the best Brunswick Stew I’ve ever had. The smokiness of the meat, the potatoes were perfect, and the broth was rich. It was incredible. Fantastic meal!

Keith Chandler

Best brisket I have had since living in Texas. Try this place you will love it. My Wednesday night dinner place.

LaVontia Broussard

The Mac and cheese was really good. My girlfriend loved bake beans and creamy coleslaw. We had ribs very tender. The sweet and spicy sauce very nice ?

Mandy T.

I had Taylor'D Bar-B-Q bookmarked for several months and I can't believe it took me so long to finally try it! I've been to several other restaurants to find the best BBQ restaurant in ATL, and Taylor'D Bar-B-Q is definitely up on the list! I always get the pulled pork sandwich when I try a new BBQ because I think it's the best way to determine if the BBQ is good or not (I wanted to try the ribs, but it was sold out! I ordered around 3 in the afternoon, so if you want some ribs, definitely order early). I did order some sweet BBQ sauce, but it was inadvertently left out of the Doordash order, so I can't comment on the sauce. :( Aside from the missing sauce, the sandwich itself was delicious! The bread did not get soggy at all while it was being delivered which is nice because no one likes soggy sandwich bread. The pork was very tender and juicy - there were no dry parts at all which is a huge plus to me. I also ordered the waffle fries and they add some seasoning to it to make it a little spicy. My boyfriend order the brisket and he said it was the best brisket he had in ATL. He also tried to habanero BBQ and he said it was a slow burn - so don't put on all the sauce at once if you can't handle heat very well. Note: the Texas Toast is literally just a piece of white bread haha. We thought it would be at least toasted but it's not, so just a heads up if you were expecting something different like we were. The other sides we tried were the mac and cheese and the corn. Both were really good - the mac and cheese was creamy but whatever they added with the corn was delicious! Portion sizes were decent as well - I had enough leftover so I could eat it the next day (a plus is the sandwich reheated in the microwave pretty well!) I'll definitely come back to try their other menu items in the future!

Sara C.

GOOD LITTLE BBQ SPOT!! a nice bbq spot that isnt too crowded with plenty of options! i got the 1/4 sampler which had a little bit of everything. the pork and brisket were my favs and the chicken surprised me! i wasnt a big fan of the ribs though. it also comes with 4 sides so i got mac and cheese, jambalaya que, corn, and potato salad. the mac and cheese was alright, but the jambalaya que took the show! if you're gonna get a side, definitely try that one!! everything was well priced and you get a lot for your money!


I've been on the hunt for good bbq and it was decent. The Brunswick stew was like vegetable soup. The chopped brisket dry and collard greens too much salt and vinegar. There was a noodle in my greens ?I will say it was better than Fox Brothers.

Rebeca Ispas

Some of the best smoked wings and bbq that Atlanta has to offer! Try the wings dry with the sauce on the side, you won’t be disappointed!!

sl shorts

We went about an hour before closing and were given what I believe was old food. The wings were very dry as if they had been reheated multiple times, the brisket was the same. The salad was very good, the mac and cheese and the desserts were also very good. I think if the food were fresh it would have been much better. But we ended up throwing all the meats in the trash and just eating the sides. If you go, make sure you go when they are actively cooking.

Lauren Gutenstein

Amazing service food yum had the chicken potato salad highly recommend Mac and cheese Cole slaw looking forward to going back

Kyle J.

The cashier was very condescending. I ordered 6 wings and wanted them in two sauces and was told they didn't do that. How hard is it to put three wings in a bowl? I can see why the location was empty. Customer service needs improvement

M R.

All I have to say is you won't be disappointed and check them out ASAP! Bring the whole family.

Emily Fish

My husband and I are brand new to living in Avondale. We stopped by to purchase dinner and they were closed. However, they took AMAZING pity on us and provided us with pork and Mac n’ cheese. Frankly, some of the best I’ve EVER had! I’m so happy to be living in a place like this and we WILL become regulars!❤️

Chrissy Woods

everything is delicious! even the staff!

Boom Johnson

Solid bbq and AMAZING sides! The baked beans are something serious! Pork could use just a little more smoke flavor, but that Sauce made up for that! Will definitely be back to try some more!!

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