Taylor'd Bar-B-Q

2759 E College Ave, Decatur
(678) 974-8213

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Allison D.

Ordered the brisket and pork with Mac and cheese, collard greens, baked beans and coleslaw. The portions were small for the price, and the brisket was dry. It was the first time I've had brisket and didn't eat it all. The pork was good but the coleslaw tasted like floor cleaner. The beans were very sweet and the collards were good. The mac and cheese was a little better than average. Kind of a mixed bag. Not sure we will be back.

Madam KL S.

I love that this place is in the community and they are very friendly and welcoming!I can honestly say the only thing that I have eaten here is there smoked chicken wings.My family always get about 100 smoked wings when we are having company over and everyone Love the smoked wings.They provide different types of barbecue sauce and blue cheese and ranch dressing but I prefer them without anything.Please go and check them out!

ashelia gibson

Went here on the recommendation of a friend. They were out of the meats we wanted. No ribs and they don't sell sausage. My hubby settled for a pulled pork sandwich and I got wings. Nothing big to rave about. The bbq jambalaya was nice a little wet for my liking.Food: 3/5

Bysb S.

Great food! Had pulled pork sandwiches, rib sandwich (cause we can not buy slabs until after 1700 during weekdays) and meat was piled thick. Sides abundant and good as well! Please get single serving of pies both pecan and sweet potato!

Allison S.

the brisket mac is incredible!!!! quiet late afternoon lunch. super nice staff and clean restaurant.

Breigh Miller

My husband and I ordered catering from here for our family holiday gathering. The food was delicious. The meats were tender and great even without sauce. The sauce added extra flavor! The sides were also very good and the sweet tea is amazing. The service was friendly and we would order from here again. Great place if you are looking for southern bbq!

Lion Among Lions King Among Kings

The food was great each time I've been there. The collard greens were my favorite side. They are a little spicy but still great! I have had the rib sandwich. (Awesome) The wings. (The bomb) The spud bowl. (A slam dunk) The cashier was great and the food didn't take long to get to our table. The atmosphere was good, with music playing that fit people that listen to many genres. Also, there were TVs where sports or news can be watched. The artwork for sale on the wall stood out, as I like the fact that they support artist.

Charles Lett

The staff was fast and cordial. The atmosphere is informal, but cloth napkins would be a bit much, anyway.I was there a little too early for the brisket. My burger and wings, however, were juicy and very tasty. This restaurant is definitely a good choice for hungry Atlantans.

Natasha D.

I think this may be our new go-to BBQ in the neighborhood! My only complaint is that the portions of the meat are so small. We chose this restaurant because they were offering buy one get one free so we got 12 smoked wings for the price of 6. We also had the pork plate, mac and cheese, coleslaw, brisket plate, baked beans, fries, and a jambalaya que cup. It was a good portion for two people with a bit left over. On the plus side, there was a big variety to enjoy, but for $70+ I would have expected a little more meat. I also didn't love the mac and cheese -- it was more like a wet, creamy white cheese sauce. I also wish they had a sausage option. Nevertheless, excellent BBQ option and will be ordering again.

Darrell H.

So I decided to try this joint because they were rated in Creative Loafing as "voted best beef burger 2021 and 2022". This rating was rigged. Someone was paid under the table. This burger was not good. You can tell it was just seasoned with salt (a lil too much) and had way too much mustard. I also tried the Mac and cheese and smoked wings. The Mac and cheese was a NO for me. It was no different than that generic Mac and cheese you'd get at KFC. It was dry and flavorless. The only reason they're not getting 1 star is because of the wings. They were delicious. The spicy sauce was ok, but the wings were delish. I won't write them off completely just yet. There are a few more menu items that I want to try. But burgers and Mac and cheese are off the list.

Tracey West

Great food I suggest order the sampler with everything great for 2 people, the side are great I had the mac/cheese and the greens were a little sweet but tasty the ribs,and bisket are the best.go early they do sale out.Food: 5/5

Dan Friedman

First the good: the staff were friendly and helpful. The portions ranged from large to above average. The food was good. Now, for the not so good: as others have commented the pulled pork was dryer than I like, this maybe chef’s preference. I like my mac&cheese partially crispy but that was not the way it was served. The slaw had too much vinegar for me. Bottom line- I’d come back again.

Sarah Reid

I made fun of my brothers for MONTHS for wanting to eat here every day of the work week (no exaggeration) and for always ordering the smoked wings. I had to take it all back when I tried the smoked wings for myself a few weeks ago. OH MY GOODNESS. These are simply the best from anywhere and you cannot beat the lunch special. Their Jambalaya Que is amazing as well. 5/5 and my brothers get the satisfaction of saying they were right so they're happy too.

Ms. Brandy

Fyi: Order and then sit down. Brunswick stew was good, according to my husband. The ribs could have been cooked a little longer. End pieces were great but as you work your way towards the center the meat is a little more chewy.

Paige V.

The brisket egg rolls were AMAZING. I hope those stay on the menu. Brisket was good, Brunswick stew was pretty good. But, that's one of those things I just want once a year to remind me of childhood. I wasn't a fan of the Mac n cheese, but there are so many ways to make it, it just wasn't my preference. I'll be back if for nothing else the egg rolls. Also, the two guys working there were incredibly friendly, and that goes a long way in my book.

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