Waffle House Museum

2719 E College Ave, Decatur
(770) 326-7086

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Cool Ppl

This is not the museum! Sorry!! This is actually the restaurant. Stop by like I always do and order the pork chop plate, cheese grits, cheese eggs and toast with water! I love coming to this location,over any other location due to the fact they have cute waitress young and mature( I love the cougar) plus I love talking to older ppl and so quick with my food. It's cleaned in there always and they are very respectful towards each other and also the guest

William C. Anderson

The first waffle house. I used to live a couple blocks away back when I 6. I ate their many times with my parentsIt looks just.like it did in the1960's. Waffle House #1

Osvaldo Hernandez


Ed Caddell

This place is openly hostile to nearby residents trying to walk to the heavy rail rapid transit station within a 6 minute walk. There are zero considerations for human beings passing through- no sidewalks along a busy thoroughfare, and there is actively dangerous debris and metal sticking out of the small strip of land between the street and the derelict, unused, and fenced (the nerve! ) parking lot. This site is an active safety hazard and public health risk. The property owner needs to stop actively endangering the lives of nearby residents!

Camille Crosby

Very informative and cool! A great way to learn the history of Avondale Estates and the iconic Waffle House


Leaving a review simply to inform Ken that no one can enter any establishment when it is closed. Also, no matter how important you think you are, the Waffle House Museum is NOT going to open its doors solely because you want to go in.

Virginia Angles

To get a private tour you have to contact the Waffle House corporate office and schedule your visit.

Ken Kisner

It is closed and they use shutters and tint so you can't see in. Not worth going there at the moment. Reopen and let me in and I'll upgrade this review. But as it is now, it's a waste of time for anyone who goes there

Miles Bondurant

This location may pop up as a restaurant in a Google search, but note the word museum in the name. But don't dispair, there is a normal fully functional Waffle House about 100 yards away, just across the street.

Ernesto Sharpe

This place simply knows how to treat their clients. Constantly with a welcoming approach. The food is affordably priced, always flavorful and neat.

Love Angel94

It was interesting seeing the history. A plus if you go when they are having an event you get a free waffle.

Craig Davis

Keep an eye out on Waffle House social media for when they open the museum. Great hospitality as always and free waffle and hash browns when I went!

Drew Wiggins

Two of my coworkers and l with here and it was really nice to have gone here. Food was served hot and the waffle definitely was delicious.

Kiplyn Primus

Great event space wonderful exhibits at the first Waffle House

R.B. Holmes

Really nothing here, just an empty building with a fenced off parking lot.

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