Little Caesars Pizza

3697 Windsor Spring Rd, Hephzibah
(706) 790-9262

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Naomi Renwick

I'd give them zero stars if I could. Out of all the locations in Augusta, this one is by far the worse. There's trash all over the lot for the drive through. The wait is insane! 30 to 40 plus minutes for pizza, even if you already ordered through the app. The poor workers are so over worked and tired, I don't blame them at all but management needs to get it together. Probably won't be back. I'd rather pay a little extra money somewhere else than deal with the issues at ordering at this chain.

Staci Thompson

Giving them one star because zero is not an option. I ordered online and it took them almost an hour to get me pizza. Employees in the store were not friendly and had one guy working while the other employees were goofing off in the back. Waited in the store for 20 mins and the drive through line didn’t move! Not to mention a line inside out the door. And this is Saturday lunch time! Do better. Probably our last time.

Pynk Willow

If I could give ZERO stars I would.I couldn’t get anything. I had read horrible reviews I haven’t even spoken to family members who have had horrible experiences. Today I tried to go by there just to give it a shot. The website says they open at 11 the door says they open at 11 I go by there at noon the light is off the doors locked and there’s a huge Pepsi display full of drinks blocking the door. Someone needs to get control of the store or it will not survive. As I was leaving another customer went to the door attempting to open it peering through the door. Sad.

Whitney Brown

If I could just add half a star I would! We waited in line for atleast 30 minutes. Our pizza was cold and rock hard, the crazy bread wasn’t even cooked all the way. Literally dough in the middle ? Never again! #ChargesDisputed

Miss Dat1

If I could just add half a star I would waited more than 15 minutes for my food. My pizza was nasty, crazy bread tasted old and my chicken was completely wrong. Never again will I go there won’t get my money again.

Natalie M

I don’t understand how all the little caesars are so terribly managed for a order to be preordered and still take 30+ minutes to be prepared. Stores should have a manager on duty at all times because this is ridiculous. Telling customers they aren’t taking anymore orders because their machine is down, people on their cell phones, and hanging out while we patiently wait, serving other new customers when our order was suppose to ready at 4 and didn’t get the order until 4:45.

Bruce McClure

The management team here must have changed because the current team is poorly managing this store. How is it on a Friday night busy night there is the store claims to be out of ingredients to make 3 topping pizza and only have single topping pizza available. Very poor prior planning to be prepared to serve customers on one of the busiest pizza nights. I am glad I am not the franchise owner I would be very P. Off at such poor management not being prepared. I am going to stop visiting this store and try domino's ( not much better) or pizza hut.

Jean Marie

Not very clean but as least the dust bunnies hanging from the ceiling were not there anymore. The pizza itself was yummy. I always prefer the thin crust but it takes a little longer. Worth the wait. But this time it took 40 min after the order. Really the only complaint was the online ordering system did not give an approximate time or anything for that matter and the young lady working was trying her best not to be snide. Didn't work well, hopefully she was just having a bad few minutes and got over it fast.

Nick Faglier

This is the crappies place you will ever go the servers won't even open the door to wait on customers or to even talk to you I would never recommend them to anyone you will serve yourself better to go to pizza hut the food is better and cheaper by 1dollar per pizza and the staff is so much more friendly to the customer I will never set foot here again and suggest no one who has any self respect do either. 0 stars

Lorenzo Simpson

I go to your store on Tobacco Road. I proceeded to the front door, and it was locked. There was no sign stating that the lobby was closed. Therefore I proceeded to go through your drive-thru. I place an order for two of the Crazy Stuff Bread. The young lady who took my order asked me to pull over, and they will bring the order out when it was ready. She took my order at 4:28 pm. I pulled over and shortly after another vehicle pulls over next to me. We both were waiting for quite a while and then I see the person who took my order bring their order out to their vehicle. I proceeded to wait a few more minutes. Finally I decided to go into the building because it was 5:05 pm. Another female with no name tag on brown skin, with braces on her teeth, with a black hat that had BATMAN stitched in red says, the lobby is closed sir. I told her I know but I have been waiting for basically 30 minutes for my order. She proceeded to say; don't come in here getting no attitude with me because I didn't take your order. I told her that I never said that she did take my order, but I think waiting 30 minutes is totally uncalled for. Then I told her that all I order was two orders of the crazy bread. She then walks towards the back and comes back to tell me that she just put some in the oven because they only had one order ready. I told her that I refused to wait any longer. I just want my money back. She asked for my receipt and I gave it to her. She played around with the register as if she knew what she was doing, but all she was doing was playing around. Then another worker had to show her how to do it and this young lady wasn't even working today. This place never has pizza or anything else ready when you come in. If they would stop standing around gossiping and playing on cellphones, then you just might have a respectful and business, but until you do that and get rid of the worker with the nasty attitude, I will not use your business again.

Tiffany Nicole

JUST CLOSE DOWN! They NEVER have pizza ready, always pull you up, or can't take no more orders because they've pulled 3 cars up already. You have to get what they have in "the box" already which it's never many options or go somewhere else to order pizza, wings, bread sticks, or whatever it is that you may want! Today makes the 3rd time in a row that it has happened to me! I'll pay more money and go elsewhere from now on though. I only gave one star because it forces you to do so before posting.

Joey Hilton

They are always backed up. They like to cancel online orders right before your pick up time and then you have to sit for an hr in a drive threw line just to have to give your order again..

Penny Stroupe

I ordered my pizza an HR before pick-up.. Had it set to pick up at 8pm. The second I pulled to parking lot, they cancelled my order!! Seriously! At the pick-up time!!! Very upset!

Kitty Jaxon Heart

Its HORRIBLE! We Went there at windsor spring, and ITS DRIVING ME NUTS! When we went there, we tried to go inside but it's LOCKED! When we had to come back it said: DRIVE-THRU ONLY! When we go in the drive-thru THERE'S ALOT OF PEOPLE! and we got the pizza...

Moneck Gaines

Set in the drive thru for 10mins before she recognized me, she stated I was doing other stuff. I told her that's not right. Then they had me to pull up additional 7 more mins. After all that waiting I only got a free Pepsi

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