Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

2491 Tobacco Rd, Hephzibah
(706) 793-3126

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I will never go back to this location! Long, slow drive through, when I ordered my food, they were out of chicken tenders which is what I was craving. Had to settle for chicken nuggets which were nasty, they asked me what sauce I wanted which never made it to my bag and they must have a napkin shortage because I didn’t get any. Poorly managed!

Jahniya Freedman

HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE.If I could give this place zero stars I would. After waiting almost an hour for the food I ordered ahead of time, I was rudely spoken to by the young lady with long braids and piercings at the front register. No ounce of customer service or even showing they respect their customers. I did not even receive an apology after being rudely spoken to, waiting for almost an hour, and also having to come back in because my order was incorrect. I receive d a two piece combo when I paid for a three piece. They did not have the drink I ordered, and the young woman rudely told me they do not have any lemonade then proceeded to ignore me when I asked what they have. My nuggets were left out my bag completely and I had to come back in to get them and the young man handed me a half open box and did not even try to close it. I definitely wish they would get new management and fix these problems. I will NEVER come back to this Popeyes.

amber nicole

I know this specific store is crazy in having long times and taking awhile. But when I have to change my complete order just to not have a 15-20 minute wait, then waiting more after I had even changed everything, to then have to go back inside to fix my order because they left out several items. I think I waited close to 45 minutes. Everything else was pretty good though

Penny Fleisher

The girl at the window and in the drive thru were very nice.. however they were out of a lot of things..like sauce and nuggets. The food was ok .. overly oily..but service was greatFood: 3/5

Dean Pologe

Dude why have I been in this drive thru line for 20 minutes and haven't even ordered yet? This is insanity. Update: 25 minutes and not a single car has moved.OMG I parked and came inside and there are NINE employees in here. Is anyone even working???THERE ARE NO STRAWS AND I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS PLACE MAKES ANY MONEYI have managed teams of people a lot. You could easily get the same work out of two people that you're getting out of 9. Just so you know. Theyre just standing there doing NOTHINGTo whoever is signing these paychecks: you are running a charity. Not a business.

Krozt Kriss

The old woman working the drive thru currently needs to NOT have such an attitudeYou dont get to treat us like we are a burden to you because you made a decision on our order without asking us so we nicely corrected it when we got up to the windowIf i could put no stars for a rating i wouldEdit: we ordered our food without pickles as well and they couldnt even do that right thank you to the workers and we will find other places to eat instead from now on

Paige F.

Do not go to this Popeyes. Drive all the way across town if you have to but do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste your time at this Popeyes. They never have enough chicken, the service is extremely slow and rude. It's a crime and a shame that we can't have one decent fast food restaurant in the south Augusta area. 0 stars Popeyes

Nikia Jones

The food was fresh and hot. The service was kind of slow but I did cone in during rush hour. Attitudes of employees were pleasant AND they gave me more than one sauce for two shrimp dinners!Food: 5/5


This location is a hit or miss but more of a miss. Some days they have chicken ready but most days you have a long wait. Some days the chicken is seasoned and some days it's not. I always order spicy but again, some days I get home and I have mild. Instead of telling you that there's a wait on chicken, they just take your order and have you wait. This last time I spent 20 minutes in the drive thru only to get to the window and pay just to tell me there's still a 14 minute wait. NOPE, REFUND ME! At this point there's no need to keep complaining or wasting my time and money at this location. ✌️

Cynthia Byrd

If I could give the service lower than a 1, I would. An extremely long wait but I was okay with that but the lack of customer service to apologize for the wait or acknowledgement. As well, I asked for my receipt and the young lady said that they were out of paper so I was unable to get a receipt. Once again, no apology. I will not be visiting this location and I recommend that others do the same. This was my first and last time going here. Spend your hard earned money where you are respected and appreciated!

Katherine Ware

The service here is slow whether you dine in, take out or drive thru. No matter the time of day or crew on the line service is slow. If you order online you wait in the drive through line forever I think they start your order when to drive up. Unfortunately we are at your mercy there is no other Popeyes close by and we love the chicken too bad we have to spend too much time in line talking to rude cashiers (not all) to get a meal. The owner needs to do a surprise visit and see how his/her store is being run.

Leathal_ Girl

I called the store 3 TIMES and no one answered. Thats horrible customer service. I sat there for a good 5-6 minutes just listening to the ringing. I wont be ordering here again. They need to fix this store and get a better manager

Sheryll Lander

Great food. Excellent service. Fast turn-around... but you forgot my hush puppies in the hush puppy shrimp box... thus the three stars.

Kristina Lee

The absolute worst experience I've ever had! I do not even like being as rude as I'm about to be. This place should be absolutely ashamed of themselves! There was a black woman with big bug eyes, that had in a grey shirt, not orange like the other employees, so I'm assuming she is a manager of some sorts who has no business even working around people. I sat in the drive thru for an HOUR, waiting on a chicken sandwich and 3 chicken tenders, while my 2 and 1 year old screamed in the back seat. I would have just asked for my money back and left IF she would have opened the window. Even after I saw multiple other employees mention that they saw me out there getting mad and pointing, STILL nobody would open the window. I'd highly suggest not going to this place if you are a white person, unless you want to be treated like the garbage that the trash bags that work there are!

Honestly Speaking

The chicken was seasoned right. Hot, fresh and served fast. No complaints for me. And...customer service was on point.

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