Sonic Drive-In

2505 Tobacco Rd, Hephzibah
(706) 796-7654

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Maddie Peterson

Ordered 2 shakes, 2 drinks and 1 fry. Waited over an hour for them to bring my order to me! Finally realized it was taking forever so pressed the button and they said someone would come out. Shakes were melted and fries completely cold.

Isis Vick

I don’t know why this location cannot never get the order correct. Twice they have not added my military discount on to my food and I was told welp you paid so it’s too late. The employees did. No offer to help rectify the situation at all. But you verbally and physically verified the discount for my order beforehand. It leaves a bad taste especially when you also have missing sauces and incorrect items in your order. I do not recommend this location.

Heather Hollins

I purchased 3 large ice cream blast 1 Butterfinger and 2 cookie dough... I asked for the toppings for the butterfinger just be put on top...So when I received my order I got what appeared to be 3 large vanilla ice creams.. the car hop took the butterfinger one back and sprinkled a dust of butterfinger on top.. I pulled to the drive thru and asked if that was the amount of butterfinger for a large blast.. the lady advised she charge me for a vanilla blast add butterfinger... but my receipt said butterfinger blast... I asked for a full refund... she gave me 6.00 in cash and said the remainder would be refunded to my card.. when asked for a refund reciept.. she said the system doesn't give one... I am an assistant manager for a local fast food restaurant so I am fully aware of refund policies... when I refused to move they walked away and ignored me.. I have called several times to speak to the store manager but no answer.. I received 6.00 back from my 20.00 order and they received those vanilla ice creams back.... this is not ok.... but I will not shop at Sonic anymore.. and I will not stop until I receive my full refund...

Aobe Coop

The service was okay ... Food came out fresh & hot ,but while ordering food I was being rushed.. no matter the order size ... Do not rush people

Rebecca Grant

Everytime we come to this sonic, there is always an issue. The first time we went through the drive through, they kept asking what our order was after we already ordered and then 20 minutes later, they asked again and proceeded to say that the order was never put into the system! That was 30 minutes wasted for an order they never received! Second time, they completely botch the order and got mad when we told them. Hire better staff please!

LaMar Shannon

Quick, friendly service. Order was correct and food was hot and delicious. Slushy was tasty and refreshing.

Brittany R.

Woman who gave us our food was rude, and when we pushed the red button to get our sauce, the same lady came on and only said "K" and didn't give us our sauce they forgot. Don't recommend if they cant get their workers under control.

Bella Rechelle

I’m not sure if this will be seen by the GM however I still am going to voice my concerns. I ordered a fudge sundae on the app and when I received it it was not full . I advised the associate I did not pay for half of a sundae I paid for a full and requested it to be remade the manager came out and told me that food prices have increased so they have to limit what they give me . Problem number one for me is even if food price has went up that isn’t any business if mine . If I am paying for a product I expect to get what I am paying for , not an excuse as to why you are giving me a halfway field product. Secondly if I have a legit concern fix it and during a team meeting bring up adjustments to the pricing or either fulfill what you are advertising. My experience was definitely distasteful and there should be a meeting around how to handle customer concerns and also not meeting company standards. Or change the pictures you all are displaying on your app to match what the customer is going to get.

Princess Diamond

Here we go again, a cup full of icecream and just a sprinkle of snicker on top. I bring it to your attention and you still want to charge me for extra snickers. So here's your 1 ? ?. The good thing is This will be the last 1 ? I give you because I wont be back ? I will literally drive the extra 3 minutes to go to DQ


They forgot the extra cherries but the issue was resolved very quickly when brought to their attention. Great job!

Bree Watts

I RARELY leave review for fast food , because key words “fast food”, but this location is slowly falling down for me choice wise. I always utilize the order ahead as ordering directly through someone gives me anxiety for some reason. Every time I order ahead , my order is almost always wrong . Sandwich’s made wrong , missing food, missing items in slushies . I could go on. Yes, i know the easy fix is stop going but Sonic has always been a long time favorite of mine, I’ve been hooked since forever . And I am one to give benefit of the doubt , butttttt there so many times you can jack up a order that clear states what the customer wants . It would be different is I was ordering thru a person and they misheard or didn’t hear something , but order a heads I’m sure are clearly showing what the customer is ordering. So it seems to be a battle of illiteracy with the employees. Because how can you read an order upon bringing it to the car , but then it ends up being wrong . Maybe there should be a reading exam along with a test run before a job offer is made . Overall, I’m kinda done with giving chances. Unfortunately there is not a near by sonic besides this one, sooo I guess I’ll make my own burgers

Nancy Robertson

For starters the three burgers I ordered at the drivethru were smashed at the bottom of the bag. In all three burgers the tiny little bit of lettuce was found under a piece of diced onion, pretty much non existent. I also ordered two milkshakes with extra strawberry and paid an additional fifty cents each for the extra strawberry. Sadly both milkshakes only had a few bits of fruit. I have to wonder is there a bag shortage? Is that why hamburgers are smashed at the bottom of a bag to make room for everything else that is ordered. Should I have provided my own bags? Is there a lettuce and strawberry shortage?

Christine Owhadi

I have been to other Sonic's and they are mostly ok. This is the first time I went to this location, and it will be my last. They took forever to even take my order. Then when they gave me my order they took my money and did not bother to bring me back my change. They just assumed it was a tip (you know what ihey say about assuming things.Granted it was not much money to get back, but it is the principal of the matter. I waited at the window for them to come back, but they were too busy goofing around inside to even bother coming to the window to see what I needed. Now I see why it takes so long for service, they are not doing their job they are supposed to be doing, they are playing around.


This is not the first time this has happened but it will be the last time i pay for one thing and get another. I paid over $6 for a medium SNICKERS blast plus an upcharge for extra snickers only to get a cup of icecream. Its shameful that i need to dig into my cup before i drive off to make sure i have what i paid for. I like to bring my icecream home, put it in the freezer to enjoy later only to be disappointed. I do not work for Sonic and Im not responsible for quality control.

Sedra D

The drive through was really slow. So I went to the drive in service, it didn't take long. It was a good experience. Definitely made up for waiting in the drive thru for so long and I actually got my food and was leaving by the time the car that was in front of me in the drive thru line even ordered. But it was super busy their. Slushy was good. I never tried thier food before. But it was surprisingly good.

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