Beans and Butter Coffeehouse

River Oak Plaza, 851 Oak Rd SW #1, Lawrenceville
(470) 268-7430

Recent Reviews

Savanna M.

It's always my joy to support black-owned family businesses, and BnB is something truly special. The calm, friendly neighborhood atmosphere, incredible drinks that ebb and flow with the seasons, bright and airy space, and incredible pastries and baked goods truly make me feel at home. The service is never anything short of excellent. Love it here.

Rebekah Worth

Fun coffee shop that I’ve driven by for weeks and not noticed! Great staff and food-a bit pricey for anything beyond drip coffee ($5 for a GF muffin or regular chocolate croissant). Good coffee. Could have been a tad stronger and they had no half and half (only milk). I’d give it 5 stars for food if they had half and half :) and the coffee was stronger.Dietary restrictions: They had a delightful Gluten free Sweet potato muffin.Kid-friendliness: They had coloring sheets and crayons for the kids.

Angel Hankel

The best part pastries in the area all made in house! Bakewell tarts, almond croissants, muffins, there's also savory options like their delicious bacon cheddar and chive scones!Their coffee is superb, I love my lattes but when I go to beans and butter it's always a pour over for me because of the quality of their coffee!

Erica Lopez

My husband and I loved this cute coffee and pastries shop! The banana bread is delicious. The almond croissant is amazingly delicious. The coffee drinks were very good as well. I had a Cappuccino, and my husband had a cold brew coffee. The service was great, and the owner is very nice. Come check out this place!

Scarlett Simmon

I love Beans and Butter! It is so nice to have such a cute coffee shop right near me - I love to study here since the atmosphere is so nice and welcoming! The staff is always great, and the food and coffee are both DELICIOUS (ham and cheese croissant is my favorite)!

F S.

Great selection of pastries and great coffee! It's the neighborhood coffee spot and it gets packed sometimes but that adds to the vibe!

Ambe C.

I was meeting a client in Lawrenceville and wanted to try somewhere non commerical and chain. Beans and Butter's menu looked interesting so, I decided to try them out.The coffeehouse is small and quaint. It has one loveseat, high top tables and a few standard tables. There is also outside seating for those that would enjoy that.The breakfast options were a nice size. I decided to go with the "Bacon and Chive Scone" and had it heated. The item was extremely savory and reminded me of a cheddar baby biscuit from Red Lobster. I also ordered an iced latte and added lavender flavoring; the options of syrup to add are very vast.

Maria Vilchez

I catered food for my graduation and the family was the best. They brought everything to my house and helped me set it up. The food is delicious and made with love.

E. Piotrowicz

Love this place! Excellent coffee and baked goodies, friendly people, cool space. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Amelia Massey-Gottselig

Cute little coffee shop. Food is yummy. Sometimes availability of items is a little less than optimal but it’s understandable with a small business.

Inechia Johnson

Loved this cute little coffee shop! The owner and staff were friendly and professional! Coffee and pastries were also very good!

Beth T.

Local, welcoming, delicious - don't order the almond croissants, save them all for me!

Rebecca Villasana-Espinoza

Super cute and great coffee however it takes about 20-30 minutes to get your coffee even when it's not busy. Orders are typi ally made out of order too so it's hard to tell when your drink might be made. If service was faster this would be a great neighborhood spot.

Akira C.

Service- awesome from the guy with the green hair. Ambiance- the inside was decent but there wasn't a whole lot of seating space. I saw chairs stacked in the corner but, not really put out. I loved the small circle tables to the right once walking in & wish they had more of those out. Food/pastries- really good, although I felt was a bit high in price. Matcha latte- more on the bitter side for me even with the added vanilla syrup. I love match, but I'm used to matcha tasting a little milky/creamier and a little on the sweet side if anything is added to it. Their vanilla syrup is made in house, but it wasn't a string vanilla taste to me like I had hoped for. Honestly, I didn't drink more than a half of cup. Other than this, I really liked the vibe in this place and the menu. I'd love to go back one day and try another drink.


I just had the best breakfast sandwich ever! Bacon,Egg,Cheese,Arugula, and Tomato on a delicious bun!! Excellent! I’ll be buying these every chance I get.I would’ve shared a pic but I ate it too fast…..oh time. ?

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