Oaxaca Tacos and Tequila Bar

1766 Old Norcross Rd, Lawrenceville
(470) 275-4579

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I've eaten at countless Mexican restaurants, but few have as good a menu as does Oaxaca. It took a while to decide on what to order as there were several dishes I have never tried before. The drink menu includes many mezcal based drinks and beer. I finally decided on the Mole Oaxacaqueno Con Pollo and a local beer. The chicken portion was huge, served with a delicious mole sauce, beans, rice and flour tortillas. I would definitely order this again. We had a short wait to be seated. If I have one complaint, it is that reservations are not accepted.

T. Hallman

I've always had a great time here, be it a weeknight or weekend. The bartenders are great, the food is very tasty, and the atmosphere is cozy. It would be really nice if they'd fix the air conditioner, so we'll see how that plays out. But I'll definitely plan on returning

Teresa R.

Absolutely fabulous food and even better margaritas!! You must try it!! You won't be disappointed!!

Linda P.

Very good drinks! Food was good as well. Ambience is nice and service was attentive and friendly. Definitely a nice spot to unwind and enjoy authentic oaxaqueñen food.

V M.

Did not have an enjoyable experience eating here. The food was not seasoned at all starting with the bland chips with no salt, the store-bought salsa which had the consistency of marinara. It definitely was not made from scratch and came probably from Publix. And also I got the chicken enchiladas Verde. The chicken in the enchilada was not seasoned at any point. They essentially boiled the chicken and rolled it up in a tortilla I guess they figured the sauce on top was the seasoning. Horrible. I gave it to my dog and he is nibbling and having the best time of his life especially since my vet told me to feed him bland food. I knew I was in trouble when the waiter brought me my food and they provided white rice never in all of my life have I had white rice with enchiladas. The only thing this place is probably good for is the drink that I had was pretty good the strawberry margarita. I would definitely not eat here again. just come get a flavorful drink and peace out

Wendy Salinas

This place has a happy vibes ambience. I would recommend and the food was good! The service was great. The parking spaces are a few.

LaDarius P.

Enjoyed everything, service was quick and attentive. She seemed to be there whenever we needed her. Tacos with corn tortillas were tasty, definitely preferred the gourmet selection (Baja fish taco was my favorite) Didn't eat any entrees just enjoyed tacos and apps. I'll be back, mango/ strawberry margarita (frozen) was delicious and I like their selection of tequila


OMG this restaurant is the best place ever. The food is amazing. Great service. Now is my favorite in Lawrenceville. Congratulations Oaxaca restaurant you are the best.

Vicky Onyema

Ordered the enchiladas Del Mar. I haven’t been here in some months and usually the Delmar is amazing. Today the fish and shrimp was over cooked and burnt. The beans was soupy and salty. It was nasty!

Angie J.

I love Oaxaca. They offer pretty authentic food with great drinks & the service is typically pretty good. I wish I could rate them higher but I came today for post work drinks with some co-workers and it was almost unbearably hot. I was there for a limited time - but I can't imagine what it's like for employees to work in such a hot environment. An establishment that isn't considerate of their employees always makes me think twice about going back.

Marissa B.

Definitely one of my go tos for date night. It's a lively atmosphere. They have infused tequila. The tacos are great! Staff is attentive

Adeola W.

Cinco de Mayo 2022* S U M M A R Y I've heard great things about this place. I wasn't impressed. But I will give them another try, maybe it was too busy of a night to get quality food and service. T A S T E Fajitas - Amazing portions. They were very generous with both the meat and the vegetables which I appreciated. Oh I wasn't a huge fan of the refried beans, and I love refried beans, but something just didn't sit right. The rice was kind of flavorless as were the rest of the sides. The guacamole was OK. I ended up just eating the meat, vegetables and tortillas. Margarita- it is very rare that I have to send back a drink but unfortunately I had to. My sister and I both ordered the margarita and I found it to be absolutely disgusting. Whoever made it put way too much sour mix in it and it tasted like there was quite a bit of salt in there. I tried for about 10 minutes or so to just drink it but in the end I couldn't and I switched it for a Dos XX beer. S E R V I C E Unfortunately service wasn't too good this night. Our waitress was always gone from the table for a long time. Even though we saw other waitresses go to other tables more frequently. For example, my fajitas were delivered and it took about 10 minutes for my tortillas that come with that the heat is to be delivered to my table so I was just waiting to eat while the meat was getting cold. It took over two hours to be seated, which is expected because it was Cinco de Mayo, but there were always 5 to 10 tables open that just had not been allocated so there seem to be a big lack of efficiency. Also the tables outside seemed like an afterthought and they were not comfortable. A M B I E N C E My opinions of this are going to be skewed because of the day that I went there. There was a DJ out there playing music, which I appreciate it, but it was way too loud. The music was blasting like we were in a club versus a restaurant and it was almost impossible to hear the person sitting directly in front of you. Also because there was a DJ out there there were dozens of people standing in the front and it made it difficult to get in and out of the door, to get to your table, and just generally be comfortable. It was a really beautiful day so we decided to sit outside, but I very quickly regretted that. There were spiders and bugs crawling all up the walls. And the tables are sitting right up against the walls. I did request for us to be moved inside but they said that they were not able to do that, even though there were a bunch of tables empty (They weren't leaving tables empty for Covid). I think that they need to do some thing to try and solve that spider problem outside. I get that it's outside and it's Georgia and there's trees and to some extent they won't be able to prevent it completely but they should try and mitigate it. P R I C E I believe I spent about 40$ for fajitas, beer and tip. R A T I N G 2 stars off because the margarita was horrible. Service and ambience were lacking.

Fatima L.

First time trying this place and it didn't disappoint. The restaurant is beautiful decorated. It screams an actual Mexican restaurant with originality. The food is actually the best part. This is the best Mexican restaurant i have tried in all Atlanta. A true hidden gem.


We LOVE going here for dinner. There is always a wait but it is 100% worth it because the service is amazing and the food (and horchata) is delicious. The owner or manager is so kind every time we visit he comes by to check on our table, and you see him helping his team whenever he can. My husband and I worked in the industry too, so it’s great to see owner/managers who really care about their customers and help out their team. Love the atmosphere too. You will not go wrong with eating here ☺️

Leticia A.

I have been here two times now and i have never had mexican food from a restaurant this good since i came from florida 5 years ago. The menu selection is amazing and genuine to my mexican culture. You can taste the pride they take in their cuisine and i 100% recommend this establishment if you want some really good food and drinks!

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