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4875 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville
(770) 510-7720

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Anna Pichon

Just visited this Panera and ordered a Baja bowl. The bowl was missing the Greek yogurt and the rice was cold to the touch as if it had been in the fridge. I went in to return it. No one asked why I wanted to return the bowl so I told them about the experience and when i did the cashier shrugged her shoulders. No offer to remake the item and no offer for a free treat like it says on the receipt. Refund was done on 11/11/22 at 6:11 pm the receipt says cashier is Maria but another associate came to assist her with the refund. Accuracy does not matter at this location.

Ash M.

Everything here is alway broken. If it's not the credit card machine, it's the machine that heats the macaroni and soup. If it's not that, it's the drive-thru speaker. The wait times are also horrible - don't let them have you pull up to park from drive-thru. It takes 3x as long and they have no system to figure out what order is whose. People will just keep coming up to you with wrong orders and asking what your order was over and over. Still waiting, 20 minutes and counting.

kathy Kathy

Place is clean when you walk in. I suggest you use the tablet to order your order because no one was at the register. I gave this place a 3 star due to the chipotle chicken avocado sandwich having a bland taste. Everything else was good clean bathrooms and clean atmosphere but my food tasted bland for my liking.

Courtney Davidson

I come to this same location daily. Starting with the positive, it is well cleaned. However, no matter what time I come the self serve coffee are always empty. Out of the 3 options..every day two are empty when I come. The half and half is always empty too, so often that I just bring my own creamer now. I am canceling my unlimited subscription because of this. Once in a while, I understand, but 5 out of 7 days…is a bit much.

Anna Anna

I like to visit this location although it is not the closest one from my house. The food here is hot, well prepared and less salty than other Panera. The owner is very friendly, he gave my son small toy or cookie every time we dine in.Absolutely my favorite spot!


This location is iffy. Some issues with this location:1) The drink station is almost always in disarray. No matter what time you go, half the drinks will be empty. The lemonades, hot coffee, iced tea, etc. It's a complete crapshoot. There's a sign for sugar syrup to add to the ice tea, but it's never there. I also once saw an employee place his dirty bleach rag he was cleaning tables with under the soda fountain to wet it with water, which has to be a health code violation.2) The kitchen here is eh. I've come here to get breakfast wraps a few times, and every single time it's literally just a blob of ingredients loosely shaped into a square that falls apart if you try to pick it up. They taste alright but the attention to detail is bad.3) They say they open at 6:30, but they don't really in my experience. I make sure not to come right at open, because I don't want to be annoying, so I usually come in at 6:45 or 6:50 at the earliest. Every time, employees are still rushing in and nothing is ready. The food takes forever because they still have to prep the kitchen, and I usually have to wait while they brew coffee if I order one, which is crazy. At the very least, I'd think coffee should be ready for the breakfast crowd. If you're not really open until 7:00 or 7:30, just open at 7:00 or 7:30.Overall, it's just a weirdly poor experience considering how expensive it is. It'll cost a good $20 for a half sandwich and half soup/salad + drink, and the service/kitchen ain't even close to good enough to justify it.

Gena Benikhis

Clean store. Food was well prepared. Just a bit slow in placing order process, but not a huge deal if you're not in a hurry.


I think you need to go back to research. First the chicken has no taste, mayo, parmesan cheese chips and sprigs of lettuce. The absolute worst sandwich and for the bargain price of $10.19 ( this includes choice of an apple, chips or bread) . Compare: Longhorn Chicken sandwich and side $8.99, Chick-fil-A meal $9.59 a side and beverage, Chilis Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich $10.59 and includes various sides to choose from. But the biggest thing is the sandwich is Terrible. Giving it away and i would not eat it.

Michael Kent

I just drove all the way from Cobb County from work in traffic 2 1/2 hours so I can have Panera bread closest to my house I get here and they tell me they’re only excepting cash’ I do not carry cash on me strictly because of the job that I have!! Huge turn off I will not be coming back,

Faith Ussery

Went through the drive thru. After arriving at home which is 20 minutes away, I realized my order was not complete, with a salad missing and 2 sides. Recommend to check your order before leaving this location.

Callie Artime

I’ve always been a huge fan of Panera. I placed & paid for a mobile pick up order, then got a confirmation email & text. I was running late, so didn’t arrive for almost 35 minutes after placing the order.I noticed my order wasn’t on the pick up shelf & no employees were at the front counter or in the dining room. I finally got help from someone back in the kitchen. They proceeded to tell me they never got my order and to place another one (even though my card was charged and I confirmed the location). I understand things happen and technology can be flaky.After showing them the charge on my bank account & explaining my hesitancy to place a 2nd order, they finally made the order I wanted. I had a free pastry reward from my birthday, but was unable to receive it since they never got my original order…Again, I understand things happen but I expected better from Panera. Especially considering how much I paid.

Maureen Sullivan

Don't place an order online and assume you'll get your order, even if you've paid. I placed an order for a dozen bagels online in the late afternoon for a 8:30 AM pickup the next morning. At 6:45 AM the next morning, I got an email saying my order was canceled, no explanation or anything. I called the store and they said they were out of bagels for the day. So at 6:45 am they ran out of bagels? That's crazy. Did the Manager screw up the inventory order or what. How do you run out of bagels one hour after opening? We had a business meeting with customers so I had to scramble trying to find something for our meeting. I will NEVER EVER come to this location again.

Mary Mcphan

I ordered through the drive through on my lunch break around 3pm. I was given my order pretty fast which was good and but when I got to work I noticed I had no dressing and I was given bread for the side. They never asked what I wanted for my side and since I didn’t have any dressing I couldn’t eat my salad at work. When I finally got home at 8pm my salad was soggy and inedible! I wasted $10 on a sale I couldn’t eat! If you go to this location please check your bag before leaving the drive thru! What a waste!

Danielle A.

Should have checked my bag before I left the drive thru. First off, the girl at the counter didn't remember what drinks I ordered. Then I open my bag to find they gave me the wrong salad, and side AND forgot the bread. Pretty disappointed

Corey Amend

Many items out of stock, which is a bummer because I used to really like most of their menu.

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