Pepe's Mexican Bar & Grill

1802 N Brown Rd, Lawrenceville
(678) 847-5860

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Ashley K.

I've been coming here for the past 5ish years and the majority has usually been a decent experience. FOOD: Hector Special ($29.99) - Steak is a hit or miss here. Sometimes it's really good quality but sometimes it's just all fat. Shrimp is good, pretty average, and the sauce is very very creamy with a queso consistency. Texanas Fajitas ($17.99) - Includes steak, chicken, and shrimp. Also includes fajita vegetables, cheese quesadillas, guacamole, and pico de Gallo. They ask for the option of corn and flour tortillas. Hard to go wrong with anything here, all tasted amazing. King Molcajete ($30.99) - This is a new menu starting from the summer. Comes out in a volcanic stone pot with fajita vegetables, grilled cactus leaf, grilled chorizo, corn, avocado, and halloumi. SERVICE/VIBE: Service is usually good, everyone is for the most part attentive despite the restaurant having so many tables. This place is pretty loud and it's definitely gotten busier the past couple years so highly recommend making a reservation if you have a big party.

Ken J.

My last review was a bit better than this one. First service still good. Chips and salsa still real good. This go round I figured go for the street tacos. I wanted to try one of each (you can not do that with the Taco plate). Big up lift for the one of each. Strike 2 they did not have Dos Equis on tap had to go bottle. Strike 3 even with lime, salt, special sauce, and salsa all flavors were somewhat bland. On the plus side the portions where huge, the rice and beans were awesome. Truth be told the tacos all tasted like corn tortillas. First time was awesome. Second time not so much. I will give it another go just to Reconcile

Sam Abbasi

I typically enjoy writing positive reviews, but I gotta Karen-out on the Manager who didn't handle our situation very sincerely.As vegetarians, we are always skeptical about where to eat and wether or not the restaurant accommodates our needs, which is pretty simple - no meat in our foods.My friend who is a vegetarian for more than 24 years found a piece of chicken in her food. We simply asked to speak to the manager in order to shine light on this subject.He assumed we just wanted something free and discounted the food, however his attitude was much more important to us.His words exactly: "I'm sorry, but mistakes happen. We are very busy, you should have told the server to tell a manager that you don't eat meat"My response was "Neither I nor the server should have to tell the cook to make the vegetarian food , which is in the vegetarian section of the menu, that we don't want any meat.Having worked in restaurants most of my life, I have learned that guests don't want free stuff (sometimes yes), but want to be heard and understood.So basically, if you are vegetarian/vegan or have any food allergies, I wouldn't recommend dinning here because if they're busy, they'll forget to accommodate your needs.Love & Peace.

Emily Cajas

In my opinion this is an amazing Mexican food restaurant. Great food, great drinks, great service and good music. My boyfriend and I go there at least once a week lol. You wouldn’t regret trying it.

Dalton Fralish

My go-to restaurant! I was let down a few times when the store first opened, but it has quickly moved it’s way into my top 3 spots to eat. The food is great, the live music on the weekends creates a fun atmosphere, and the service is spot on! 10/10 would recommend.

Jenn P.

Just had another great dinner at Pepe's. This restaurant is consistently on point. Good food, tasty drinks and friendly staff. Tonight we were waited on by Andrea. Andrea not only made us tasty table side guac but took our dinner at the same time. Our order was slightly unique but everything came out perfect. I had the quesadilla and my table mates had tacos and burritos. My margarita was really tasty too.

Robert Ballard

Food is amazing every time we come by.Fast friendly service.

San DJ

Patricia was a pleasure. Live music and nice food!

Carmen Dunagan

Great salsa, took a little time to get food but it looked and tasted great. Beautiful lighting, pretty desserts.

Tina Folds

This place was great! I ordered the Fiesta Bowl and a jalapeño margarita. It was delicious and the staff was very friendly and helpful! Highly recommend!

Scott B.

Just went here for first time as I am working in the area. This is a top notch Mexican restaurant. Good food, and drinks were outstanding. The service was top notch and the atmosphere was laid back. I will definitely be back as I will be working in the area the next few months. Ordered the Texas Margarita to drink and the Loco Rice Texano The portion was large enough that I will eat for 2 days on it

Emily Thomas Owens

Awesome food and service. The inside was awesome as well. I wish there was one over to Greenville SC

Bernard Stokes

This place was Amazing! Wonderful staff, food was excellent, drinks had a nice variety to choose from! It can be adult, or family atmosphere! My family loved it, and we will be back!

Arlette Paine

This place is fantastic. The food portions are generous & the drinks are equally wonderful. I had a Texas Margarita, it was a little on the strong side, but still the whole experience is worth the trip. I'll definitely return.

Michele Cregger

Amazing side table Guacamole and the food was delicious! Beautiful atmosphere and decor! Looked like a great place to have birthday party too!

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