Universal Joint

181 W Pike St, Lawrenceville
(770) 299-1898

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Louie Hendry

We dined here on a Friday night arriving at 5:30. Our waitress was delightful and the drinks and food was good. However, the sun was setting directly across from our table and was blinding. As you can see from the photo there weren’t many other people seated in this area so 2/3 way through our meal we moved to the large high top to finish out of the blinding sun. We were then approached by one of the owners who told us we couldn’t sit here because it’s reserved for large parties. What large parties?! There was no one waiting to be seated - no large parties, no small parties. He didn’t bother to ask why we moved or if we need anything and was very rude. We won’t be returning. This owner needs to learn the value of paying customers and how to assess situations and accommodate customers needs. Shame!

David Houtz

Had a great time this evening at Universal Joint with friends. Our server, Savannah was outstanding. She was very outgoing and engaging and shared what some of her favorites were. And she was right - food was great and weather was perfect!

Gaby Davenport

Absolutely the best place to be on Friday nights! Go and ask for Savannah shes an absolute sweetheart and the absolute best!!

Jamie & Valorie Matthews

This was our first time at Universal Joint. Savannah was an awesome waitress. She made sure our drinks were full and food was delicious! I had the chicken salad sandwich with cucumber salad. The Ocean Breeze drink was refreshing. Relaxed , comfortable atmosphere. We will definitely be back!

Lilliana Smith

The BEST place to go out and enjoy a nice night with friends. Atmosphere and drinks are great and DEFINITELY go and ask for Kayla. She is so sweet, friendly, and absolutely the best! We’re coming back next week just to see her because of how great she made our experience.

Gavyn Swale

Everyone one knows universal joint has a great atmosphere, good food, and drinks. Tonight I want to speak about the service. Tonight was packed out, my party and I couldn't find a table. I grabbed the first server I saw, luckily that was Sawyer. He helped all of our needs from food, drinks, and found us a table. He saved our night! He's the Tom Sawyer to my Huckleberry Fin.

Caitlin Cagle

First time being here and had a blast! The atmosphere is great, drinks are amazing and the food is awesome! Savannah was our server and she did great! Definitely coming back to see her again!

Jaylen C

Long story short I came by with a date, was seated and waited 10+ minutes with nobody coming to the table. A table full of servers were in front of us watching football and having a great time. I hate to bring my skin color into the equation but people were seated and served after we came in, even put at the table right next to us. It was hot outside, a water would've been nice but we ended up leaving as I write this review in a Cici's Pizza. Thanks universal joint,

Angel Nguyen

I would given them a 4 star, but I’d decided to do a 3 star due to an entree issue. Their universal fries weren’t that great. The presentation of it looks pleasing, but not the taste of it. The issue was the cheese on the fries felt like it was glued on to it. I had to get my waiter’s attention to let him see my issue on my end and luckily he was able to fix the order by giving me a set of plain fries.

Rashod C.

This place is pretty good and I love the workers (very respectful) They accidentally put Mayo on one of our orders , after informing the server he gave us a brand new sandwich and allowed us to keep the other one . (I thought that was so kind; ps thank you so much) The restaurant plays really cool music and everyone is so friendly; I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Lacie F.

My husband and I stopped her after coming home from Atlanta, and we had a very pleasant experience, and will certainly be back. We entered and there was a hostess stand, but the sign said to seat yourself, so we walked inside a little ways but saw that it was mostly bar space, and we considered sitting at one of the high tables, but decided that would be too noisy for us so we opted for one of the booths by the hostess stands which was out of the line of sight but much more quiet. Our server came and he was very amiable and made a joke, which I think that he thought we did not appreciate, but we did, we were just tried after dealing with a doctor appointment and Atlanta traffic. Our server took our drink order and and showed us what the weekly specials were, and left us to look at the me menu. When he returned, we ordered the soft pretzel, and I got the burger with American cheese and nothing else and my husband got the Cuban. Our server brought out our pretzel with honey mustard and queso on the side for dipping. The pretzel was fine, although it was bit overdone and some parts were basically burnt. The queso was good but nothing to write home about. Another gentleman brought our our dinners. Sadly my burger had lettuce, tomato, and onion and a pickle spear with it, but it was easy to move all of that to the small plate that was brought out with the plate for the pretzel. When our server came to check on us and saw the lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle (the vedge as he called it) he apologized profusely and kept asking me if I wanted him to take it away as he had made sure I had not wanted any of that when he took my order. I told him it was fine, and it was as it was not like they put mayonnaise or ketchup or mustard on it which would have actually ruined the burger for me. Both my husband and I got fries as a side and they were phenomenal! I am sure they were frozen fries, but these fries were perfectly seasoned, and they even had a little heat to them, and they were worth coming back just for them alone. My husband said that the bread on the Cuban was dry, and he ended up just eating the sandwich without the bread. Still he was less than impressed with the sandwich and said he would try something else on a return trip. Before our server brought our check he told us about a really interesting event that the downtown city of Lawrenceville would be hosting Saturday August 14th where the local businesses would be giving away free comics. It was essentially a local comic event and I loved that to see a local business promoting other local businesses in the area, and our server was very endearing, and I certainly think that our service was some of the best we have had. I definitely recommend visiting Universal Joint for the service, and community minded business sense, and definitely try the fries!

Dara Kirkland

Universal joint is a nice relaxing be who you are kind of place to be. I actually come here a few times a week because they make the best beyond burger ever! Also cody the bartender is AMAZING, Bruce the owner came over and spoke with us ( my husband and i) for atleast 10 minutes bought us a shot and still.spoke after that. I'll continue to come here love it!Love i

Sibe L.

We love coming here with our dogs. The environment is great and the food is delicious! Johnny waited on us today and he was so much fun! Thanks for making our lunch so enjoyable. The salads and burgers are outstanding and everyone must try the fried Brussels sprouts! We have been here three times in a month and will continue to come back! The only slightly negative part is the lack of fans outside. It would be nice to have a bit more air moving in the outdoor dining area.

Kayla W.

Me and my family went here for dinner for the first time and overall the food and service was just okay. When we first got seated the table was really wet to the point where my mom and I got some napkins to dry it ourselves. My brother ordered wings which were fine. Mom and I ordered the salmon BLT which was pretty bland.... could have made that at home tbh. My drink comes out but my mom never got hers. I ordered the rose sangria which is really just grapefruit and vodka.... no sangria elements whatsoever. Pretty disappointed.

Meechie King

Steven was great the owner was very nice as well but let me tell you something that brisket burger was the truth the jalapeños are not hot but the flavor was all there the salmon did not disappoint thanks guys it was worth every penny

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