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Paul Dean

The sandwich I ordered had absolutely no resemblance to the lit up advertisement/picture behind the register, to the $ dollar $ amount. In fact, the sandwich should have been reduced by 50% in cost because it was literally half the size of it's representation in the picture. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated issue. It's just about at every major hitting fast food franchise.

Dee Perdue

Wished he would of offered some sauce but it was good without it.

Matthew Bounds

Worst experience I've had here ever. The initial greeting was kind, thus the 2 stars. The food was okay, on a fast food standard, but it was anything but fast. There was one little girl running around taking orders, filling orders, cleaning tables, and everything else. Then there were two larger women screaming at her from the dining area to do more, instead of getting up and helping. Finally when they did get up, they stood behind the counter barking orders and talking on their phone. Probably the last time I'll frequent here or any other Arby's. They were putting together a quality product for a while, but it seems that train has passed, and now we're left with the trash experience I had tonight.

Sam L Jackson

Speedy service, hot fries! Good portion sizes too. Will visit again!

Amanda Barron

Received a gross sandwich today covered in ranch and honey mustard. It was also missing bacon and cheese. Seriously, a huge glob of sauce on both sides of the bun, not even edible. Pic uploaded for reference. Y'all supposed to be my favorite, get it together.

Marshall Miller

Lady at window forgot to give me a straw for my drink. I was asked to pull up because my food wasn't ready. So when another lady brought me my food I asked was my straw in the bag and she snapped at me saying you will have to drive back around through the drive-thru again to get your straw!When I get back home I found five packets of the Arby's sauce leaking all on each other in the bottom of my bag! You can't tell me they didn't see this when they were putting them in the bag! ?February 26th 2021: As a owner I would think you would be capable of dealing with this yourself instead of putting it off on somebody else!?

Camille H

It's nice to be able to go eat inside a restaurant again! Arby's didn't disappoint - one of my favorite craves! So good!

Thomas Ellis

Big miss on our last visit. Ordered 6 sandwiches and only received 2 at first. When they got us our other sandwiches, they included someone else's fries I'm guessing. Oops. Once home, we discovered we only received 3/4 of a French dip sandwich.

Robert Bray

Good food quick service. Clean and covid safe

Ervin White

Best customer experience! Fast and Friendly! One of the Upper Echelon Locations! 5 Star Service!

Keith Nelms

Good service, hot food, clean dining room. About as good as you can hope for with fast food.

kids Kids

The customer service was friendly. The food quality was warm, instead of hot and I even asked for hot. Usually, the service and quality are on point! Maybe a bad day or new staff. Give them a try. Oh, try the crinkle fries for something different. 2p-5p enjoy snack size servings at a snack sized price!! Thank me later

Katrina Hoyle

I've been to this location multiple times and have never had any issues to speak of. There can be a line for the drive through, but it moves at a decent pace. I don't recall ever having my order being incorrect or short. And the employees have been pleasant. So, no complaints, but nothing that has wowed me, either. I'll continue to go to this location.

Isaac Kelly

I just need to give a shout out to the manager that was working Tuesday afternoon (1:00pm-ish) January 5th, 2021. I work across the street and dine here often. Never have I seen someone in this position run their crew like this manager. They had cars wrapped around the building twice and the dining room was full... But I didn't have to wait long for my order! I watched in amazement as this manager/shift lead ran circles around the rest of the crew but gave courteous and effective direction. I was very impressed! You need to do whatever you have to to hold onto that manager!

Christina Wilson

Fries aren't like they used to be. I feel like they don't care how they bag your food. They just throw whatever in there and never give you the size fries, that you pay extra for. I can't stand how broken down the service is! You need to either hire better managers, or get a new staff!

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