Jersey Mike's Subs

403 Fury's Ferry Rd Suite 115, Martinez
(706) 210-0096

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Catherine Vega

I appreciate the people who work here so much. I asked them to cut my sandwich into tiny pieces because I have a lip piercing and it hurts to munch on sandwiches if they’re big, and they did!!! So kind of them. 10/10 would go to this location for your sub needs c:

Edgar H.

I come into Jersey Mikes 3 time a week to the one on fury ferrys road the staff have all ways been great to the point. Some of the employees already know what I come in to order. But today 11/12/22 at 11:55 a.m., I guess the general manger who's name is BEN didnt get his last name. BEN must have had a bad lunch rush making subs for 12 juveniles and the other customers. So when it's my turn he takes my order BEN has attitude already on top of his lunch rush he put a sub together for me. Which he mad wrong. When I asked him if the sub he made me was a regular sub because the sub he mad was looked to be for a child, he states I told him to make a mini sub. Now like I stated at the beginning I've been going to that Jersey Mike on fury ferry at least 3 times a week and have never had a issue until today. BEN began to argue with me because of his mistake. He then takes the sub I ordered and throws the sub against the wall and tells me he won't serve me and to get out before he calls the cop.then goes to the next customers and takes his order. That customer was also upset after seeing what he did and told him no you cant take my order after what you've done. Now after seeing him throw the sub on the wall now I mad. This is the worst customers service I've ever had at this location. On top of all this I'm the only customer color in this place and it almost seem to be racial for him to get mad because. BEN had to make 12 mini subs for the kids before me. But he picked the wrong one to get up set with because of his mistakes. I've asked he several times for the owner of this fury ferry location number and the corporate number he refuses to give it to me and walked out the job mad because he knows he was wrong. One of the other employees who knows what I get there on the regular apologized and made my sub gave me BEN the GM of the store name. I will be eating subs everyday at this place until BEN apologize or he is going to meet me in this parking lot.

Maria Vaill

I LOVE this location on Furys Ferry rd in MArtinez GA!!The food is always fresh and delicious! The staff are always efficient and Friendly!Jersey Mikes has the best subs!

Shawn Anderson

This one definitely has my service because as soon as you open the door they great you and have some of the best customer service. Sandwich was made perfect to perfection.Food: 5/5

Donna Hester

My Mom loves their subs but they get her order wrong too frequently even after she specifies strongly what she prefers. That's very frustrating, how often they get it wrong! I wish they offered organic options.

Gwin K.

We usually order Jersey Mike's delivery from Grovetown; but now that the one in Evans is open I was excited about the convenience since I drive by there on my way home from work. Unfortunately, the subs were not good. The bread was hard, not fresh. My husband's sub contained only half the steak and hardly any cheese. We were very disappointed and will go back to ordering online for delivery from the Grovetown location.

Wendy Marietta

The Philly cheese steak is the bomb! Great staff and service!

Richard “Les” Hinton

Love Jersey Mike's!!! My favorite sub place! They r pricey but worth it! Couples I suggest ordering a giant and split it to save money. If u can eat a giant go for it! Never had a sub here I didn't like.

Bridget McIlwain

No bacon on either of my club sandwiches. So disappointed!

Carrissia Green

No kids cup lids for extended period of time and unfriendly workers.

Orshawa Garvin

Always a good experience! Great management team too.

Tom W.

ONLINE ORDER, IMPORTANT Food was great, my frustration was with the process for picking up an online order. When you walk in the store there are shelves posted "online orders". However, this shelf is for third party orders (Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc.). If you ordered directly from Jersey Mike's, they keep your order behind the counter. This means you have to awkwardly cut into the long line of people waiting to ask the cashier to hand your food. What they don't tell you unless you ask is that they keep the food back there so they can hand it out through the drive thru window. All this to say, if you do an online order, pick it up at the drive thru.

Lisa Wilson

Don’t be black and be a penny short or they will not ring up your order until you have the 1 cent. Very disgusted!!!! And to think I have patronized this business at least twice a week! I will NEVER PATRONIZED THIS LOCATION EVER AGAIN !!!!! Martinez Ga on Fury Ferry Road Augusta Ga.

Jack Murray

It was the best ever.

Betty Life Vlogs

They always make the best subs!! Thanks a lot!

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