Little Caesars Pizza

5475 Buford Hwy, Norcross
(770) 417-8696

Recent Reviews

Juan Carlos Brando

Bad, the attention is horrible, grumpy faces and the "Hot and Ready" takes 20 minutes


The young lady in the front was so nice one of the best service I have gotten in the pandemic.. Sad but true..

Star Denise

It was a rewarding experience and they're very family oriented ,friendly With A Nice Enviroment As well... I Had A Great Visit.....

Beth Ann Decker

Was not busy when we stopped in to get dinner. Stuffed cheesy bread was made fresh and tasted good.


Clean, fast and convenient fresh pizza also

Jonathan Castro

ALWAYS rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional and that includes the “manager” most of all. Went in and the employee saw me and ran off to the back and came back about 3 minutes later while I watched her dig through her purse for her phone, sit down with it, and then finally come back. On a second occasion I talked to a manager and was both rude and disrespectful and seemed upset when answered with the same attitude.

Harold Chavous

Love that thin crust and parm crusted pizzas weekly!

Stephen Wood

It was good! They took care of me with a really screwed up order.

melissa luevano

Waited over 45 minutes after ordering at the drive thru window and was told to go to the front and they would bring my order out. When I go inside one of the guys tells me he is sorry for the wait but that for future reference I should check on my order. A comment like that should have never been said as I simply asked on the status of my order. Seems like the normal process/treatment at this location since after I asked if my order was ready he tells his coworker “we got another one that has been waiting for almost an hour” and the coworker says “why don’t they come in and check?”. Do not waste your time here. Horrible service.

Proffesor M.

The pizza was bad, I mean I called ahead and they didn't even give me my fresh order that I asked for. I know the difference between fresh and that's been sitting out, it had been sitting out and I told him I wanted a fresh one. They were reluctant at first so I asked him that I didn't want to pay and I want my money back. They gave me my money back and I left

Nena Diaz

This is the only place were I like to order my pizza..its always fresh on time and its actually in the portal....and the people they are so nice...

T Hamp

They need to fire everyone at this location and close it down. I called to place an order to keep from waiting and every time the phone just rung. I drove over there and called as I walked in the door. One employee was outside smoking a cigarette while talking on his cellphone, another was just ignoring the phone, and the third (female) had her headphones in her ears. She removed them to take my order and I asked why no one was answering the phone? She replied "we just never answer it!" How rediculous is that. I'm sure the manager doesn't know this, or maybe she was the manager. "I'm sorry ma'am but I no longer want anything from your establishment." "You guys completely suck at customer service. "

Tim Randolph

Absolutely terrible customer service, I stood at the register for at least 10 minutes waiting for service while the employees completely ignored me. It wasn't until another customer showed up and picked up their own pizza from some type of self serve pay oven before they even looked my way. I was so upset that I wanted to call the district manager about it because that wasn't the 1st time it has happened their before.

Adilene Plancarte

I’ve been at the drive thru window for 25 minutes now and no one has come to the window. The reason I waiting longer then 10 minutes was because I know it takes time to make the pizza and they had customers inside. They should be a little considerate as well that people waste time and gas waiting as well. Two workers have passed by and nothing. They need to get it together.

Beenae Plasencia

Before I actually had to walk in. I waited in the drive thru for over 15 minutes and no came to the window. Then I walked and and noticed they dont even have an open sign. Their customer service sucks.

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