Cicis Pizza

6050 Peachtree Pkwy Ste 220, Peachtree Corners
(770) 300-0535

Recent Reviews

lucille lindgren

This place was phenomenal. The service was friendly and attentive even though they were packed.

Chris Perez

I ordered ahead of time because I know they are busy and still had to wait for my pizzas to be ready worst service. Very disappointed.


It's okay to dine in. Also, totally self service, you have to clean up after you ate , but you don't have to leave a tip.

Logan M C.

Came at 8:05 and everything said they closed at 10. The website. The door. And there's was a working sitting on a table on their phone. If they changed their hours the need to communicate that better. Even the door said 10pm.

Terry Lee

Had fun with my family. Enjoyed ourselves

Nancy Foster

The food was very good. I'd also like to mention that the manager there is great and has such a great personality. If you're not grinning when you go in, he'll have you grinning on your way out. The rest of the staff was great as well.. Highly recommend.


Great experience since opening back up from covid. Workers have to serve you now but it’s still all you can eat and plenty!

Planet Stolen

Never, EVER, again. Not even if this were the only location open. These ppl are uber unprofessional and the food - horrendous. I asked for a regular pepperoni pizza, and they gave me a "zesty pepperoni pizza" that had ranch on it. I cant eat ranch or I'll either die or get really sick. In this case, I got really sick, and for a couple of days, I couldn't taste food right, and I can only link that to one thing bc I'm not a covid carrier. And if that's not bad enough, when I tried to get the situation rectified, Shelby(girl I dealt with) acted like she could care less if something happened to me. Needless to say, I turned around and walked right out. I will not be coming to this location ever again.

DSJ Communications

The cashier Shelby needs to be FIRED! She was extremely rude! I asked her why my Pizza box was dirty she said the box was NOT dirty then when I pointed to the stains she said it was garlic sauce. When I asked her about another price she became upset saying she did not make up the prices. I then told her that she had a terrible attitude she told me to leave and never come back and to tell all of my friends about her . So here I am - this rude person needs to be fired immediately! I work with the local High schools and will NOT be recommending this CiCi’s for anything!

Shelby E.

Wonderful staff they got in there. Always asks me what my favorite pie is whenever I arrive, and make it without me having to ask!! Dessert here is worth the visit alone!

Sunshyne J

My kids love it....they would give 5 stars..its cardboard with toppings for me!

Tasha Sherrill

Great Food.

Donna S.

Great staff. Good pizza. Very accommodating for our large group. Everyone left full and happy

Bill Schultz

I was disappointed today, as compared to the past. No pizza with meat, unless they had jalapeno or hot sauce. No sausage pizza ever. A pepperoni once in a while, but with jalapeno. Not a good day.

Geremie N.

Hmmm where should I start, we wasn't expecting an A+ pizza but we wasn't expecting a cardboard tasting pizza either. Some co workers and I decided to give it a try after work earlier this week and all I will say is we won't return. The cashier was friendly other than that none of the other service employees including the manager on duty was actually they made us feel as our business was not wanted. The pizza on the buffet bar was very cold and dry. We ordered 2 personal pizzas and they both came with very skimpy toppings and cheese. It was our first and will be our last time eating at this establishment

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