Asian Taste

449 S Columbia Ave Ste E, Rincon
(912) 295-5156

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Angela Carroll

Not happy. I did an online order. I was missing 2 appetizers. Called them as soon as I got home and noticed. The kid that answered the phone said it was in the bag that the gentleman picked up. Well honey I was with the gentleman and it was not in the bag. Needless to say there was no point in arguing about it. And to top it off my chicken was very dry. Will not be eating here again.

Michael Crowder

Don't order online. Got my food home and we didn't get everything. Called up there and the 12 year old told my girlfriend that I ate it on the way home. They blame it on door dash and I dont work for them. Didn't even say that he would give it to us if we came back up there. I guess times are hard and need to cheat you out of your food.

Amanda C.

My new favorite Chinese restaurant in the Savannah area. So glad Rincon has a good Chinese place to eat. Better than Happy Wok.

Deborah Henry

The food and service use to be great. The food isn't as good as it was. Afraid I won't never go back. Too expensive for substandard.

Daniel Morris

No ambiance. Not a very friendly place. They have a 10 year old kid taking orders and your money. Doesnt say anything. No communication. Pork fried rice seemed to be missing pork. Not expensive but not cheap. Food was just so so. Broccoli had no flavor

David Greer

Good, Fresh Hadn't had a bad plate yet..

Ynot Ynot

They need mung bean sprout in their fried rice , Beef or chicken .It will take it over the top .I can't believe no Asian food joints around here use it .Food is great here but you have to order extra meat they are also lacking extra meat.I order the beef fried rice all the time but it is definitely lacking the bean sprouts

Cynthia G.

Family run business with a kid that was answering the phone and taking orders at the counter. We had the teriyaki steak bowl, beef with broccoli and sweet and sour pork. As usual in most Chinese restaurants, this was just Americanized Chinese food. It was edible but not outstanding. Probably would try another "Asian" restaurant if in the area.

Les M.

It's annoying to find a half-dozen shrimp and some chicken pieces in my order of Pork Lo Mein. Fortunately, I'm not allergic. The food is generally good, but the youngster answering the phone and hanging around the register can be rude.

Amanda P.

Great food. Decent price. Good service. Easily accessible location. I would not recommend for dine in, but they do have tables and chairs. No wait staff.

Robert Raspperry

Ordered hibachi chicken, there's nothing hibachi about it. The flavor was bland, it was essentially cooked chicken with no spices or sauce, some pieces were tough and over cooked.

Syd Shellhorn

Ordered takeout online yesterday! Super yummy and hot food. The chicken in garlic sauce combo was awesome and spicy. We will be back!

Candice Haynes

The food was hot and delicious ?. I went just before closing and their was a tall Asian women that was very nice and accommodating. Sorry I didn't get your name but you were very pleasant. The only suggestion I have is offer a Senior Citizen discount on your prices.

Robert Videon

I enjoy this to go restaurant because they have many options and the food is well made. It's great for that last minute need. Food is almost always ready within 15 min.

Janice Walz

Nice but little seating. The food was good

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