Taco Bell

459 S Columbia Ave, Rincon
(912) 295-2270

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Belloved Payne

The Pita bread on the Cheesey Gordita was hard and stale. The hard shell taco was falling apart wet and cold. It was short on cheese and just poorly do e altogether.


Service was very slow, it took about 10 minutes for anyone to acknowledge us, and another 15 to get our food

Courtney KH #HealthcareHero

Glad to have a new Taco Bell in Rincon but the service here in the mornings isn’t so great. Also wait time isn’t great. They make you pull all the way around to the front opposite side of the building to park, then randomly bring our bags out by that time the food is cold. Being said, night service seems much better.

Henry Cribbs

My order was 80% correct. Missed my extra cheese sauce tho.

Hailee S.

every time i come here the customer service is absolutely terrible. no greeting when you pull up to the window, they just hand you your food like you're an inconvenience to them for ordering food. i love taco bell, but customer service is way more important.

Sydney Martinez

Looks just like the photos! ? Amazing Job

Clinton Crider

Not sure if the taco shells are expired or some rats died in the box they were shipped or stored in. The smell is terrible and I guess whoever put them out to be used is getting a laugh out out of it. I tried calling the store and nobody would answer the phone any of the times I called. I couldn’t even take one bite, just through everything away. If nobody will answer the phone maybe they will see this and address the problem.

Anastasia Hinman

I ordered the free chalupa box on the app I customized it so I would get a Pepsi a soft taco and no tomatoes on the chulapa. I got to the window with them trying to hand me the wrong drink for one and when I looked into the box it wasnt right they gave me a hard she'll taco and tomatoes on the chulapa when I told them it was wrong I got attitude and they didnt fix my order saying that was how it was on their screen when I know how I ordered my food ive worked in the food industry for a long time and that was not professional and the rudness was unnecessary I go there alot and get food but I wont be going there again if I get that kind of service. And my chulapa ended up not being hot and fresh when I did eat it the thing was barely warm at all.

Dana S.

Great service and the food came out fast. I appreciate the employees who are willing to work with the virus going on!

Steve O.

Ok. I get it, I got there after 10 (but you are open until 1), that doesn't mean you get to mess up my drive through order, lie to me when I ask about the food in the bag (yes, I do want supreme tacos when that's what I pay for and yes, I do want hot sauce: don't tell me the hot sauce is in the bottom of the bag to avoid going back and getting it). I shouldn't feel stupid for taking your word for it and I really didn't want to check everything in the bag in the parking lot at night. It's not like I expect much, but you couldn't meet even the low bar I set when going out to grab late(ish?) night Taco Bell from the drive through. This isn't the first time by far, I'm kind of tired of it.

Emily Davis

Food is fine but customer service sucked. We were shocked to receive the attitudes that we did. Threw the bag of sauce for no reason and asked what we were waiting on when we were sitting the drinks down. Ridiculous.

Cassie H.

Rude! The woman at the drive thru refused to answer my questions, pretty much threw my bag at me! I had ordered extra onions in my bean burrito but there were hardly any onions in there!

Lovely Emily

Sat at the drive through speaker for 15 mins for no one to come when there was clearly people inside working ?

Lisa Proctor

Went here for lunch today, they were not busy. Stood at counter for awhile, was never greeted & nobody took my order. They looked at me, then turned their back. There was a man waiting behind me to order. I probably waited 10 minutes, got nothing so I walked over to Kentucky fried chicken where I was greeted when I walked in the door. They took my order, very friendly, food came out fast & was delicious. I was about thru eating when I saw the man that was standing behind me in taco bell, he came out with a to go bag. If you want fast, friendly service, don't go to taco bell, go next door to KFC.


The food is always good of course, but there does need to be a bigger focus on customer service. I work in customer service, but it’s kind of bottom line here. They just kind of open the window say nothing, and they talk very fast at the drive thru board. The questions are fine, but feel free to talk slower, it might even help with the times. As for the cafe area, it’s better to order on those screens at the front then wait on someone to come to the counter, but it still took us a while to get the food. But again, it was yummy. The cooks are doing great ❤️

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