Island Pho & Bubble Tea

111 Longview Plaza Driveway, St Simons Island
(912) 268-4081

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Lee D.

Excellent Pho on St Simons. My wife and I enjoyed the Shrimp and Chicken Spring Rolls wrapped in rice paper. We each had the Shrimp Pho. Both excellent. Freshly made with fresh ingredients. Great food. Reasonably priced. Excellent service. Highly recommend you visiting.

Jose Martinez

Found this place by accident (lucky for me) really good food I had the pork vermicelli. Pork was tasty and juicy my wife had the shrimp pho soup it comes in a generous bowl, I also ordered Vietnamese coffee ca Phe Sua Da it was simply delicious I plan on returning and completing my journey through their menuFood: 5/5

Barbara W.

Really yummy food! The Pho and the fried rice were wonderful and fresh.

Christal K.

Great boba but they gave some spoiled chicken egg roll. Also I thought spring rolls were a little crunchy they served me a jelly like rice paper .. very gross

Phil M.

Celery in the pho!?! Come on! Gave it a really weird taste. Also not a fan of throwing all the accoutrements (lime wedge, cilantro, jalapeño) in the pho for me.

Javier A.

First let me start off with how this restaurant is riding off older reviews from previous owners. The photos on yelp look great, the food looks good. Until you actually get to the restaurant. The menu is much smaller than what you think you're getting based on what's online. I started with shrimp skewers which weren't that great, and then ordered the mixed fried rice (chicken and shrimp) with a lemonade for the main course. The lemonade was hot which threw me off. The meal itself wasn't that bad but just wasn't what I was expecting. All in all, you can spend your money elsewhere for a better meal and experience.

Dalas R.

I was afraid after leaving ATL that I wouldn't get good food or boba anymore. Island Pho didn't disappoint

Great experience

Wonderful service and great food. Not our first time and has never disappointed. Celebrated a birthday today & no regrets.

Sandra S.

Cannot say enough about the wonderful service and food today. We took our daughter to celebrate her birthday with friends. Our waiter was wonderful and the food was superb. Highly recommend. We will keepComing back.


Excellent food/ beautiful service! Egg rolls and skewer chicken was outstanding and a generous serving. Brisket pho was huge and full of meat and veggies- very tasty! Highly recommend this restaurant and will return!

Jessica Corn

The pho was just what I needed for a rainy day. Added a delicious Mango fruit tea with boba and I was very satisfied with the flavors!


I am so sorry to have to post this review, but I honestly feel ripped off, and I don't want it to happen to you. We got there a little after 11:30, and I got a pre-cog feeling when I saw a big sign in the window indicating that they were hiring a SERVER and a COOK. If they are trying to hire a cook, then that means they don't HAVE a cook. And trust me, they don't. The next bad omen was a sign on the interior wall that said "NO REFUNDS FOR FOOD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES." WHat kind of confident restaurant says that? Anyway, I ordered the HOUSE SPECIAL COMBINATION FRIED RICE with shrimp, chicken, and other stuff for $15.99. I thought, well, what with the BIDEN PRICE HIKE and the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA investigation, and I really wanted some good fried rice. BIG MISTAKE. After half an hour of waiting, we finally got our food, and the result was a terrible disappointment. The rice was gummy, the chicken had been cooked a week ago and was taken out of a refrigerator and added to the rice. The shrimp were microscopic nd there were exactly 3 (three) of them, and the rice itself was tasteless. In an effort to try to be pleasant, I thought I might just add hoisin, sriracha, and some soy sauce. I did and it didn't help, it just made everything sort of gummy. The chicken was mealy and had no flavor. THe part that is so sad is that this place claims to be a family run restaurant. Trust me, the lunch for me and my guest was $44.47 including a 15% tip (they do not offer table service), and it was a disaster. Again, I wish this meal had been good, but it was not. Before you spend the better part of FIFTY BUCKS on lunch for two hoping that you will get some sort of decent Vietnamese, PLEASE try something else. I have been in the food business, and I know that anyone can have a bad day. This was not a bad day - it was a damned DISASTER. I sincerely regret posting this because I WANT to have a decent PHO shop on the island. But please don't throw your hard-earned cash down the toilet here. The food is not good. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Phillip Michael

Great food. The grilled chicken was flavorful and tender. I would have liked for it to be a bigger portion size as an entree. If you are on the island please try this Vietnamese restaurant. You will love it!

M.L. Johnson

Today was my 1st time trying Island Pho. The service was really good and the food is great, as I'm currently sitting at the table writing this review. I would give recommendations to this place to anyone that's looking for good pho.

Zaria Angeles

I have the Vermicelli bowl with brisket, shrimp, and chicken also the chicken Skewers and Brown sugar Boba tea. Everything was delicious! First time ever eating here and the service was fast and friendly. Can’t wait to go back and try more of the menu, but I will say the Brown Sugar Milk Tea is definitely my favorite!

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