Buffalo Wild Wings

7700 Abercorn St, Savannah
(912) 355-6937

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Toni Lynn Mcelreath

Had the sampler platter, boneless wings over cooked couldn't eat half of them dry and couldn't bite through the outer crust, hard as a brick, nachos a little soggy but better than the chicken great onion rings and good cheese sticks.....and it was not so busy to be over cooking anything.

Shain S

Friendly staff, good food, good service. Only downside was that the place smelled like spilled beer. (It was contract cleaning night though so they may have already been proactively addressing it)

Cameron Gregory

I have been to BWW’s all over the country. Hands down the worst one. Waited over 45 minutes to get an order that was wrong. Ordered boneless not traditional. That’s not the real issue. The fries took longer than the wings!!!!! It wasn’t even busy! I waited an additional 15-20 min for the fixed order and they came out halfway sauced. I have never seen a wing place halfway coat their wings in sauce. Not to mention, when we did receive the correct order and fries, the waitress slammed the plates down rudely. She also managed to walk away, forgetting my girlfriends extra sauce for a third time. I will not come back here unless management gives me a reason otherwise.

Marcie Sellers

Not happy about our meal. We were told that the sauce was not sweet just hot the new sauce jammin jalapeno was sweet and somewhat hot...we had to buy an entire other dinner!! That is not right!! Not happy. Y'all need to know yalls sauces!!

Ric Hollis

It's a wing place and big, too Plenty of big screen TVs and attentitive servers. I liked the large list of sauce options for the wings and the Asian was good. Several draft beer offered which is a good thing.

Matt Protasi

Went around 9pm Saturday night. Service wasn't super fast, but friendly. Knowledgeable server. Table got wings and a burger. Burger was almost cold. Wings were good as expected.

Earl Newton

Slow. Ordered 30 minutes earlier and still after I got there I had to wait 15 minutes to get my order. Other than the young lady at the door, the others were lacking in customer service. They were pleasant but not as considerate.

Shaun G.

Love wings, love Buffalo Wild Wings, but this place is horrible. I've had bad service in the past but like I said I love wings so I came back. This is the last time, ordered a large and they gave me a medium. The manager answer was for me to drive back and pick up my missing wings.. I live 20 minutes away, i went to pick it up after work. So I drive 20 minutes home to then drive 20 minutes there to drive 20 minutes back.. my original order would of been cold. I just wanted what I paid for is that to much? You could of gave me a voucher or something and I would of spent more money with you the following day when I went to pick it up. (I love wings) now I'll just exclusively get from wild wings or go out to the Pooler location (better service)

Jennifer M.

Slow service. Order was incorrect. Food was poor quality even for this chain. Do not recommend.

Redd williams

The food was great. The cashier was great as well. My only complaint is that I previously ordered some kid's meals on a few Mondays @ 1.99 do to an employee pointing it out to me. She also showed me on the board at the front entrance that the kid's meal is that price all day every Monday. Mgmt then told me that it was for dine in only... He was very professional and polite. My only complaint is that the board doesn't state that and it should.

Colby F.

I typically love to go to BWW and have enjoyed various chains of the franchise. I walked in tonight with my husband and three employees just kinda stared at us and talked. We realized it was late and decided to just walk to the bar area. After sitting for several minutes and observing the server (who just checked on the table next to us) check her phone and walk to the side of the bar to talk and hangout with other workers I got up and and approached her. I politely asked if she could take our order and we had been waiting. She was very rude and said I'll find someone else to take your order. I thanked her and she walked away talking under her breath. The guy she was talking to, Stan, walked over and introduced himself and apologized for how rude she was. He said he was a cook and he wanted to do the right thing and serve us, even though it's not in his job description. He even came and delivered the hand cooked food himself. What a great guy. Stan from the kitchen gets five stars without a doubt. This guy is a leader and has potential to do better and go far. His coworker should start applying elsewhere.

Andrew F.

Service is absolutely horrific. Nobody to greet us, nobody to seat us. Ended up in the bar area where still nobody attended to us, even after attempting to flag a waitress down. Ended up approaching a worker who sent out a cook to take out order. Mind you, there were two other groups in the restaurant at the time. As well as two waiters for the bar area.

Deb S.

This place is a joke. I ordered very very very expensive wings from waiter because I was not able to drive. I asked for them well done, they weren't even cooked. I called back and the manager Douglas Bell said I could drive back over there. I explained to him that I can't drive and that's why I used waiter. He said I had to take it up with them, I asked why it was their problem how the food was cooked?? He didn't give a shit. Disgusting. Dangerous. I just wish they'd go away.


Ordered buffalo chicken mac n cheese. Came out with no chicken. Sent back came back with nasty dry chicken. Mac n cheese was over cooked and spongy. Buffalo wild wings keeps getting worse and worse.


Ordered buffalo chicken mac n cheese. Came out with no chicken. Sent back came back with nasty dry chicken. Mac n cheese was over cooked and spongy. Buffalo wild wings keeps getting worse and worse.

Avery Gayle

I love the food. every single time I have come here i’ve had to wait for my food for an hour +. we ordered an appetizer every time with our food and we wait 30 minutes for it. it’s ridiculous and I refuse to come back here. If you want a 2 hour long meal then come here because that’s the minimum time it’s gonna take.

Sara Willard

Well...chicken wings are average, but the sauce selection is really good with many flavors to choose from. That's all the praise I can give this place. The service was absolutely horrible. We waited half an hour before our drink order was taken, with 2 visits from our waitress in that time to let us know she'd be with us in "just a minute". 20 MORE minutes before the manager appeared with apologies for the almost hour long wait. He popped over to the table just as we were about to leave, out we would've called it quits. 10 more minutes for onion rings to hit the table. (Were up to an hour plus at that point for 2 sodas, 2 waters, and onion rings to be delivered). The sample sauces were finally delivered AFTER we had already placed our order (we ordered blindly just to ensure we'd get out of there before midnight!) The waitress said the manager would comp a person of the bill, but nope, everything was on it when it came. We didn't know how long that would take to rectify, so we paid it and left as quickly as possible. The place wasn't even busy on a Friday night--which should have been our first warning that we'd walked into a place that would demonstrate just how bad of an experience grabbing a bite to eat could be. I can honestly say without hesitation that I have NEVER had such a bad experience at ANY restaurant and will NEVER go to another Buffalo Wild Wings ever again.

Joe Rhinelander

Well that was interesting. Waited for someone to seat us, eventually, several minutes later we were told we could just seat ourselves in the bar area. There were several tables that had not been bussed, there was trash on the floor. The servers seemed rushed and flustered, yet the place was not even half full. Not sure what's going on at this location, but they really need to work on it. Will definitely make the drive up to Pooler instead next time I want Buffalo Wild Wings.

Robert Ventura

Great food and service. My wife and I both had the cheese steak , with a side of wedge fries and and another side of onion rings. Really good, our server Olivia was very welcoming and attentive. Good job Olivia. parking is a different story. They sure don't have enough parking spaces for that restaurant.

Johnathan Fender

Table service was a little slow, but we did have a table of 20 individuals. A little better teamwork could have helped on part of the serving team from my standpoint. A bit of a surprise to a sports bar on a Wednesday but food was good and we all had a blast.

Sharon Jackson

Abercorn street location is great location. Went for Mother's day, our waitress was Leah; whom was very pleasant n prompt 😊. Food was good considering I've never been there before and the atmosphere was pleasant. Overall was good being tjat it was last minute for a party of 12. Would surely go back for the Buffalo, tacos platter 😋.

Chris Tate

Tried to call. Automated system answered the call and placed me on hold. All was good until I got the 'currently helping other customers' recording. I would recommend some Chick-fil-A training.

Brenda R.

My experience in this location was terrible. I even saw people who left bc of the service and how long they took! The waitress Leeyah was rude and acted like she didn't want to do her job. They took more than an 1hr to bring out our food and when they did the order was not what I ordered. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Leah M.

My husband and I used to come here weekly as it is my husbands favorite restaurant. But we now make the drive to Pooler instead just to avoid this location. Our last time visiting it was almost completely dead and our waitress still forgot to bring my husband his food even though each time she came to check on us we would remind her. I had my food and already ate and he still didn't have his wings. She finally brings out his wings and they weren't the right ones so she takes them back and we wait 45 minutes for new ones. Again, it wasn't busy in the slightest. She then tries to charge us for the first set of wings that my husband didn't even touch plus the new wings. The manager comes over and says we don't have to pay for the first set but doesn't offer a discount or anything for the fact that we have now been sitting here for 2 hours. We were so over it we just paid and took my husbands food to go. I have never had such horrible service anywhere in my life.


This is Buffalo wild wings, the menu doesn’t change, so you know what you’re getting. The salads were good, the wings were good, everybody was satisfied with their food and service.We were a group of eight, and could not sit outside because they do not put tables together. Let’s just say that this was early, and no customers were there yet, and we had a choice of every table inside and outside. We were told multiple times that the only way we could have eight of us sitting together was to sit inside. I just don’t get it!

Joshua Coll

Arrived on a Sunday afternoon and informed there was a 20 minute wait time for a table. After 20 minutes maybe 1 family had left the restaurant and we were seated. Curiously the restaurant was maybe 20% full. There were only 4 tables occupied in the main area and the bar was half full. Our food took over an hour after ordering. Very slow service for no apparent reason.

Chrissie LaBee

I wish i could give no stars. My daughter and I came in hungry. There were empty tables...dirty booths and a few customers. We sat for 15 minutes and no greeting or drinks. The wait staff walked right by us several times. Couple came in after us and got served immediately. I had enough by then and we walked out... Menus left on the table. Worst service ever. Oh...on the way out, saw the cooks "smoking" in between the cut and they slipped back in the restaurant....Just lost us as a customer.

Robert D.

First, the management treats their staff like absolute sh**. 3 of the managers constantly harrassed and ganged up on a friend of mine formally employed here to the point she was in tears just about everytime she came home or was on a break. Second, they keep assholes employed that cant keep their hands off other female members of the staff as if its acceptable and or ok. Witnessed it myself since it was my own friend who was touched and it seems I was the only person with the balls enough to get up and address it and I dont even work there! I've seen my fair share of crap customers and crap service in my life but this place takes it by far.


There were plenty of tables available, but we had to wait 20 min because there were no enough waiters on early Saturday evening. Our waiter was clearly overwhelmed and overloaded. She tried her best to be fast. Burgers were small and meat was overcooked. It is very unlikely that we will eat there again.


Dropped in to watch basketball Kalea was prompt. Friendly and sweet. I started w dessert and she was all fine with thatWe like to find a Buffalo Wild Wings while on spring break. None where we liveWe forgot about trivia players. Spotted on way out so maybe could remind customers at introWe ended up going to a twin peaks in Augusta a few says later yuck. Totally sleazy. Never been to one before and won’t go back. They couldn’t grasp it was March madness and just hung at tables with men. Fake.Buffalo Wild Wings gets that people are there for food and sports and nice staff. Thank youDessert was great

Joshua Roman

Staff was very polite and professional. Establishment was clean. Although we were the first customers, service was still fast considering setup was still being done.

Quietof C3

The server Treasure is one of the least professional people I have even had the displeasure of being around. I called earlier in the day to inquire about a party of 15 to 20 people getting together for a marriage rehearsal dinner and the manager said fine. We arrived at 10:02pm and we seated . I ordered a mountain dew and received it after most of the guests received their alcohol. Then I did not receive my food until 1135 and they close at 12. I have been to this restuarant many times and never was treated with such disrespect. I hope the manager on duty who had to come serve our table has dealt with that situation.

Emily Smith

We had to go food and had some drinks.waiting on it. The manager Marcell was wonderful and brought our food to us. We got a burger and wings and it was excellent..cheese curd burger was out of this world! Highly recommended

Irving López

We had to wait for our food for more than 1 hour, we arrived way before than the table next to us and they were served first, the food was cold and my meal was not what I order, and when we talked with the manager he didn’t help us at all. The waiter was fine.

David Barnett

Absolutely the worst experience I think I have ever had at any restaurant..Feb.1,2019.. Friday night 8:35 pm placed order online. 9pm I arrive to pick up..Cashier says burger is ready just cooking wings.9:45 bring out cold burger and onion rings/wrong sause on wings. Re-cook walk out10:05 pm. Oh yeah 20 customers/basically an empty dining area while I waited "yes" 1 hour and 30 minutes for a to go order...

Benjiro Hida

A typical sports bar with a slant towards family over drunkards. The small order (7 to 9) of boneless honey glazed wings with carrots and celery strips was filling and good.

Altheia Terrella

The thai and mango habanero wings are my favorite. If you don't like large crowds or noisy environments this is not the place. However, if your looking to enjoy laughs with strangers and have conversations about sports or the large screen televisions they have in every corner of your eye, this is DEFINITELY the place to go. Wings and drinks are great!

Nicholas R.

Literally the worst most poorly managed BW'S I've ever been. You would literally be waiting your time just even thinking about coming! Ordered 12 wings, mind you the entire place had less than 12 customers. And after 20 mins of waiting for my food, I finally said fuck the food and walked out. I would never pay for service that terrible! Once again, do yourself a favor and don't come here. Place is always empty!(I wonder why?) they need to close this branch down!!

Joshua C.

As a individual who enjoy this place I'm never coming here again. I was served my food on trays that look like a lunchroom from middle school! It was by far the worst experience I've ever had. I was also disappointed that the boneless wings has decreased granted it's been some time since my last visit but 18?! I use to get 24 for a large. Unfortunately I will no longer visit this location. I've given too many chances to fix their mistake.


Carl Matlock is a very angry person. We have eaten at this establishment for over a year. We have basically the same meal every time, we know how it should look, and taste. I will not bother you with the details of the order, except to state that we enjoy the buffalo chips, their version of fries, extra crispy. When that is done properly they come out a very golden brown, with some of them having puffed up from extra steam inside during the cooking process. We informed the server who had made mistakes at every possible opportunity, that we wanted them cooked correctly. I asked her to have the manager bring the undercooked food back with him. He decided to not do that, he did return some time later with properly cooked food. I did start to inform him of the errors with the rest of our food, he postured very aggressively, including bending down to put his face in mine as he loudly stated he has been doing this for 45 years and we just need to take his word for it. This was a very menacing posture, which was followed up with more acts of aggression. We decided to pay for the food we did not finish eating and leave, as I don’t have the ability to remain calm in that type of situation very well. I chose to leave instead of answering his aggression. I would have typically raves about the good service at this location. However, after seeing the way the General Manager aggressivley verbally attacks his customers I will not be able to return to this location.I would advise seeking out another location if I was you.