kims wings

40 E Derenne Ave, Savannah
(912) 200-4254

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bobby scott

Hated it sorry some may like... Just not me


Do not! Keep driving. The lady had an attitude and my fries was uncooked

Savannah News

Rude staff will not be spending my money here anymore

Tonja Howard

Wings are good


I have no idea why this place is rated so low. Their food is amazing and their portions generous. They have fair prices and genuine tasting Korean food. Their wings are nice and crispy and remind me of my favorite wing place in Pyeongtaek. I recommend the Kim's hot sauce. The spicy pork is really good too. I eat here fairly often, so it isn't like I have just had a one-off good experience. Their quality is consistent.

Julia Ellison

The cashier was very rude. Wasn’t greeted as I walked in. Kept answering me what. Not no place I would spend my money!!

Jermaine Pyatt

Didn't it like Ashwood Teriyaki plate I didn't get any teriyaki sauce and the lady doesn't speak a bit of English

Leon Hood 4

This is my new fast food go-to!!! The food was excellent and the service was super hospitable. I will be going back soon and alot

Tyanee Barnwell

Not happy. My chicken look like its been sitting n drop back in the hot grease. Not friendly. The guy in front of me Order fries n chicken ask for a fork the cashier said, ( I Don't Know What You Need That For).😫

Kamika Graham

Horrible my son was about to eat his popcorn chicken and there was hair fried in it and she gave me a refund and then my daughter but her wing and there was hair in that I stated I didn't want any of the food and they wouldn't give a full refund stating that there is nothing wrong with the rest of the food and as we was driving back home my other daughter was eating her wings and there was hair in her food I wouldn't recommend this place and I don't live in Savannah I'm from Brunswick first time experience and last for sure very unsanitary I should report them.

Stephen Warner

No place to sit but the food was great

Terry M.

This is one of those places I am always eager to give a shot. It looks very nondescript, like one of those hole-in-the-wall places that can surprise you and become a favorite. But not this time. I went at lunchtime and there was no one there when I arrived, and no one came in the entire time I was there. Not a good sign, but a good indicator. I ordered the medium wings lunch combo (nine wings, with a drink and a side of fried rice) and I chose the hot version of Kim's Special Sauce. Despite a warning sign, the sauce wasn't nearly as hot as I expected. Still, it was the star of the show: sweet, spicy, rich. (I added a star to the review just because of the sauce.) But everything else was extremely mediocre. I would even say "remarkably unremarkable." The wings were good and hot, but the sauce was a little too heavy on them and the rice looked and tasted like a complete afterthought. If they offered the sauce on the side I might consider trying them again, but otherwise this is not a place I can recommend when there are better choices available.

rusty Anderson

Awfull rice tastes like burnt popcorn and they must use only one fryer for everything chicken tasted like 🐟

Jeffrey Bynes

The fried rice taste like it was burnt and over cooked

Catherine Alewine

First key me say very friendly and customer service, however, these wings are not fitting for my taste buds. Thought it was me, so I took them home to a bunch of teenager boys and they were like, where did you want these?! No one ate them.

Gnester Brown

Wing were a bit small, but tasty. The service was good


Im not impressed, for the price of 15 dollars for wings and a meal, i got mostly rice, some roughly cooked "steak" that tasted more like reheated pre cooked frozen beef. Barely seasoned at all and quite bland all aroundy the wings were probably made from frozen too, even though when i asked them they said they were fresh.

Carlos Ramos


Sabrina M.

This is my favorite place to get wings. Highly recommend Kim's special sauce hot. I've even tried their Korean dishes love the kimchi. Excellent service Kim and her staff is always friendly.

Monique Barnes

I love their wings, especially with the Kim Sauce. And I even love their health score better. Very clean place and great food just wish they delivered

chong berg

Yes so good

Stephen Fox

It's so Damn nasty they need to shutdown

Sheila Williams

It's overpriced and not tasty! I got the 4pc tenders and rice for $6.99, no drink included. Only 1 dipping sauce included and the tenders are homemade not as advertised. No refund signs are posted at the register, which should've been a red flag! The tenders are the size of chicken nuggets and the fried rice tasted scorched! It wasn't a generous serving of it in the box either!

Tressa K.

I noticed the Kim's Wing sign recently while driving down DeRenne and, craving wings, decided to stop in to grab some takeout for dinner. I ordered a small order of wings (8 piece) with Kim's Special Sauce (hot) with a side of fried rice, and my husband ordered an 8 piece wings with hot sauce and fries. We live about 10 minutes away and, by the time we got home, the fries were not great. I'm not sure if they started out ok and just got cold on the drive or weren't great to start with; typical food service fries. My fried rice was good. As the previous reviewer mentioned it had a lot of sesame oil flavor, but the texture and taste were good. My husband said his hot wings were "just okay" - he said the sauce was good, but the flavor of the chicken wasn't that great. However we both agreed if we ate here again we would definitely order the wings with the Kim's Special Sauce (hot) that I ordered; that sauce was delicious! Overall, I think this place was good. The people who worked there were nice and the food was reasonably priced. Hopefully they can up their fry game to match the delicious Kim's Special Sauce. Note: In the photos the wings and sides are mismatched (they put my husband's hot wings with my fried rice). Obviously not a big deal, but wanted to explain that the wings pictured with the fries are the ones you want to order :)

Paw V.

I was craving some fried chicken so my husband and I decided to try Kims Wings. I think they just opened recently, but prices werent bad. Only a take-away place, no dine in...think Little Caesers Pizza layout. No AC or AC did not kick in. We were the only customers. Not sure if this is "authentic" korean fried chicken but they have other items too if you dont want just chicken. Overall, we paid aound $16 for both our entrees. Not bad. Husband got Philly Cheesesteak w/ fries Verdict: It was ok. A bit plain. Bread could be better. Fries weren't to his liking. Good thing was that its not overly salty. I got Chicken and Fried Rice Verdict: Love that its super crispy but not fond of the flavor...just plain breaded chicken. The Kim's Special Sauce is a twist on Korean Gochujang sauce which was what made the chicken good. Fried rice was ok. You can smell the sesame oil but it's not overpowering.

Sean Shearouse

pretty good wings, they are breaded and seved with a pretty good hot sauce.