5500 Abercorn St Suite 33, Savannah
(912) 355-2194

Recent Reviews

Paula G

Id like to share an experience. Except this location closes at 4:30pm on the weekends. Are you kidding me? In Savannah...seriously? I expecr more from Starbucks. With those hours its no wonder some stores are closing. I'm extremely disappointed.

Rachel Macias

Super nice people here. You don't always get that at Starbucks elsewhere. Thanks for being awesome!

Steve Hinkle

Definitely not GOOD to the last drop! Found these while finishing my Coffee ... Plastic in my Latte, not very GREEN Star-blucks! $5.50 Wasted.

Brooke Maynard

I am so tired of placing orders that clearly say almond milk & almost always receiving regular milk. 2-4 sips in & My stomach always knows if regular milk has been used. Then i pay for it the rest of the day with extreme discomfort and PAIN because of my DAIRY ALLERGY. I never have this issue at Dunkin!!! Starbucks is too expensive to not be able to drink.

Theresa Minetto

Fast, friendly and tasty. Amazing job for both the workers there that day!

lexie reed

Tom was so kind and recommended the most delicious drink to me! He even gave me half off. They were so kind and very clean! Highly recommend this location.

Yvonne Ortega

Beautiful sunset near Starbucks

Michelle B

Recently started coming to this location. They are friendly and quick!

daniel bradley

good coffe but they support issues thst I dont agree with!

Lindsay Khan

I haven never had a problem at this store, which is amazing. My drinks are always made correctly and in a timely manner too. If I ever order something and they’re out they let me know right away and offer to replace it without hesitation and apologize.They are also handling COVID very well and have plenty of signage up for social distancing and mask requirements. This place is definitely my favorite Starbucks in the area and it’s probably because they don’t have to worry about a drive thru.

Jenn Zhang

I had a horrible experience at Starbucks at the victory location today. the two baristas at the twelve oaks one did an amazing job for calling the manager on the phone to help me, helping with the exchange and having the color changing cups pack in stock! thank you! and they gave me a recovery card for having to drive from Southside to the victory store then to their store. that's true customer service!!


Nice, small and clean Starbucks with very friendly staff. The downside to the place is the room temperature. It's too cold. When you sit there for a while doing computer work, you slowly freeze.

Adam Grimm

Amazing service! Everyone was ridiculously polite and accommodating.

Alim Hood

I had a great experience the crew is very friendly and enthusiastic

Phillip Strickland

Mobile order from my house (which is about 2mi away)—still not ready when I arrived!? I’m standing here currently and it’s been 11mins since I placed a mobile order. Pretty ridiculous.

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