Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

1565 Scenic Hwy S, Snellville
(678) 344-9195

Recent Reviews

Judy Morgan

The chicken gnocchi soup is delicious! That with the salad and breadsticks makes a very filling meal! Especially since all are endless!

Shuan A

The best server ever, I can't recall his name but he was exceptional. He went above and beyond, was very attentive considering he was server to other tables but my group alone had 10 people and he didn't miss a beat.

John Draekul

Normally my wife and I love going to Olive Garden. This time the service was very lacking. I understand being busy and service taking time. I don't understand not being brought silverware, only bringing one of us a drink refill when we both ask for one, and bringing burnt bread sticks.

Pamela Rooks

Picked up an order last night only to get home and find a missing item. We contacted the restaurant and was told we would be refunded and we could also stop back by today to get a free replacement meal. I spoke with an employee over the phone at 6:29pm and placed the order. I have been sitting in the lobby for 30 minutes now and not one person has asked who I am or what I need. I told them when I first came inside that I needed to pick up a to go order and the girls at the front didn’t bother to ask my name. They said to wait and I could pickup when it was ready. I’ve been waiting for over 30 minutes and not 1 employee has asked my name or even recognized my presence. But the girls have been able to dance and laugh around with out any issues at all. This is the worse experience ever at an Olive Garden. I will not be returning.

Cindy Thai

First time in 21 years I have ever tried Olive Garden and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but service was friendly and attentive. We had some tasty food, drinks, and of course plenty of breadsticks and salad which weren’t dry despite the warnings I got from multiple people. Definitely filling since it’s mostly carbs and cheese, but this would be great for a casual family dinner or outing with friends. It’s really fascinating how cheese can come on all the dishes, besides the dessert of course. Overall, I would definitely come back and I’m surprised that this is my first time ever coming here

Clare McKinnon

Visited for lunch with the hubby. We waited until after the rush, but wait was still a bit extensive.Finally, we settled into a crowded bar area. The waiter was visibly agitated and without personality. We didn't take it personal and refused to let it ruin our experience. We finally got a smile toward the end of lunch!I had an Italian Margarita which was tasty, but not a strong pour.We had the soup and salad which were both tasty. However, our experience was ruined by the nuisance of flies inside of the dining establishment.Maybe the flies were only visiting that particular day, but you must confirm if you decide to visit, as I am unwilling to try again. Flies and frowns just aren't my thing.

Mike Grazick

Good restaurant, loved the architecture imside! Salad was good. The make your own pasta was decent but could had have more chicken in it for what is ordered. Service was stellar and fast. We will be coming back in again!

Sara H.

Host is rude, happened both times we have visited recently. Puts a bad taste in your mouth before you even sit down.

Barbara Sanders

Awesome dining experience. Our service was wonderful from beginning to end. So thankful this restaurant has maintained its' style of providing a fulfilling meal with all the trimmings. You will leave there feeling content and satisfied. Very comforting.

Bruce Poore

My wife and I had a wonderful lunch she had eggplant parmesan I had shrimp scampi both dishes work delicious. Salad soup the bread the coffee everything was great. The service was outstanding and we will definitely be returning. ????

Shartice Turner

Great service. Got in they seated us. We ordered. The food was gud.

Wanda Manasseri

Didn't have the chicken nuggets on childs menu. Didn't say until everyone's food was delivered except 1 childs. Didn't have the strawberry/banana smoothies or vanilla ice cream.

maliyah thompson

I’ve gone to this location like once a year for the last 5 years. The service is never anything to rave home about. Nonetheless, the servers try their best I believe. The food is pricey for the quality and you probably wont get a whole lot of attention from the staff but what you do get is friendly and apologetic. Our server, a tall girl whose nane I don’t recall was so nice and polite to us. Alex was happy to help her and made sure the last of our experience was as pleasant as he could make it. Thank you guys! (:

Gwen Baldwin

I had an event with 47 people. The managerYen, worked out a group menu and all the details. The experiences are terrific!

Naweed Dass

Soup salad and bread sticks. How can you go wrong with this great combo. Glad to see them getting busier after COVID-19.

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