Unique Treasures Flea Market

3635 Highway 78 W, Snellville
(678) 344-4858

Recent Reviews

Jayce Delker

Total crooks. Avoid this place

Pamela Williams

Wonder place great customer service...found a great dining room table and chairs. Special thanks to the man who secured it in the ? for us.

Kris Williams

Very pleasant place to shop and spend time. Good variety and friendly service!

Amy Anderson

Fun eclectic finds of all sorts!

Michael R.

lots of great items for a wide range of shoppers. They were actively stocking new items while we were in the store and we saw multiple drop offs, so it seams like new items are arriving pretty regularly in the market, which is good to see.

Alisea Burks

I do love this place especially when they have the yard sales outside. There are a lot of cool things inside you just have to take your time and look. Hopefully you'll find your treasure!

Christina Settles

We didn't even get to the 2nd booth and were already being followed by a worker to make sure we weren't stealing anything I guess. I wanted to shop in peace not have someone on my heels. May be a good store but I won't visit again due to the overbearing watchfulness of the employees. The sign outside says the store is under constant surveillance so if it is,there is no need to follow us like we are criminals.

Frances Davis

found some great buys and the people are so friendly


It's like walking into a museum of merchandise from a long distance past.

T mora.

Great Store,everyone is very friendly and wants to help you find your treasures.

Shelby Herd

This place is huge has a variety in each booth. Come spend hours roaming through the aisles. The people at the counter were very pleasant.I bought tons of cool stuff this time and I can’t wait to come back again!

DJ McGlamery

I Love Unique Treasures Flea Market. The booths have a lot of variety and the prices are very affordable. Fantastic people who love to help and are very friendly. I Recommend this store to everyone!!

Debra Griffin

They close at 6pm, I got off at 5pm coming from Alpharetta and they were willing to wait for me thirty minutes after closing (made it 3 mins bfore closing). That alone speaks volumes of this business. The inside of the store was well organized, affordable. Every one in the store was friendly I found out this is a family owned business (mother and son). That is a blessing and they are a God send. I would highly recommend this business to any and every one. I literally drive past this store daily and it looked expensive from the outside DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVERThank youThe Griffin Family

Urban without Grace

The entire nation watched you waste your time counting ballots. What were you doing there? I watched you move one pile back and forth for an hour. Chat people up and generally not do a thing. THE CAMERA WAS ON YOU LADY!! lol

Helene MacMillan

The people there are welcoming. They are observing mask requirements.It is very clean, although quite full.I found an unusual piece of furniture in that it was small enough for my short frame. There was a discount on it, which put it in my budget. I was trying it out and the vendor was visiting with me.I told the vendor that I admired another piece. When I finished purchasing my chaise the lady generously wrapped and gave me the additional item.I was made to feel quite at home and comfortable.

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