Frontera Mexican Kitchen

5074 US-78, Stone Mountain
(770) 972-3366

Recent Reviews

Jackie Self

Sylvia was our server, she was very tentative to our large table. Our glasses stayed full, or baskets of chips and dips, was refilled each time we requested. We will always ask for her to serve us!!!!!! Our food orders were right and very good!! Thanks to Sylvia

Richard Cross

This place is phenomenal. Food, drinks and service was top notch. Only issue was they ran out of local craft beer, but no biggie as that happens.


Great experience. Place was clean and the food was delicious. Our server,Ivette, was extremely friendly yet professional. Will definitely return.

James Hines

Yes five stars. I was shocked at the quality of the food. I had the fajitas. Not only were the fajitas very good it was served perfectly and everything that went along with it was perfect as well. All of this for under $20. That may not matter much to you guys but to someone who’s done restaurant costing, it’s a huge deal. Excellent job.

Jenn Brightwell

I can't say enough good about this location. 1st time was an impromptu visit but was excellent. Today aug 21 I brought my family back and it was even better. Customer service was wonderful with Maddy and even though the was a miscommunication about my order, the manager took care of it immediately with no question. This is truly one of the best experiences I've had at a restaurant and I'm a foodie! I normally get something shrimp but after the first time trying the steak I fell in love. I'm scared to try for the 3rd time because there is no way they will get the steak perfect 3 times in a row lol. I've been to a Frontera before but nothing to write about but this one!!!! So if you are interested please try this one... excellent food, drinks, and Customer service!!! I didn't get the manager's mane but thank you so much!!!!.

Tanya Gallaga

1st time here & it was wonderful! Extremely nice staff with excellent customer service. The 1 thing that my Son was disappointed in is that they don't serve tortas, but other than that I give it a 10. Will definitely be returning

Kathy Butts Arnold

This Frontera on US78 in Stone Mountain. One of my two favorite places for Tex-Mex in the area. The friendliness and desire of the staff to be of service is top-notch. The quality & taste of the food is fresh and delicious! I will keep coming back.

Mike H.

Bad bad experience....let me say im not trying to tell anyone else not to patronize this establishment. (this was my 1st visit and I don't know how they normally operate) I just want to share my experience. Upon entering in this restaurant around 1330 hrs. Today Monday afternoon. There was one beautiful sister waiting in the reception area, I greeted her as I normally do I love and respect all people even those I never met before. along with this lady waited I for about 5-10 minutes. During this time we were joined by 1 more brother and 4-6 people of European decent. Then the ushers came out greeted the Europeans have them seated, leaving the 3 of us non Europeans standing around without even a welcome greeting. I just shamefully exit through the rear door.

Melissa Mitchell

Food was good! Service was much better! Wasn't crowded.

Jennifer Ochs

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT!First, we ordered food. The food we ordered was not as described on the menu, there were beans inside. The food was corrected. The server never came back after bringing the food. At the time she dropped off the food we had an empty chip bowl and 2 empty drink cups. We tried to get the attention of several workers and after about 20 mins we finally got a server and asked for our server, he said she’ll be over there. Then we got the manager to our table. We tried to explain the problem and tell him what we needed and he RUDELY stated that “well, it’s gonna be like this!” We asked for our check and he brought it with an attitude. Our server finally came back and asked if we needed boxes. She brought them but also had an attitude after returning with the boxes.I have NEVER had an experience like this at any other Frontera location. I will NEVER return to this location because I won’t pay and support service like this.Simple common sense things like drink refills and chip refills are not hard to do if you are busy. Negating these simple things can mean losing customers.GO HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Indya Thomas

**BUYERS BEWARE**Update::The owner requested that I email them and never responded. Don't let comments like the one below make you think they care about their customers. DONT EAT HERE!On Mother's Day, I excitedly ordered a large Tropical Tango and was charged $36.42 for it! Not a pitcher, 32 ounces!!! The waitress didn't even say it was that much. No warning, no nothing! I didn't upgrade the liquor, no shots, nothing! Regular whatever. Almost $40 for a regular margarita! Ask questions about price before ordering anything on this menu!

Dee Tee

The first Mexican restaurant I've been that handed me Tabasco sauce. ??.. waitress was slow and rude.Management is poor. They are sneaky and liars. Drinks are overpriced. They say they have top shelf liquor, but won't tell you what it is, "its jus top shelf" I was repeatedly told by management. Ruined a good mother's day meal. Used to be a decent place but not anymore. I really would give them negative stars if possible. Go at your own risk.

John Copeland

Everything was perfect. Lalo was our server and made the whole experience great! I went the entire time without getting to the bottom of my glass or bowl of chips. The food tasted authentic and was out very quickly despite it being busy. We need one of these in Florida!

Terrence Roberson

I ordered Togo and they really gave me this… mixed the lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream in one little bitty container. I’m really upset about this and will never return to another chain. Wow

Destinae Barnes

March 26, 2022My husband and I have visited several times. This time the food was very bad. We had the nachos supreme and chicken bowl. Very disappointed. I noticed last time we came it was a little the same reaction. I just didn't comment. We decided not visit again.

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