The PB Sister's Boba Cafe

95-1249 Meheula Pkwy, Mililani
(808) 888-0930

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Nic P.

Their store is way too hot and when we politely asked about using a discount, we were rudely shut down. The boba was mid and they didn't even give the cute cup as advertised.

Ashlynn Crespo

I was craving Boba and this place was the closest to where I was, so I decided to try it. As soon as you walk in, you are hit with a rush of hot air. It felt like it was over 90 degrees in there. When I walked to the register, I was barely greeted by the older woman, who said next to nothing to me. I was blown away at how expensive just a milk tea was ($7.50) plus it's an additional $2 for Boba. The Boba was more firm than it should have been, which means it is old. I worked at a Boba shop for nearly 5 years, so I know what good and bad Boba tastes like. The tea tasted like straight sugar, but it had a good winter melon flavor. You can count on me not coming back.

Kasey C.

I love your cheesecake menu! I also love their mango lemon lemonade with boba! The best thing ever!

Frances A.

My mother saw an ad on the tele for this place and we went there despite the low Yelp rating. We should have believed Yelp! Firstly, they do not ask the customer if they want boba inside and automatically put boba in your drink. This wouldn't be such a big deal until I noticed that they also automatically add 1.99 charge to the drink without letting you know! Good thing I was paying attention to the cashier screen. My parents did not like the Filipino food. I thought the veggie egg rolls were good. All the Ube desserts taste so fake. Where is that strong, creamy Ube flavor. Not here at PB sisters! Ugh, even the boba monster tasted like powder. The sides were scraped with what looked like Ube, but it was tasteless. What a waste of money buying the the pastries here. Go to the Thai place next door.

Stephanie '.

Overpriced and very rude employee! She seemed annoyed that we were even there ordering and it took forever to get our drinks. We will be going to Teapresso in Times next time.

Traci U.

I saw this place on ig and wanted to try. Easy to find at the shopping center. The staff was friendly and our drinks were made at a decent speed. I would go again!

Caroline H.

Disappointed...$11 for a Thai tea boba. Lady at the register charge me for a "Thai tea cheesecake" drink that was $9 and then $1.99 to add regular boba. I told her that's not what I order. So because they didn't have Thai tea in register she charge me for a specialty drink. To be honest, you can't call it a boba drink without boba. I have never been to a place that they charge you for boba. I mean like the normal boba that comes with a boba drink. Most expensive Thai tea boba I ever paid for.


I'm the NOT the biggest fan of boba, don't at me... But I do drink it often enough to know what's good and what isn't.This place seems to be run by a Filipino family, it's Filipino food, boba type drinks, and bubble waffles.Outside seating or take out only.I didn't order any food, came for the boba.The person taking out order doesn't seem to know the menu to well, so we didn't even bother asking what things were, just ordered what we thought we be safe.Adding boba is an extra $1.99...?‍?They want you to wait outside since the standing area is so limited.We waited quite awhile for the drinks, which I thought was really weird considering that these drinks don't normally take that long to make.Basically the drink I ordered wasnt sweet at all, the boba was undercooked and kind of really chewy and chalky. And they use a ton of ice, I know boba drinks need a lot, but for the price and size of the cups, I don't think it's worth coming back.It's nice to try new things, but maybe the food is better than the drinks.I wouldn't come back here, sadly, because their cups are really cute.

R&L Holguin

Drinks taste like syrup and not real tea. The desserts were not great either. Didn’t even get to try the mochi because it molded and it hadn’t even been 6hrs after we bought it with proper storage (Purchased mochi from other places with no problem).Won’t be returning here to even give it a second chance since it was so bad.

Kyara Johnson

Customer service is poor. We left without ordering anything and feeling like an inconvenience to the employees.

Rae Ann A.

Over-priced, inconsistent drinks. Fourth and last time I will ever visit... Boba is always chewy. Last week, employee told me I didn't get an 'ice blended' drink because the person who ordered it (someone else) didn't say so, yet the OTHER drink was blended. So, how hard as an employee is it to ask 'Would you like blended or over ice?' Should stick to just selling food, cannot review the food though, customer service is not even decent.

Deb B.

I found myself back at the Town Center in Mililani and very thirsty. I knew I was headed to PB Sister's for a Blueberry Rose tea, sans the boba (not a boba fan) They were out of the blueberry syrup (bummerrrr) so I went with a peach mango. It's pretty good, nothing fancy but good. I was digging the fresh berries! It's expensive though, friends. $7.95 for 24oz. Definitely a lot of ice. I would ask for light ice otherwise it's not a lot tea.

Michelle Sinn

Really yummy drinks. The cashier got my drink wrong, but they were quick to make the correct one. I think I was too quiet and it must have sounded like something else.

maria ronette atienza

For those people who love boba tea! my all time fav is their ube cheesecake boba tea???I was attracted by their kawaii design of the place! I usually order here Filipino food platter (usually either adobo, guisantes then pansit and veggie on one plate, plus... letchon!) and its cheaper but quality food! Plus as for dessert, they have different kinds of cake, macarons, boba tea, iced tea, convenient everytime I watched movies in Consolidated theater, I stop by for food here?

B. L.

On Thursday 4/28/2022 around 12 pm I went to Mililani for lunch. Door was closed but I saw a customer ordering. Went in to order ! Employee finished with her customer & she said she’ll be right back & went in the back.So I waited & waited while 2 other customers were outside. So I said” Hello. I’m still here! “Your RUDE employee, CAT yells” WAIT! “I will no longer support your eatery!!!( I found out your employee’s name because the customer she served before me was my friend! & her name ….CAT is noted on the food receipt)It’s to bad some employees don’t have that people skills!!!

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