Thai Village

95-1249 Meheula Pkwy APT 151, Mililani
(808) 744-0384

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Ken K.

Reasonable prices. Friendly and attentive service. I ordered the Pad Ramit with tofu and it was perfectly seasoned and quite tasty. My guest tried a Pho dish which was ok, but the soup base was luke warm versus hot and had a slight taste of 5-spice. In hindsight, its probably best to order Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant. The food at Thai Village is not as good as the restaurant it replaced (Phucket Thai), but the food is worthy of another visit.

Lauren A.

I used to love this location, but the last 2 times the food lacked flavor. I do however, still love the Kunia and Waipio location. Hopefully, this place improves.

Ka'ua C.

I use to love this place, but went there recently and it lacked the flavor it had before. I ordered the Pad Kee Mao the person warned me it was spicy which is what I wanted. When I picked it up it had no spice what's so ever. Very disappointed.

Cristhian Avendano

One of my favorite restaurants on island amazing pad Thai and sticky rice highly recommend if you want a delicious meal

Mari W.

For $18.80 from my shrimp pad Thai I expect much more than noodles and a few pieces of pieces of bean sprout come on don't be cheap with your customers when you're charging almost $20 for noodles that cost $1

MaryAnn C.

If you're ever craving thai and in the area, Thai Village is a must. From service to food quality, everything is good! Located in Mililani Town Center by California Pizza Kitchen. We ordered Pork Panang Curry & Spring Rolls with Jasmine and Sticky Rice and all came out together fresh and hot!

Vanessa Puanani E.

The food here is always so yummy. I always get the Tom kha, Tom yum, or the basil beef spicy. This place is the closest Thai restaurant and its right there were cookie corner is

jimin Song

The food was very bland and quite frankly it was pretty terrible. I ordered the same 2 things I order at every thai place and this was by far the worst I've had. Just being honest

labas lang ako

i came to this place atleast 15 minutes before closing, open sign was still on, people were still eating and getting food. but as i got to the cashier she says “we’re closed” UNBELIEVABLE! 20 minutes before closing and the open sign was still on and people were in the restaurant. i will NEVER want a food place to kick me out before they close. i wish i could rate this place even lower than a one because this is just laziness.

Joseph M.

I've been here many times over the past few years and I've always had a great experience. The satay chicken and chashu chicken are two of my favorites. Service is excellent for dinner in, and take out is fast and I've never had any problems with missing items.

Rob G.

We've eaten here a few times since it changed over from Phuket Thai (that was previously in this space), and while the food was not quite as good as Phuket Thai, it was still quite good. There's not may options for a sit-down Thai meal in central Oahu, let along one right around the corner from our place, so we've been going on and off, and never really had any issues. It's also worth noting that this place is far from the cheapest option for dinner, with dinner for two (no beverages) around $55 before tip, but we were expecting to have lunch for both of us from the leftovers, which normally softens the price point a bit (assuming the food is good). You can read the full details below, but for May 2022, the TL;DR is: I'm afraid this place may be about the join the growing list of restaurants that haven't survived the pandemic. Things didn't look good on our last visit (May 2022). It was like they forgot how to make good food. I should have had second thoughts when I noticed that front of the menu prominently reads: "ALL SALES ARE FINAL. After order are confirmed it cannot be changed or canceled" (sic). Also, I noticed that they no longer offered beer or wine on the menu at this location. Pho and Udon being listed on the menu probably should have been a warning sign as well. Nonetheless, we'd eaten here before and it had been good before, so after a bit of consideration, we ordered Spring Rolls, Sa-teh chicken, Panang curry with chicken, and sticky rice. The spring rolls were more or less normal, but everything went downhill from there. Possibly the worst thing you can say when describing Thai food is "bland" but that was the first thing that came to mind. I'm used to Thai restaurants here and on the west coast making Sa-teh chicken as chicken on skewers, typically with served with peanut or the same sweet dipping sauce used for spring rolls. Their menu photo here showed exactly what I was expecting, as do any of the Yelp pictures prior to May of this year. This time, the Sa-teh chicken was served without skewers, and instead was a chunks or chicken covered in a sort of coconut cream glaze, very different from any other version I've had, including the last time I had it here. As the chicken and sauce cooled, the glaze because unpleasantly reminiscent of coconut flavored soft butter. Our main course, the Panang Curry was not spicy, very little chicken, and what was there was basically shreds. I'm used to Thai curries being assertively spicy and having a relatively thin consistency similar to the coconut milk base. What we had this time was thick and gloppy like it had been made using cornstarch or flour to thicken it. We had asked for the curry to be "medium" heat, but it was quite bland, and I wasn't able to detect any chili peppers at all in the sauce. Allowing that I haven't ordered this version of the curry here before, but it still didn't seem like it was quite right. Finally, the rice; good sticky rice is firm and quite sticky, and typically a little on the dry side, which makes it perfect for soaking up all the yummy curry sauce, but this time the sticky rice we got was mushy, like it was overcooked or had too much water. Honestly, I didn't really even want to take the leftovers home. The staff were friendly and kind, so they get an extra star for that, bringing the total to two, but unless the food quality stops being a train wreck, I won't be back. Our total order (no beverages) was around $55 before tip, which is not how you want things to turn out for dinner for two that includes a bunch leftovers I didn't want to take with me. p.s. I noticed another review posted a few days ago that is essentially similar to mine - the food / recipes are not being properly made. I **really** hope they can get things back togethe

David L.

I ordered chicken cashew nut. Looks like chicken fajita cooked in lots of soya sauce. Very watery, too much white onion. I don't think so they have proper chefs to cook. Price is comparatively expensive than other same category. Don't recommend.

Violet Johnson

I just go for the Tom Ka Gai, but I have nothing but good things to say about the rest of the food, too. It's reasonably priced for what you get, and it's the best Thai food I've found on island.

Bert M.

The BEST Pad Kee Mow that I have ever eaten is the recipe that the Thai Village use. Words can't describe the craving I have for this dish. I eat here about 6-10 times a year it is hard to stop, something addictive about the spice and flavors. I also highly recommend the Fried Calamari dish. So ONO!!!

Nick J.

Very delicious, fair price, and large portions. Service is very friendly and the wait times are short. All the menu items are great!

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