Uber Factory

71 S Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa

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Bettas 808

Super clean & friendly and delicious.Great place to get your ube fix on this side of the island.

Shamar Streater

I always down for some treats especially from Hawaii

Danielle M.

I've had their Ube tarts over the years at different events but finally made it to their shop in wahiawa with my aunty, we got Ube & lilikoi turnovers and Ube mochi bombs. I think it was just me seeing alot of postings of the mochi bombs and how people saying its soo good a must try so I hyped it up in my head lol. well my personal taste buds didn't take to much to it. The icing on the mochi bombs was too thick for my liking and I couldn't taste Ube in the butter mochi. But I definitely enjoyed those turnovers , nice and flaky and flavorful definitely worth the drive up to wahiawa and the wait if theres a line. Luckily he just missed the line. we went about 20 mins after they opened there was a line but the line was gone by the time we got out of the car. Super nice service. Follow them on social media to see what their menu is for the day. Only open part time hours Wednesday & Saturday. Cash Only. Parking is one way entrance from the main road, Kamehameha hwy and exit to the back roads. Might be a lil hard making that left turn we passed the building where the shop is took the left at the next intersection to turnaround to come back down Kamehameha hwy.

Joshua J.

Uber Factory in Wahiawa is easy to miss even when you are looking for it. Located in a small lot behind Fukuya Ramen on Kamehameha Highway, there is no indication from the street that great ube tarts are nearby. Ube, or purple yam, is sweet and colorful in its natural form, and is commonly used in dishes from around the Pacific. In the past decade, ube has come to the forefront of local desserts, and there are now at least two major bakers of delicious ube tarts: Uber Factory and Ubae. Uber Factory is open only a couple days a week (Google shows Saturday and Wednesday). In past visits, an occasional selection beyond just ube tarts was available, including haupia tarts. Don't be fooled-- the ube tarts are the star here, and while other selections are good, the ube tarts are pure heaven. Tarts come in packs of 8 for $10, or 25 for $30. Eight tarts is not enough. Ever. The tarts consist of an almost fluffy ube mousse in a baked pasty shell. Kept frozen in the store, the consistency changes from gooey to creamy and finally fluffy as the tarts warm up. Size-wise, they are 2-3 bites each. On our recent visit, we got three boxes of eight tarts each. We figured it would be one box for that weekend, one box for the freezer to enjoy the next weekend, and one box for work. What actually happened was that four of us ate two boxes that day and started in on the third box the next day. Compared to the tarts from Ubae, tarts from Uber Factory are lighter and fluffier, with a sweeter taste. Ubae's tarts are more cheese-cakey. Both are great, and it comes down to individual preference to determine which one is best. For me, it's Uber Factory.

A S.

My GFs and I had a difficult time finding the store. We agree, the ube tarts are good, but service needs improvement. a little courtesy and politeness goes a long way! Happy customers will always return!

Gretchen G.

Best ube tarts on the island. Limited business hours. Open Wed/Sat. Visit their Instagram page to see what other flavors/items they'll sell aside from the ube tarts. Recommend going when they open at 9 am if you want the other items.

Dell Reveche

You have got to get some of these treats when you visit Oahu!!! A must stop!!! Worth the waiting in line and the price... turn overs are so ono!!!!

nalu akaka

Purple sweet potatoes

Steven W.

I literally rushed to uber factory from Waikiki since they close at 2pm on Saturday. Parking can be tricky as Uber Factory is located on a narrow road and it might be hard to find. I got in at 1:58pm and I ordered the classic and popular ube tarts that was $10 and came with 10. They also did offer Cheesecake tarts. They accept cash only. The ube tarts were cold and I personally felt it tasted so much better when it was slightly warm and not as cold so you can really taste the ube. Service was upbeat and accommodating. She even mentioned that if they still have tarts left, they won't close the door at 2pm if the door still opens.

Art C.

Excellent, excellent, excellent... I don't want to ruin it for you. Ah hell, I can't help myself. Try the different flavors! Do it!... They're better than the original.

Ward K.

Uber Factory makes the BEST ube tarts, hands down. If you were to put all the other ube tarts in a boxing ring, the ones from Uber Factory would knock every single one out. It would be like putting in boy to fight Mike Tyson back in the day. I love them and every single person that I gave them to loves them as well. I store mine in the freezer so they are nice and firm. If they weren't so good I would only give them 4 starts as they are only open two days a week. Yes you read it correct, Wednesday's and Saturday's from 9am to 2pm are the only two days they are open for now. BTW if you can, you should get there right when they open as they do sell out. The original ube tarts are there but their special stuff will be gone in a blink of an eye. So you want to know about their special things they sell besides ube tarts eh?!?!?! They have other tarts like Kona Mocha, Strawberry Ganache w/dark Chocolate, as well as others but the one I love besides the original is their Silver. Their silver ones is bigger than the orginal tarts and it has haupia on top of the ube. I'm telling you it is so good that I buy extra and hide them, but don't tell the better half as I only get her one. To see what they are selling you can check them out on their IG page: If you are fortunate and they have their Ube Mochi Bombs, ube turnovers or the coveted 8" round ube malted ube mochi bomb, I highly recommend buying a bunch as they are winner, winner, dessert for dinner good. But before you come here, I highly recommend bringing your piggy bank as they only take cash and it isn't that cheap but priced accordingly. I normally bring at least a hundo and hope I don't go overboard. Yup it is that good. Pro tip: Bring cash and arrive early. I like to be number one in line when I do go so I can get the pick of the litter. First in and first out with two full bags of goodies.

Kiki T.

This place is good no doubt. But they really need to step their game up. 1. Hours. Their hours are sooo short and odd. 2. They been open since 9am it's 9:48 and ppl are waiting outside. 3. They don't have a number to call. If they don't know how to run a business they should sell the recipe and let someone else take over.

Pineapple P.

I drove from town to pick these up in Mililani. When I got there at 12:30 they were sold out of what they have posted on Instagram and Facebook but there was no update. They do not have a phone number for you to call and verify. The review on here that said it is hard to find inaccurate. The parking is also Limited and there is only room for two people Indy store because of how they have it set up... The desert was good but not worth the hour drive there and back and the $12 for an entire container of something that I didn't want because the other stuff sold out. I am an Uber enthusiastic for Ube and I'm totally willing to drive someplace to get delicious desserts. But it is beyond frustrating to arrive and have only one thing to select from

Kyle S.

I was picking up lunch nearby and had to get dessert! I got there around 11 and the options were lilikoi cheesecake tarts, ube tarts and ube turnover. I live in town and don't get to Wahiawa often so bought one of each! Cash only so make sure you have money with you. The tarts were good and fresh with the crust still crunchy. The lilikoi tart had just enough sour lilikoi flavor to taste, but not overpowering. Ube tarts not only catch your eye but taste good too with a nice light and slightly creamy texture. The ube turnover was baked earlier in the morning but still had a bit of crunch on the flakey outside with a generous amount of creamy ube filling. I put the remaining tarts in the freezer and will take one out when I feel like having a treat!

Cheryl D

Love the original ube tarts and now a fan of the lilikoi cheesecake tarts. I like it best straight from the freezer, never freezes but its nice and firm and cold. It's definitely a treat for the price, but glad it hasn't gone up since the pandemic.

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