Mi Ranchito

55-3419 Akoni Pule Hwy, Hawi
(808) 289-1465

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Chris Reed

You order through a windowFood comes quick, they bring it to you if your eating there.They bring out chips and salsa before your meal. Chips were just store bought and very stail. Salsa was ok, nothing special, just dark red sauce.Food was very good, I must say!

Sandra Coats

Delicious authentic Mexican food. Husband had chili verde burrito; I had beef taco and cheese enchilada. Cash only so be prepared.

Bob Biv

Loved the food.. inside atmosphere is not awesome, but it's clean and I came for great grub. Had the Combo #27, Carnitas Enchilada and Soft Taco, with Chili Rellenos. All super yummy. Very affordable for Hawaii. If the street is crowded, lots of parking around back.

erick ventura

4 stars? As a Mexican, who's been everywhere, no.. had the food been cheap I'd understand, but "hand made tortillas" were NOT hand made. Way overpriced for the quality of the food. At best, 3 stars but not to mention, don't get mad at the customer when you counted the change wrong and he asks for the proper change. I appreciate the spanish ambience, but no. Do better in the food department for these prices.


Food was decent, but nothing to write home about. We're from California so probably spoiled! If yih haven't eaten a lot of Mexican food this is a good spot. The town doesn't have a ton of options really. Fish tacos: fish was tasty, veggies were fresh, but tortillas were pretty dry and there was no sauce or salsa of any kind on the tacos. Enchiladas: chicken was basically boiled and not much flavor, but cheese enchilada was good. Taco salad: fried shell was not really crunchy, filling was decent. Rice and beans that came with the plates were pretty flavorful.

Quoc Vu

Delicious food. Very authentic Mexican with a lot of options at very affordable price. The portion is HUGE. Service is efficient. It looks like it’s a popular restaurant amongst locals. Highly recommend if you visit Hawi!

Angela L.

Average but good if you are hungry and want a meal in Hawi then this is place for you. Tables to sit. Tried Taquitos meal. Satisfying lunch.

Mealoha H.

Best Mexican in Kohala. It's the place to go to around here. Orders take a while, but only because it's fresh and worth the wait.

Gage Karren

Super excited we found this place. We are from Utah and finding good Mexican food can be hard out here in the islands. Definitely will be coming back. Food was super good. The salsa for the chips was super spicy tho. And you can only use cash here no cards.

DiDonato T.

Well I've been coming here for years and we make the drive from Waimea about 1x month. It's progressively declining in customer service at the counter. Consistently out of food and rude counter clerks will be the demise of this place. When the owner is there, it's great. When she's not, the young counter workers are not super friendly and not apologetic for lack of product. Anyhow I just hope they can figure it out soon because they are really the only game on this side of the island.

Dustin Hartlyn

Good points, bad points.Home made tortillas and sauce were good. The meat was pretty flavorless though.We ordered the chips and salsa as a side and after a single chip i just threw the rest of it away.The server was nice though.

Michelle P.

Clean, the service was great and the food was the best we have had on big island! Will be returning for sure and if you want good authentic Mexican food, go here!

Sangam Shivaprasad

excellent food with great flavor. it’s hard to find good mexican food on the island and we are so glad we found this restaurant.

Alex T.

My family and I were there about two days ago. We are from South Texas. To be completely honest, the food was actually really good. However, the reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the service or lack thereof. Just terrible. Not sure if one of the women is the owner or if they are just employees but the service sucked. Not once during our entire time did any of the girls break a smile. My wife had ordered some nachos and she politely asked for some small plates and the front girl just grabbed them and handed them to her without saying one word. Before we left, my 5 year old needed to go to the bathroom and we asked for the bathroom key and she stated that they didn't even have a bathroom. If the owner of this restaurant would just change the service aspect, I could easily see this place being always packed with people. The food is there just severely need to work on the service aspect. When we got there, there was a gentleman placing his order and at the end, he asked her three times if he had to pay now or later? She didn't even respond until after the third time and she was inches from him. Just the attitude of "I don't want to be here and I don't want to be serving you." For us, if we lived there, I would totally stop from going there. I can easily spend my hard earned money at other establishments that truly want your business.

Jay J.

I wish I could recommend! I want them to be good. They have potential and a good location they just don't know how to run a business. Ok you remodeled the dinning room great! Turn the lights down so it doesn't feel like a high school cafeteria. Create some ambiance... music??? decor of some kind?? What Mexican restaurant doesn't serve beer??? Make a deal with Kohala Grown for the beer and have a happy hour with free chips and you will be packed with locals and tourists. It's Mexican food ... put some spice in it maybe? Your sitting on a gold mine ...get it together.

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