Dairy Queen Store

201 W Taylor St, Creston
(641) 782-2826

Recent Reviews

Rose Oglesbee

We could actually order our food and could sit outside. Great service!

Donnie Kessler

Super fast service! Hot and fresh food! Friendly staff!!!

Jeffrey Bradford

I was in the mood for a Blizzard. Great service. Highlight of my day!

Samantha Berch

Rude employees and very unfriendly. We did not feel welcome.

Merri Mentor

Went through the drive thru on April 18th about 7pm and was very disappointed. They refused to put chili on a cheeseburger. You have it. You put it on hotdogs all day long. Why can't you put it on a cheeseburger then??! They know what chili cheeseburgers are in Georgia!!

Lily Maye

They are very polite.

Carolyn Downing

Good food. Good service.

Danny Fisher

Love the chicken strips and gravy. Ice cream is always good.

Ben Rice

It would be great if they were open year round like other DQ's.

Lorita RILEY

Great service! Great food

HiPpiE LuV

The best ice cream and chicken baskets =)

Trisha Mitchell

I have never been disappointed at this location. Great hot burgers everytime!

denise Grandgenett

Great food. Good service. Prices a little high.

David Stager

People need to be more happy i got waited on the last few times n they never cracked a smile..if u don't like your job..find another one

Daniel Larsen

Food was delicious, blizzard's were excellent, everything was brought out to our table really fast and service was great too!

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