4 Best Bubble Tea in Des Moines

“I am an avid boba tea drinker and traveler so I've tried a TON of boba places throughout the US. This is by far my favorite -- the service is always top notch, the atmosphere is amazing with plants and games, and they have a unique menu with quality drinks. I get the honey milk tea with tapioca and flan. I've never seen flan as a topping at any other place I've been to!”

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“We got the Taro and Thai milk teas with regular black pearl boba. I’m not sure if it was because we placed our order later in the day, near closing time, but the boba tasted a bit old and grainy. The teas were good, but the boba was gooey and kept causing the straws to get plugged. Some people like their boba like this but I prefer mine to be a bit harder and chewier. The cups were cute though! We will probably try again earlier in the day and see if it’s different!”

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“Get a grilled pork sandwich. Just do it ! You'll thank me later. It's a soft flaky warm roll with pickles and sweet pickled carrots . The pork is juicy and tender. Sadly most Americans will live and die with out having this kind of food experience because its not American. admittedly I was reluctant to buy a sandwich from a pho places but I'm sooo glad I did . Once again get the pork sandwich You'll thank me later”

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“10 out of 10 would recommend! My family had chicken pho and jalapeño garlic ragoons. The pho was the best I've had so far in Iowa! The flavoring is on point! My only take back would be that the chicken is a little tougher than I would like. Other than that, I'm excited to know where I need to go when I come visit again! ☺️Kid-friendliness: Kid size/price pho available!Dietary restrictions: Vegan options.”

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