Cheng's Garden

3708 Merle Hay Rd, Des Moines
(515) 276-2188

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Mary Blesz

If I could give this place a -5 review I would. I originally called to confirm they were open and the lady was berating me on the phone to place the order online. I placed an order at 330 pm and it said it would take one hour. I called back after 430 to confirm if the order was confirmed or not. They just kept asking me where I had placed the order through and that I placed it with the website. I then called the business phone for the next thirty minutes again and again to try and get through and nothing but the line saying it was disconnected. At this point, I had already spent $50 on food that should’ve been there a half hour before. I left my house to go to the location in hopes that it would be maybe there or we could get clarification- the restaurant wasn’t even there anymore! I finally called another location hoping it may be refunded back to me. I was trying to get the refund. On my way home I found out the food was dropped off. I’ve eaten here before many of times and probably the lowest quality food I’d ever eaten there. I kept being told they would call me back and resolve the issue. The woman on the phone said I should’ve returned the food if I didn’t want it. In no business practice in a restaurant should a guest have to return the food after they demanded a refund, after waiting three hours for the food. I’ll be happy to delete this review once I see the refund on my account. If the manager wants to email me, they certainly can.EDIT: I never ever leave reviews because I too have worked in this industry and can understand the pressures. I began scrolling through all the reviews and they sound so similar to mine. Yes the woman hung up on me too. Yes the woman on the phone was unprofessional, yes the food was subpar and low quality.Do better.

Promise Me81

I called for delivery and the service was bad the person on the phone was trying to over charge me then directed me to the website so i go to it order my food pay for it the he/she cancels my order afer moneys was taken out my account so now i have to wait for my money to get returned on to my card i called they wont ans and im blocked....???? Bad additude bad business.... never will i spend my money with these people again...

Jessica Fiori

Horrible delivery. We ordered at 8:40 pm and it originally said 50 mins for delivery which we were ok with waiting the 50 mins. 50 mins go by and nothing, am hour and a half hours by and still nothing. After 4 calls to the restaurant and 2 hours of waiting we finally got our food and it was mediocre at best.

Shelby Solis

Terrible I called and the lady was very rude and short with me she cut me off and then hung up in my face definitely won’t be spending my money here

Madeleine Hughes

This place was horrible my friends and I got it thinking it would be good. They served me chemical tasting Chicken Fried Rice. Both of my friends who ate the food have been throwing up all day. They cannot even make decent Chicken Fried Rice and it was way too expensive for what we got.

Bailey Kenneally Kids Camp Director

Horrible horrible horrible! Oh yeah horrible! Food horrible. Customer service horrible. No carry out or dine in only delivery. Yeah so your gross food can sit there while your one delivery driver delivers and takes an thank you.

Wendy Deleon

I asked for if they had something on their menu and the lady got mad and hung up on me has no customer experience I don't think because the lady was really rude and

chris kirschbaum

I ordered my food at 530pm, at 7pm I Called to make sure you had received my online order, I did not receive it 845PM. so 3 hours of waiting to finally receive my order. the food was ok but the portion sizes were greatly disappointing. due to having to wait 3 hours for my food I will sadly not be ordering from Cheng's Garden again. i advise next time you make a customer wait an exorbitant amount of time at least inform them of the wait time so they can choose to cancel there order if they wanted to.

S Gonzo

This is a very high priced disgusting food place!!Ordered delivery not only food was nasty and very little amt.The delivery person when handed me my food Burped!The

Ava King

Worst food ever! Not even located on Merle Hay. Took over an hour and half to receive food. They food was dry and old. Instantly made my fiancé and I sick. NEVER ORDER FROM HERE


I went to go order in the store and they are using someone else's business as their address. I called to find out where they were and they were completely rude. I never even got around to ordering food.

Marcia Secrest

I was staying at Ramada, Ordered food for Delivery it was my first time ordering from there I was so excited not many carry my favorite honey chicken and needless to say I still never got it due to they never came. WILL NEVER ORDER AGAIN FROM THERE!!

Kevin Oberto

This is the best Chinese restaurant in the whole Des Moines- Altoona area, food is really good and the portion are generous would definitely recommend...

L R.

This place has closed. Flying Mon is now operating at this location. You can search for Flying Mon instead.

Sapphire Artemis

I found a roach in my egg drop soup.

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