Dairy Queen (Treat)

1321 E University Ave, Des Moines
(515) 262-0319

Recent Reviews

Anthony Welch

Ice cream was cold and real fruit in the milk shakes.

Tamala Fredericksen

Definitely want to go here again. Ate on the seating bench and enjoyed the piece and quiet while enjoying my dessert.

Lillian W.

the store said they opened at 12:00 and I got there at 12:30 and NO PNE WAS THERE!! I sat in a line of cars all waiting on no one!

Kyra Johnson

The staff was very nice and they were fast and efficient.

Bossladii Mozee

I felt like a big kid again was great

Craig Stewart

Not enough strawberries in her blizzard.

Eric Huss

No chocolate ice cream! I don't care I didn't want it anyway. But for those of you super excited about any form of chocolate ice cream just know that there is a sign on the window stating that the demand for vanilla has made this choice for them. That for the duration of the summer to maximize profits they will only have vanilla ice cream.

LaToya Smith

Great place to take my little ones for a treat.

Gary Johnson

Excellent Treats for Summer. American Classic. Dairy Queen is Part of American History. Fast Service !!

Taylor Sullivan

EXCELLENT ice cream stuff.

Daniel Roberts

Good but not like Texas where's the food man!

Gene Ridgeway

They even flip your blizzards upside

Seth Fisher

McDonald's will not serve me on my bicycle. Not the best neighborhood to leave your bike alone in... Dairy Queen hooks me up every time, never bats an eye about a bicycle. Thank you DQ, you were there for me on the hottest of days.

Alisha Keointavong

Good, just kinda off putting how the employees weren't wearing masks

Tonya Morgan

Fast, friendly service as always

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