Fong's on Forest

3018 Forest Ave, Des Moines
(515) 277-3664

Recent Reviews

Nicole L.

Was a little skeptical with the reviews being all over the place but don't let that fool you- the pizza is awesome! Went for the lunch special 2 slices and a soda for $7.99 (Iowan and Garlic Honey) and a small Crab Rangoon pizza. Perfectly portioned ingredients, not too cream cheesy. Next time I will definitely be trying the tiki drinks and other Asian inspired pizzas!


Low key environment, fast pizzas. Neat place. Gluten free options, and unique specialty pizzas. My favorite fast pizza shop to go to. Creative

tyler mitchell

They’re like every other place in drake neighborhood. They don’t know their hours. If you get em you’re good. Good luck

Jim Spratt

Please extend your pick up time when ordering on line. When I ordered it said 20 ready in 20 minutes, I arrived in 20 minutes but pizza was not even close to being ready for another at least 20 minutes. Pizza was very good, please just extend original time and for pickup so customer not waiting 20 more minutes.

Tiarra Ebony

Great food! Everyone was super nice and the food was nice and fresh!

Deb Kozel

Wanted to try Fruit Loop pizza and stopped and ordered a small one to go. Fast service and great place to eat. The pizza was tasty too. Thanks

Liz Reed

The food is FANTASTIC and quick but the staff made this visit one to remember! Very busy answering the phones, getting fresh food out, etc. but kept a smile on their faces and were so friendly! Greeted every customer as they walked in and thanked them as they left. Keep up the great work guys!

Andrew Walling

Good food, surprisingly sparce interior. Definitely take out focused vs other fong's locations

Mark V.

We've gotten Fong's gluten-free pizza crusts for several years now, and it used to be outstanding. One of the best crusts, soft, 1/4" thick (which for GF is good), along with great toppings. But in the last month, we've gotten it a few times and something changed. It's now a thin, crisp, no-taste boring crust. Plus, despite several attempts to contact the restaurant to ask if the crust changed, no one ever responded. So I'm not entirely certain that its GF, and not just a thin crust! The toppings are still good, but not enough to offset whatever they are doing for the crust. Very disappointing for what used to be an excellent place to eat!

Sara Williams

Unique and tasty eats! Very friendly staff!

Britt T.

This was my girlfriend and I first time eating there yes I know what you all are thinking why what's wrong with us I can say we couldn't be happier with the experience the young man at the counter told us about the pizza we want with the crab Rangoon pizza and egg rolls everything was fantastic we will be back

Joel Bennett

Good egg rolls and lots of pizzas to choose from.

Matthew M.

I'm not a fan of the typical crab rangoon served in Chinese American restaurants so it was surprising Fong's Crab Rangoon Pizza far exceeded my expectations. It is a masterpiece of pizza building with a thin crispy crust and hot out of the oven topics of cream cheese, green onions, wonton skins, and sweet chili sauce.

Morgan Alexis

Called to place an order to go during “open” hours. Was quickly and rudely interrupted and told this location is closed. Update your hours and train your employees with better customer service. Yikes.


the worst fongs you could ever order from! the pizzas were always not cooked all the way and were soggy with raw dough! I tried to give this one a try 3 different times and each time I would order the same exact thing. each time my mac and cheese pizza was different. one time it would have crunch on top and two other times it did not. each time something was different when ordering it. seems like each time I order from this location I get sick where as if I order from another location I am perfectly fine. if you love Fongs please order from a different location because this one just isn't cutting it.

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