Pizza Hut

5122 SE 14th St, Des Moines
(309) 347-5596

Recent Reviews

Trevor Smith

When I went to the pizza hut on the se 14th I walk in and I order pizza they said it be ready in 25 minutes and I went to Walmart and come back and I said I order pizza they sorry we don't have yr order and I want my money back

Blanca Ortiz

The pizza was sent in a timely manner but it was cold.

LaRita Arterburn

The food was great and on time. The delivery person was friendly.

Bryce Haegele

Pizza was late, cold, and I never got a text notification for my no contact delivery. At least track the delivery better.

Mary Irish

Answer the phones and pay SOM attention to customers, they pay your salary.

Stephanie Nauman

Our detroit style pizza was made incorrectly, there wasnt 2 kinds of pepperoni, cheese didnt go to the ends if the pizza snd breadsticks were missing the garlic butter. We have loved ordering this combo before, but they messed up big time. Hesitant to order again, even though if done right, its amazing!

Jimmy Mckinney

this was the worst pizza i have ever had. it was not completely cooked and had somewhat of a sour taste.

Tersea Gilliland

after placing my order online and paying with cc the pizza hut called to inform me they had run out of stuffed crust and cheese bread at 9:30 on Saturday night. They also denied being able to refund my money until the next business day nor did they offer any alternative solutions or compensation for the trouble....So Dominoes it is from now on

Jon Willard

The cheese bread was overcooked and the cheese was a little burnt. That really the only issue that was the fault of the restaurant. The sauce on top of the detroit style pizza is terrible. Would be better off using normal sauce in my opinion, but I know thats not your fault.

Jen D

the delivery is fast about 30 minutes, pizza tastes great and hot, plus rewards points everytime I order

Gail Tomlinson

I like pizza hut an old favorite and my quilt pleasure

Jocelyn Dillinger

I made a order, they then cancel it without telling me. Then when I call they say they close at 7:30, there website says they close at 11. I already paid with a card so why did they need to cancel it. I will no longer be back at Pizza Hut again. Not the first time we had a problem there.

Michael Courtney

It's just ALWAYS something with this location. The reviews are accurate. I can't imagine how much money this place has lost over lack of ingredients, cancelling orders, etc. It's bizarre.

Hank Venture

Worst experience I've ever had with a pizza place. 95% of the time the restaurant is out of ingredients. 3 minutes after placing an order I receive a call saying their out of cheese, or sauce or dough. A pathetic excuse for a restaurant. If you can't employee a manager who knows how to properly place orders for ingredients why bother even operating. No one out pizzas the hut until I order from an other company due gross incompetence.

Manuel Gutierrez

Absolute horrendous customer service. The manager lacks any sense of what customer service means and was rude in their responses and body language. They messed up my order and were not willing to admit it was their mistake. Not surprised the location has less than 3 stars.Update: the pizzas taste like they were not prepared correctly or they were sitting there for a while. They do not taste well at all.

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