Pelo's Sundries

101 N Cody Rd, Le Claire

Recent Reviews

David Nancy Kuhn

Spent many years having coffee in Pelo's. Was a great spot to meet friends for coffee, soda and visit. Has turned into a private museum and coffee shop has been neglected. Sad!

Keekee Willett

We very much enjoyed are time talking to Gregg. He was very entertaining with many interesting stories. We will definitely stop in for tea, coffee and conversation again.


Looks like they are out of business. Came by after 8:00 am on Friday morning and all locked up. No hours posted. No sign of life.

Kelly Dixon

Dollar coffees & great conversation. Learned a lot about the history of the area. Would never get anything done if we lived close enough to come in for morning coffee - we'd just spend all day chatting with the owner.

Cindi Dixon

Great coffee. Great energy. Friendly conversation with the owner.

Cindi D.

If you're in town you have to go here. It is quaint and interesting and very good. Wonderful energy. If you want to learn about the areas history the owner will fill ya in. The coffee was great too. Will definitely be back next time we pass through.

Kelly D.

Dollar coffees and the owner is friendly. Provided interesting conversation on a variety of topics including the history of the area, the history of the shop (family owned for 73 years!). Would have stayed and chatted longer if we didn't have to get back on the road.

Brian L.

Friendliest little coffee shop I've ever been to. Books stacked on the floor and in corners. Old photos on the walls. Ray serving up coffee and doubling as a helpful tour guide. What more can you ask for.

Debbie Rothieaux Tipton

Fun place with fun stuff

Kathryn Tuggle

If you want WiFi and espresso, look elsewhere. If you want incredible conversation, decent brewed coffee, and an experience like none other, then stop on in. The owner here is one in a million and I hope to be back to speak with him again one day. His collection of antiques lines the walls, and there are a few real treasures. Ask for stories about some of the items, but donâ??t ask if any of itâ??s for sale. Itâ??s not.

Abby D.

like a time capsule! such a cool environment and great coffee :)

Gale Brown

Fantastic place for coffee in LeClaire.

Sam K

Small coffee and book shop ran by the most amazing man ever. Great stories and tales from the owner. Don't get scared away. This place is worth it. This man is not in it for the money. Coffee only $1 and free refills.

Marc W.

Unlike the trendy coffee houses out there today, Pelo's coffee is a unique experience. A good cup of coffee is only a dollar and in fact the owner, Greg Pelo gave us our money back because he said his toughest critic said the coffee was to weak. We got to talking to Greg about anything from history, art restoration, architecture to picture nails on the wall. Pelo will tell you he's in the business as a hobby. If you're looking for a good cup of coffee and conversation this place is for you. If you're looking for a yuppie place playing coffee house jazz while you're sipping your drink that has eight other ingredients then go elsewhere.

Tadd R.

Kind of awkward. Elderly insider hangout. Cool and grungy, but he still has lame daytime TV on.

Ann Curlee

I loved the service from the Proprietor for as soon as I arrive coffee ready and poured with a friendly hello. Newspaper and doughnuts available. Great place to chill out.

Jessica Whisler

Loved it

Danielle S.

When I walked into Pelo's, I felt like I walked back in time. This tiny coffee shop reminds me so much of my grandparents' homes. It's filled with antiques and photos, and he even has piles of books for you to read (which we partook in). It's nothing fancy, nothing like a Starbucks. Just a cute coffee shop with $1 coffee and some sodas. The owner is super sweet - he will sit and have a conversation with you about anything and everything. It's the kind of place that just makes you feel at home. On a nice day, the doors are propped open to let the fresh air in, and it's not uncommon for people to just come in and hang out for a while. You can tell most of the people that come here are regulars. Thinking about this place literally warms my heart up!


Espresso martini!!

Katelyn Darling

Strawberry banana martini!

Wade Arnold

Order an espresso martini - you won't be disappointed