Pizza Hut

154 Hwy 30, Filer
(208) 326-7272

Recent Reviews

Jesse Poseley

This is not the first time. Ordered stuffed crust. Paid the obscene 5$ delivery fee, to deliver in Filer, and this is what we get. Then call after call to the store is not answered.

Raema Hendrix

Food was cold. Server was rude. Seemed like he was in a hurry. Will not order this again. Not happy with the meal and the service. Wish we could get our money back.

Josh Eagle

The manager was rude and has no professionalism.

Derek Howell (Crouriant)

At 8:30 pm we’re too busy to take anymore orders tonight. Who the [email protected]&$ is 2 1/2 hours behind on making pizza. I don’t go here often even though I live near. Just gave me a super reason to never return. This imo makes this place a waste of space! I will be sure to tell everyone I know to avoid at all costs, drive to twin get domino’s instead!!!

Samantha Payne

I work here as shift lead. WE DONT DO CURBSIDE. I tried to get ahold of you guys on Google Play and the "contact" email that was provided (which didn't even work) and no one has even listened to me. Idk if this review will go to Google or my area director, but if it goes to the latter, hey T sorry for bothering you.

jose esquivel

I live down the street pizza always cold (order for my kids when I’m at work ) and they take forever , Horrible customer service on multiple occasions, I don’t even think getting a discount on a pizza can help but the pizza wrong and hanging up on us during a simple pizza order or even lazy customer service . Go to domino’s no motivation for a simple job they are always slow and stressful getting a simple pizza or big dinner box simply go somewhere else i have given this place multiple tries

Joel Tovar

This was the worst Pizza Hut I have been to. We ordered online, a couple pans and some pasta since we were in town visiting family. We went and waited until the pizzas were ready and I went ahead and dropped in to pick them up.Turns out, they had run out of pan dough and that Robert attempted to call us about 4 times. Dont have a single missed call or voicemail. When another employee asked what the situation was, Robert, who I assume is the manager had the audacity to say that we were being difficult!They didn't want to refund us either, they kept pushing us to get in store credit instead. As I said, we're from out of town, and after this experience, we wouldn't want to come back.Eventually we finally got refunded after they figured out how to do it.

Kathy Magner

The staff was great and the pizza was hot and delicious

Amanda Partin

The food was fresh and delicious. The was great and friendly!

Amanda Bates

The gentle man at the register help me carry our order out to my truck In the snow!! I will definitely be going back!!!❤

Shalon Asay

I really enjoy the staff at the Filer, Idaho Pizza Hut. They are always friendly and your orders are always done on time.

Karen Bolian

It was ready when I arrived for pickup, exactly as I ordered, and the employees were efficient and friendly.

Angela Heath

Quick delivery , amazing food, friendly employee. Driver found our house quick unlike a certain other pizza joint who can never find our house and they are in the same town.

Sue Wilson

My order was hot and ready when I arrived. The employee was very courteous and friendly. The food was very good.

tom spencer

Pizza was made perfect to order and was ready at the exact time requested

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