Lefty's Bar & Grill

231 6th St E, Ketchum
(208) 726-2744

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Just popped in for a beer on a pleasant autumn afternoon after hiking Taylor Canyon Loop (which was outstanding!!) ... nothing special, just a beer ... most enjoyable part was all the doggies socializing on the deck/patio!

Liam O'Keefe

Chicken cheese burger featured a laughably small chicken breast :( and it didn’t seem marinated either. Club sandwich with avocado was just ok, the bread was very hard on the outside. Monkey fries were very good, my girlfriend liked them minus the spicy part so she ordered regular fries and we were disappointed to see they were not cut the same. The monkey fries are more like thick ruffle chips, and the regular fries left a lot to be desired.Service was friendly, so I’ll give them 3 stars for the friendliness and price.

Joshua Waitman

Amazing burgers. Pizza bread is good too

Kerry Albright

Great place to unwind and nom on some excellent grindage.

Nellie H.

We just ordered for pickup and it was so good and such friendly customer service! Ran it out to us in RV! Highly recommend!!!

Jimmy J.

Great greasy pub grub and tall delicious beers.  Friendly service and all staff wearing masks.  Bravo.

Yoda Luke

We just ordered for pickup and it was so good and such friendly customer service! Ran it out to us in RV! Highly recommend!!!

Ronald Roberson

Well........we wanted to have steak that night but the destination proved to be unavailable until an unacceptable time. We decided to go to lefty's because it had good reviews. I should have looked at the reviews more carefully. It is a Bar that serves food. Again it is a bar. Food was ok.........atmosphere was........a bar. One note of interest.....my wife ordered a hamburger. We were informed that they didn't have pickles. What?!! Just sayin'. So...in conclusion.........I'm guessing bar hopper types would find it appealing. It's not a family destination.

R. Craig Burton

I thought the Lefty-Burger was slightly above average, but not amazing. The Monkey Fries however; fantastic! I'd go back just for those bad boys.

Anthony Pemberton

We really like the atmosphere of Lefty's. The service was very good as well. Being a first timer and going off the recommendation of a local business we felt this place would have been better food wise. The monkeys are great and we really enjoyed the deck. Libations are great here but we just feel the good didn't measure up.

Neeka Farhad

Lefty's was our favorite restaurant in all of Ketchum. An outstanding beer selection and really the best buffalo wings I've ever had. Their deck has a laid back vibe, with locals and their pooches milling about. A great place to stop after a long ride or run, but really I didn't need a reason to stop by. Looking forward to our next sun valley trip

Tiffany Cross

Amazing place, people ambiance! Love myself some Grumpys!❤

Jeffrey K.

The first time I went to Lefty's was in 2005 when my dad built some condos in Ketchum. I recall after so many years thinking they had the best hamburgers I have ever tasted. I had the opportunity to return in February this year before Covid-19, and I can honestly still say they have the best hamburgers I have ever had! I ate there three times over that weekend when I came up to ski at Sun Valley. Every time I come back to Ketchum I will head straight to Lefty's. Thank you for amazing food and memories!

Brett Oliver

Turkey Veg with monkeys!

Jason Deegan

Really good, quality food and quite the value in a vacation town. We ate there twice in 4 nights.

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