Perry's Restaurant

131 4th St W, Ketchum
(208) 726-7703

Recent Reviews

Patrick McCord

It's a Diner and a coffeehouse. Best service I've ever seen in anyplace without tables linen. Friendly folks (even other patrons), and fresh delicious food. Tip generously! It's worth it.

Emmaline Russell


La Lacrema

Great spot for breakfast or lunch. Half sandwiches are huge! Soup always good. Pies and holiday food available for pre-order are delicious, too.

Danielle D.

Best family friendly breakfast and lunch place. Pro tip: order a half sandwich, not a whole, unless you want leftovers for a week! Great homemade bread. Run by the most amazing hardworking couple.

M E.

Cute local hangout which is fantastic for breakfast. I called to make sure they had an espresso machine as I do not drink regular caffé... they did and it was a delightful breakfast. I was greeted by a tail wagging kind haired Dachshund that was in the the live. You order at the counter and grab a table and they deliver to you. My espresso macchiato was purrrfect and a delicious veggie omelet with artichoke hearts. My only notice of what I don't love,is the exterior of the eggs had that oily finish. I cook so I know you have to use butter or oil on the pan.... restaurant usually use oil that is flavorless. All good for a delicious Valentines breakfast for me!

Breana K

I always order the turkey benedict for my husband and a rotating item for myself because I like so many items on the menu. My favorite though is their marble rye bread, it is so good with a little butter.


Thw muffins are good but the chicken has no taste

Linda Foster

Best food I've had in a long time. Everything fresh!

Jane Fugal

Good foods, very friendly staff. Will definitely come back.

Julia Fredericks

Foods gas. Went here ordered the burger with a wheat bun which is rare. People who work there are Gs. also get the pesto pasta

Forrest Gillespie

Absolutely loved everything about my visit. The owner actually walks around and talks to all the customers and makes sure everyone’s order is out at a reasonable time. After the first day, they know who you are and bring your order to you. The breakfast wrap/burrito was delicious. Had it every time I went. Awesome small town restaurant.

Michael Martin

This place is fast and easy. It has great food too

Joe S.

Best breakfast ever!!!! This is my go to place for breakfast and lunch. Being vegetarian it's hard to find burnishing high protein meals in Idaho. Perry's bends over backwards to make sure I get what I need every time.

Barry M

Hi there! Thank you for making Perry's in Ketchum part of your day. We appreciate your review and 4 stars. Please come see us again.


two blocks off Main Street this place has good breakfast and lunch sandwiches....original, hand made, fresh items...not pricey

Malina Chavez

The service was amazing and the food was better! Everyone who works there is super friendly and helpful! Such a great atmosphere!

Apple Pi

They'll make you anything you want. The breakfast is mildly seasoned, so I recommend skipping the chunks of potato and option the hash browns instead. They hide the Sriracha sauce in the back, so you have to ask for it if that's your thing. It's clean and breakfast for two this morning was, $25+$5 tip.

Wendy B.

Ketchum has many cute bistros and cafes, but I had earmarked Perry's for my first breakfast splurge. Perry's is located downtown, a cozy, casual cafe vibe where you order at the counter. Their menu is quite interesting, with breakfast and lunch items, many of which were quite healthful. So we conservatively ordered one Eggs Benedict so we could share. Each one came with a tomato slice, several slices of smokey bacon, a nicely done poached egg, and a respectable Hollandaise sauce on a fresh English muffin. Very very good, but the bacon was the star! The friendly owner (you guessed it...Perry) disclosed that he serves Daily's brand of bacon, one I am quite familiar and have sought after for decades. We also ordered a half portion of their house made corned beef hash. This turned out somewhat dry and under seasoned, made with shredded potato. Not something I would reorder. They have serve yourself drinks. Their coffee is outstanding, distributed by Bailey Coffee Company but with Perry's custom label. I chose the Peruvian dark roast and it was smooth and wonderful. Refills are 25 cents for all beverages, on an honor system. Cleverly, they also position the baked goods right in front of your nose and I will guarantee you will lose in a masterful stare-down. The large cinnamon roll, while showy, had hard crust edges and was too light on cinnamon, rather disappointing. However, the oatmeal raisin cookie, was very tasty and tender, seasoned with orange zest and coconut and a bevy of plump raisins. About the size of a golf ball. Overall, we were impressed by their quality, quick service, and good food.


Hello 3DGs - Thank you for having a meal with us at Perry's Restaurant in Sun Valley. We appreciate your 5-stars and your kind words. Come see us again.

Douglas U

Hello 420brandib, Thanks for your 4 stars! We appreciate your feedback as it helps others find us. Come see us again.

John Moffat

Had then Denver omelet. It was made quickly and well made. The dark roast coffee was actually good - self serve and all you want. I will be back


Order at the counter, and food is ready quickly. Plenty of seating, never had to wait once in our several visits this weekend. Food is hearty and well prepared. Excellent way to start the day!


Hello Ge0m0m, Thank you for taking the time to write Perry's Restaurant in Ketchum a 5-star review. We appreciate your thoughts and very kind words. We hope you come to see us often!

Molly M.

One of my favorite spots in town! The owner (Perry?) is usually there running a smooth ship. After a day of skiing this place can get really packed, but they do a good job of moving the line along and helping with seating. Such good food- unless your literally planning on feeding an army order half a sandwich or split a full one. My pescatarian self misses the ESAB sandwich I grew up on but the tuna melt is pretty rad. Always great sides and soups as well.

Jared C.

Great soup, great salads. Happy we stopped by. Place was packed, but we did not wait for more than 4 minutes--unlike most of Ketchum in the tourist trap summer. Do yourself a favor and come here when town is packed.


The owner is so kind, they have great food, and of coarse they have a meal for any of your diets so if you want to be healthy, go here for a sandwich!

Crystal Barrow

Seemed like a popular place for the locals, but being from out of town nobody greeted us, explained how things work, or asked if we needed help. After we waited for several minutes I asked how things worked. I ordered the French toast, nothing exciting, very dry. My husband enjoyed his breakfast. Other places in town I would rather go.

Krisi Leezy/Ward

Good place to eat. A little busy but worth the wait. will recommend this place if up in Sun Valley for breakfast

Robert S.

Perry's is outstanding! During the summer there is nice outside seating. Plenty of parking and an amazing selection of food. My only advice would be to arrive before the lunch time rush

Andy Wildenberg

Perrys is quite an unusual place. A fairly small basement restaurant but with outdoor seating, clearly a breakfast bent yet reasonable non breakfast food, set up to run a lot of people through efficiently yet tries to be like it's just a couple people from the family running it (and in fact there's at least one family member making small talk and gently rubbing customers). So definitely worth a visit.

Renee B.

My salad I got was very good. I added the extra superfoods to it, which added Berry's and nuts. I added chicken although there was very little chicken on it. During the week they do stop serving breakfast at noon which we hadn't paid attention before hand. If you want chips, or drink you have to pay extra. It was easy to getting seating on a weekday at 1:30. I wouldn't go back for lunch, maybe to try breakfast out next time.

Nellie E. Dargis

This place was so amazing. All of the different foods they have are so good and amazing. The staff is also so nice and polite. I highly recommend!

Scott Cantor

Love this place always. Great food and service. Keith and crew are the best!

Colin McCauley

Great for breakfast or lunch. They have some of the best pasta salads in town. Try the lemony seafood,it's great, but be quick, if it's on the menu for the day it doesn't last long.


You guys did mess up on my order but in the end mistakes happen. food was great! Will give you guys another chance :)

Robert B

We had a late lunch and ate on the patio. Excellent! . They make their bread themselves..very good.. Service was personal and outstanding

Lisa D.

This is always a "go to" each trip to Ketchum! My favorite sandwich, the TBP, turkey, bacon, provolone is a must! The sandwiches are huge and a half is more than enough for one person. The staff is friendly and Keith, the owner is always helping seat guests and chatting with everyone. They have the recipe for success in Ketchum!

Munzer Q.

First time I ordered to go, was good but you must eat in to get the full experience, right! This was a lunch, you order at the counter then food is delivered to your table. The food is excellent and the place has indoor and outdoor seating. This time I ordered the Grilled Portobello Quinoa Burger and it was made well and full of flavor. One advice I have to Perry's folks is to stay in the moment when your customers are marketing the orders at the counter. Visit and Enjoy!


Signature salads good; had to ask for additional salad dressing; pastrami sandwich was soggy so had to use fork; Philly cheesesteak was excellent; apple pie was very cinnamony; Boston Cream pie was not Boston cream pie but was a cheesecake filling

James Buchanan

All I have to say is awesome. Perry's potatoes with hollandaise sauce What!!!