Wagon Wheel Dining Facility

Mountain Home AFB
(208) 828-6420

Recent Reviews

Christian Kope

Food is always over cooked and over seasoned

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 2

Service: 5

Sean Alexander

Breakfast is on point. The rest of the chow is solid. Y’all need to quit being sad and go eat at a Marine Corps chow hall for some medium rare chicken, this chow hall is fine dining for a visiting devil

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 5

Scott Johnson

Food was good. Cooks were friendly.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 4


This is a gem of an RV park! Quite, lots of shade. We happened upon it for a quick overnight on the road. About a mile off 84, but feels super secluded and private. We are a 37 foot Class A pulling a 14 foot trailer and we’re able to back straight into space 8. Spaces 14 and 22 would work equally as well. When we left, the caretaker opened the back gate for us so we could pull straight out. Clean bathrooms and shower (laundry too but we didn’t use that). We will definitely put this on our list of great places to stay!

Space Ghost

Really good DFAC. Clean, friendly employees and affordable.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Fuad Yunus

Poorly maintained and overly charged [33% surcharge] for a government dining facility. Meal cost to inflation rate ratio is horrible!


Great RV Park, clean, quiet, and well maintained. The park manager makes sure his clients enjoy their accommodations and helps everyone. Definitely the best RV Park in the Boise area. It is a Must Stay!!

Susan L

When I made the reservation I had to pay starting that day even though we weren't coming for 11 days. The only "rule" mentioned during that conversation was about taking care of the yard. There are none on their website. We get there and are curtly informed of the list of rules. Nothing outside except lawn furniture. My son asked about an hour later if we could put a potted cactus outside. Nope. Lots of people had stuff outside. Gas cans, coolers, ladders, and wait for it...... plants. Guess we didn't kiss up properly? So we had a bike inside, the large cactus in the shower, coolers and an outdoor rug in the car, garden hose in the outside kitchen. Recyling bins wherever there was a spot. When I asked if they had recycling there he looked at me as if I had asked him if he had a third nipple. After that moment the manager never spoke to us or responded to a head nod in greeting. The only time he spoke to me was to tell me that we didn't know how to water the grass and that we should have mowed. We hadn't been there a week. On Sundays the Stepford residents go one by one like zombies to get the lawn mower. Well, those that have been deemed worthy of proper lawn care. We got there on the 18th. On the 20th we had made a reservation elsewhere. We left on the 31st. Rent has to be paid online. Does anyone need another stupid app on their phone? When my husband showed up on the 31st after work training in Dallas the manager talked to him several times in just a few hours. Maybe he doesn't like fat women or 30 something guys with tattoos or maybe it was because we questioned his rules about putting the plant out. The lawn watering schedule the manager has is absurd and so very wasteful. He watered one spot 3 times in 24 hours. So much goes into the road and onto the patios. Our yard was very shaded yet he watered every other day. And during the afternoon when it was 100 degrees. There was always mud by the back steps and the outside kitchen. We had to walk in the mud to get anything out that storage area. Clearly this place cares more about appearances than the environment. It is a green and shady yet soulless place. Rarely anyone out. No chance to make your site a "home" because you aren't allowed. One washer and dryer for 22 spots. The new park we are in has so much personality. And it's cheaper and we don't have to maintain the yard.


This is second time moving back to Idaho, came back to this park because manager has gone out of his way to help with anything I need. This place is covered with trees and green lawns, lots of squirrels, very quiet and is a great place close enough to city, but not in a big city. Cost is affordable for retirees income, so I would not hesitate to recommend a stay here. KC

Tim Foyle

I'm willing to overlook a lot of things, but this is absolutely criminal. These dirty diabolical bushwhackers have started putting ONIONS IN THE CREAM BEEF. I've never felt so disrespected. There should be THREE ingredients: milk, flour, and meat. Really you should also add salt and pepper but I realize this is the air force and that'd be asking too much. But these black hearted philistines put chopped up white onions in there so you can hardly see 'em til you take a bite. You have disrespected me, my momma, my grandmomma, and the whole southern half of the United States with this heinous act. Whoever is responsible for this, I hope you stub your littlest toe on both feet in the same day

diana perez

Is not that bad theres variety when it comes to eating healthy ....they have soulfood and Mongolian days

Jonathan Brabant

Well laid out Defac food was good, much nicer than others I've been to.


Easy access to I-84 and just down the street from a Walmart, this leafy, peaceful rv park is a delightful oasis. This park is in between family locations that we visit every year and it’s for certain we will be back!


This is a great park. I believe there is less than 30 sites so it’s not packed like the other rv parks in the area. Less people and pets = peace and quiet. Other parks in the area are packed and don’t even offer waiting lists. This place was very accommodating. Rent was the most affordable in the area at least 100 less than the G7 rv resort nearby. I’ve stayed at both and I can honestly say I prefer the smaller and less amenities park over the G7. I didn’t have any issues with other tenants there unlike other parks. The sites are spaced out pretty good. They have a lawnmower and rake for everyone to cut their own grass area which I didn’t mind it felt very homey. I can’t emphasize enough how peaceful and quiet this park was. I would definitely stay here again. I relocated for my job and had to leave and I miss staying here. The park host was very helpful and was easy to work with. We need more parks like this.


I called to reserve an RV site at Wagon Wheel and told there was availability. When I tried paying for it, I told Mike the site was for an employee who was working in the area. Mike instantly got upset and told me that he needed to talk to the employee and not me to let him know the rundown of how things run around there. I told him I just needed to pay for it and he could also to talk to the employee. He got mad and said that’s not going to work for me, I don’t have a spot for you anymore and hung up on me. My employee even tried calling and he wouldn’t let him reserve it. I would not recommend this place to anyone as it’s not for certain you will have a spot when you arrive if you upset Mike in any way. Now we don't have a place for our employee to stay. I guess there's a reason they are the only place that supposedly had 2 spots open within 45 miles, since we reserved the day before anticipated arrival.

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Wagon Wheel Dining Facility

Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648
(208) 828-6420