Summerville's Bar Steakhouse Brewery Pizza House Cafe

106 S Main St, Riggins
(208) 628-2744

Recent Reviews

Denise Bittick

Steak nite was awesome!! Great food and atmosphere.

Steve Giannini

It's a very large sandwich menu and every sandwich on it is excellent, the beers they brew are outstanding and the nicest people you ever want to meet run this establishment

jacob bedegi

Great drinks! A must if you want to get drunk!

Lee Scott

Fast, friendly service (far better than 7 Devils!). Most unique and flavorful pizza menu ever. Staff was friendly to both regulars and guests. Came back two nights in a row.


Got ran out with over whelming political views! Good food though.

Robin S.

Great bar and a fun place to stop in the evening. They have an appetizer selection of garlic raft breads with different toppings. We tried the one with the crab mix. We expected something pretty basic but it was loaded with seafood and covered in melted cheese and delicious.


Great local bar, food was good. Service was friendly and good.

Todd Perry

Great service and awesome food.

Mary W

We went to dinner here after being out on Kilgore's Jet Boat ride on the Snake River, all day....we were hungry. They have a two-sided restaurant, one side steak, the other pizza (I think). The place was packed. We sat at the bar to eat, was immediately waited on ordered drinks, then one ribeye and one New York strip, both came with a HUGE salad and baked potato. Not one complaint from us. Even though the actual bar for drinks was on the opposite side of where we were eating, the bartender was very quick to offer us refills. Steaks were amazing. Perfect ending to a fun day!


When we first arrived at the steakhouse on a Saturday evening, a gentlemen came and told us we would probably enjoy going downstairs to the pizza place where we could order from both the steakhouse menu and the pizza menu and the kids could play games at the arcade. We sat down and noticed there weren’t very many people there. My husband asked for the steak special and the waitress told him a party of 15 was coming in so his steak would take 45 minutes and we couldn’t sit down at the pizza place.??? So, we ordered sandwiches which were all that great but not terrible. Kids played on the 2 arcade games that actually worked and some pool. We received our food not too much longer and Our waitress never came back. About 10 minutes later, 35+ people came in and I heard her multiple times tell people that it would be a long wait. She was not friendly. It’s as Th Pugh she hated her job and didn’t want to serve people. Also, since she never came back to our table, I had to wait in line 10 minutes just to ask for some mayo. This place needs to hire more help and train their staff how to work with people.

Cathy Bair

Excellent service and atmosphere. Cold beer, great drinks and awesome food!!

Virgil Holt Jr

Staff/Owner are friendly, good service

Danita Duby

Food is Great Service is Great Price is Great⭐

jonathan hinton

Love they're pizza and hot sandwich

Brenda Lawlor

Came in on my drive back home and after a good hike. I love the old parlor wood stove! Wonderful sandwich, piled high with meat, friendly staff and customers.

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Summerville's Bar Steakhouse Brewery Pizza House Cafe

106 S Main St, Riggins, ID 83549
(208) 628-2744