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419 N 2nd Ave, Sandpoint
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Regan Lecher-Pergiel

Most of the food was excellent. French dip was over cooked. Server made sure to take it off since it couldn’t be eaten. Nice enough people. Could have used being asked if we wanted another drink before being brought our ticket. Never asked if we wanted it split up, so just paid it all myself to get it done with.

Jeff Kushnir

Maybe it was an off day for them or a tourist trap but we had zero service and empty drinks for over 15min on a day that wasn’t busy. There are better and smaller “mom & pop” establishments with way better service around the corner. Won’t be back.

Julie Keller

My husband, daughter and myself struggled to find parking, but after about ten minutes finally found a place to park and headed to MickDuff's. It was 3pm on a Tuesday, and when the three of us walked in and waited "to be sat," as the sign said nobody greeted us. We stood there for at least five minutes, and as nobody came, we walked out. We are from out of town, and have struggled to find somewhere to eat in the area, and sadly this was another that didn't live up to the online hype.

Amy Cook

Great place love ordering takeout but the last THREE times they've forgotten my sides that I paid for. I only realized it once I'm home. I called today finally to tell them about the error and they asked if I wanted to come back, of course I don't want to come back! I want my order right the first time. Check your orders from now on because I've paid them for food I've never received and I think I deserve a free meal for their mistake. I'll still go back but I'm very frustrated. Nothing is free and I work hard for my money, I deserve to get what I actually paid for. And for the record I've tipped on each Togo pick up as well, so make it right mcDuffs.

Christina Lourenco

The beer is always good and the food was as well. We have been to the brewery 3 times. We have had less than good service on two of these occasions and today was the worst. We sat out on the patio and waited for anyone to acknowledge us, after being seated by the host, for at least 15 minutes. Even as tables were cleaned around us we finally asked. Once we ate, with no one making sure our food was ok, we had to go inside so as to pay the bill. I told the waitress we were very disappointed. I’m still not quite sure who our server was.

Jeri Campbell

Disappointing…we went to Mcduffs for dinner last night around 8pm. We knew they closed at 9 so we quickly looked at the menu and made our choices while waiting for a server. The place was busy, but not full. Most tables around us had already eaten. After almost 10 minutes I went to the front desk host and asked if we had a server as no one had come by yet. His response was “yeah, but they’re all pretty busy, I’ll make sure someone knows you’re here.” He did and finally someone came to take our order. He was a nice enough kid, but did not know much detail about the drink menu. I asked what the rotating sauv blanc was/brand and he said “I don’t know, I’m 19 so I don’t really know those things.” I asked him to please find out and we’d order as soon as he came back. Ordered a burger w/fries and friend ordered the curry rice bowl w/tofu instead of chicken. About 40 minutes later we received our meals. (Drinks were gone at this point and he/no one ever came back to see if we’d like another or anything else so I went to the bar and said can our server come by please we’d like another drink) A girl dropped off our meals and asked if we’d like anything else and I ordered a drink, she did not bring it. The burger came with wrong toppings and was tough and dry, the fries were inedible. Dehydrated and like shoe leather. When he came back to bring a side plate of correct burger toppings I told him the fries were really bad and I would not be eating. He did apologize and offer new fries, but after almost and hour there and already a very disappointing experience I said no thank you. I tried to order one more drink again from him this time and he brought the wrong drink. (I ended up having 1 drink total after hoping for a second several times)My friend ate the tofu and the spinach and left the rice portion of her meal as it was gummy and pasty. Maybe it was because it was the last hour, but the whole thing was bad from the start. I did ask for the manager at this point and let her know. She was kind enough to offer to comp my meal and give 1/2 off to my friend. Her tone and demeanor were completely unapologetic, sorry can be said many times, but doesn’t mean much when it’s snarky and completely lacking of empathy. I’d worked in customer service for 28 years and would be upset if my employees gave anyone this experience. I was NOT looking for a free meal! I really wanted a good meal as I don’t eat out too often and was very looking forward to it. For reference, I ate there last fall and had the same meal and it was great.

Hannah Day

We use to LOVE going in to MickDuff's but we were really disappointed that they took the goathorn burger off the menu a while back. We've gone in a few times after that and the food just isn't as great as it use to be. Not much flavor. The service and atmosphere is fantastic though. PLEASE bring back the goat horn burger!

Karen D

Great atmosphere and the best food we had in Sandpoint or CDA. Service was good but the waitress was clearly not liking her job but still did it adequately just a bit grumpy. Maybe just a bad day. Food was absolutely excellent and the best we had during our week stay in northern Idaho. Will definitely go back next time we are in the area.


We came here for dinner after a full day at Silverwood. The food was fantastic, lots of choices, great atmosphere with a few arcade games tucked in the corner.

Juliette J

This place has a beautiful interior, and the food was amazing. the service, on the other hand, was mediocre. the staff seemed to glare at us and lacked personality. they forgot 1/3 of my food, (it was a simple meal,) and never asked us how it was (of course, they seemed busy, but a few of them were standing near the front with nothing to do.) they didn’t ask us if we wanted to split the bill or not (which we did want to.)we left a decent tip, because apparently the servers must have been having a bad day.

Andrew Lunt

I had the opportunity of visiting MickDuff's Brewery during back-to-back summers. Both the downtown location and their new location. The new location is quite nice. The food is always excellent and the beer is perfect. The atmosphere is always fun, especially at the bar. My only complaint is that the second time it was quite a long wait for a table, even at the bar and the service outside was quite spotty. This could have been because of the pandemic and trying to find workers, as this was 2021. Highly recommend the food and drinks though.

Bob Albing

Our little hiking group, five old guys, came in after doing Clifty mountain and had a late lunch at two in the afternoon. We were not expecting much, but the service was attentive and lively, and the food came quickly, and it was delicious. And what a cool place!

Ivan Lukovnikov

Can I mark them with 6 stars? :)Wonderful atmosphere, old and cozy building


The amber beer was very good. The French dip need the jus for flavor as the sandwich itself was not overly flavorful. The burger with thousand island dressing was good. The calamari was average at best.


Loved that the old library was revamped rather than removed. Food was good; plentiful for price. Service was mediocre.

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MickDuff's Brewing Company - Brewpub

419 N 2nd Ave, Sandpoint, ID 83864
(208) 255-4351