The Sky View Restauran

6334 Ogden Ave, Berwyn
(708) 795-0088

Recent Reviews

Mike Stanley

two days ago was the first time we went to this excellent restaurant. But It is absolutely not the last. We had a good time with the generous service, with the finest meal and booze and with the decent price. We will no doubt return there in a short time.

Humberto Ramirez

Food is good reasonable prices

why am i like this

After the renovation, it was real fancy

Cindy Grimes

Very nice family oriented place. Good food. Would definitely go back when in the area

Paul Beavin

Service and food was great, nice quite atmosphere

wikked 24

The daily soups are awesome and the price is great

The Gaming Potato

After the renovation, it was real fancy

Tuffy Guera

Great place for dates, or to bring your family to eat, or for any celebration as well.

Vanessa Perez

If I could give zero stars I would, we just celebrated a huge milestone for our family and I wish it would not have been at this establishment, the owner & bartender is not easy to work with. This review is for the banquets, they were under staffed, with the 2 events going at the same time, our party of 70 and the other double or triple, 1 bartender. Our party was to start at 6, they had us down for 630, they initially advised us we could decorate as early as 430, but we couldn't get in until 5 because they booked a party from 1-5, just poor customer service, they over charged on drinks, there is no way 30 people could consume $300 worth of drinks in an hour at $4-4.50 a drink? C'mon!

Jon Nagle

Food was alright, prices were good, service was good, we were the ONLY people in there besides the loud party in the room next to the dining area.

kim gutierrez

My sister in law and I ate breakfast here and the service was great. My sister in law gave me one of her sausages and it was awful. You could tell the meat was spoiled. You could smell it and taste it. She ate a piece and I spat mine out. I didn't blame the waitress or host but they didn't seem too concerned after I told them you shouldn't serve it because people could get sick. Other than that my food was fine but, I was put off by the taste so didn't eat much. My sister in law didn't like her rubber over cooked scramble eggs. Funny thing was my scrambled eggs tasted great .Couldn't even go to the ladies restroom because the lights weren't working. I used to eat here regularly 20 years ago and the food used to be great.

Dolores Denis

Stay away from place. Service and food is horrible. Thier meat was spoiled and the service was terrible. They got order wrong. My poached eggs were cooked. Did mention we ordered medium rare steaks which were well done. Probably because it they know it was spoiled.

christine soto.pineda

Love the cream of chicken soup and the service is great too.

Nancy Flores

Try the banquet hall for all your celebration needs. Has a decent bar, foods delicious and with the great space you can bring in a live band!!

Jacqueline sida

I was there with my 2 children this past Sunday

Flakka Montenegro

Horrible Service. The lady Guadalupe wasnâ??t honest about a couple of things, the bartender was rude and their drinks are so small and expensive. the bathroom is also too small and ceiling is all messed up. i do NOT recommend!

Maritza Hickey

Slow service, washrooms were dirty ceiling leaking hand dryer out of service, the elderly lady told us we were able to bring a few things and as we got there she changed it up and said she never said that. The place is way over priced ! I donâ??t recommend !

Prentcessa Wynn

Great place for any event that you maybe having.

tiffany johnson

Service was good food was not so great!

Izzy world 23

Had a few events and it's a lovely place good food good service

K S.

If I could give this place 0 stars I would! DO NOT BOOK A PARTY HERE!!! The owner was RUDE!! The food was TERRIBLE! The chicken was still pink, salad was soggy, soup was cold. The only thing that was good was the bread rolls. The drinks at the bar were very overpriced. There was only one person dining in the restaurant, and now I know why.

Denise R.

If I can give this business 0 stars I would! We were attending a party at one of the banquets. To start off, we ordered two drinks and the owner charged us $18 for both, I was puzzled, given that these were cheap alcoholic drinks that tasted like old, flat expired soda. It was so disgusting, I thought I was going to puke. When I approached the owner about wanting new drinks, he said absolutely not, that he wouldn't know because he doesn't "drink". He refused to make me new drinks. About 15 minutes later, I come to find out that it was open bar and not cash bar. Such a scumbag!

Rotor W

I enjoyed a perfectly executed poached egg on English muffin. Not soggy at all. A few years ago the place was crammed all the time. But perhaps because the decor is the dated teal and dusty rose and blonde oak, it is rarely busy. Yet, the booths are very comfortable, the service prompt and polite, and the food good. Go there if you don't want to wait in line for standard diner fare.

Jean S.

Pretty solid breakfast spot. My Denver omlette was pretty good except i ordered it with mozzarella and it was tough. This place is in bad need of a facelift. Carpet is 80s emerald green, booths abd chairs are mauve. Just buck ugly. Ceiling tiles are old and dirty. This place just doesn't seem to be as popular as some of the other area breakfast places and i thinks it's because of the way it looks inside. They have a good size banquet room that was occupied by a baby shower. Service was pretty attentive. If they brought this place into the 21st century they might be more popular.

Ellen R.

I attended a party here on Saturday. Party started at 7 p.m. , we were told that dinner was to be served at 8. Open bar--1 bartender for over 150 people. Long wait to get a watered down drink. Even the soda was bad, I was told that they used an off brand, not Coke or pepsi. They started serving soup at 8 p.m. Totally disorganized and inexperienced wait staff. It took them 1 hour to serve soup, soup was cold and bland. Next came the salad. salad was ok, but it took them over an hour to serve . Like I said totally disorganized and inexperienced. Table started getting pretty crowded a/c soup bowls were not removed before serving salad. Finally around 10 p.m. they started serving our dinner plates, food was mediocre. How sad that owners do not hire more experienced staff. This used to be a great place to have a party. I would not consider it at all. I was embarrassed for the host of the party.

Juana Rodriguez

Food was not as good..they should really work on the bathrooms ..its scary lookingð??±

Javier Castillo

Location, parking and location, is great! Staff very friendly, food it was okay!

Marcella Madrigal

Food was overpriced. There are fruit flies everywhere. The bathrooms we're just unsanitary. The place overall needs an upgrade.

Jimbo R.

Food and service are good but it is in need of some T.L.C.

Gami-Lorena M.

Service was extremely slow for only 3 tables occupied. Everything we asked for took like 5 minutes to bring. Not for the food, just little things napkins, ketchup, butter, etc. Bugs flying around everywhere! Kids were screaming that their food had bugs. Food was just ok. We've came twice and this is by far the last time. NEVER AGAIN!!! I ordered a steak sandwich and I've been sick for 4 days!! To top it off it wasn't even good at all! Never have I been sick like this before. I would give them no stars if I could.

Gilberto Ramirez

Great place to host an event at a reasonable price. The family style food is very good too.

Alex G.

I would give this place no star if I could the owner is all about his money and not clientele contract says one thing at the end of the day he charge 1k more for sodas and gratuity don't book your events here it's garbage contracts says midnight and he cuts you off with his turning on the lights BS AT 1130 then he makes you leave your event at his time to pay remaining balance I will never and ever recommend or book an event in this miserable place straight F+ from the getgo don't get me started with the food ..... smh

Abel S.

Do not book any events here ! 0 starts Horrible place for events hosted my child's birthday party here the service was horrible the management simply just doesn't care about you . The man is a scumbag sorry to say but he simply should not be running a business with the way he treats people! I had two children with autism at my event and I had to pay 100$ extra just for two plates for them and I agreed but when they were made to wait more then 1 hour to eat !! I mean really?? So I went to confront the management and he told me they would be out soon and that in our contract I never ordered it but I had a copy and showed him I did place the order and he's respond was oh well I have to see mine and I left it in my office which is not here ! I couldn't believe this ! So at the end we finally reached an agreement for him to give me back the extra money I spent on food that was never given ! He just simply didn't care about anything in the event ! We also gave him a layout of how we wanted the tables and everything when we got there we had to do everything ourselves we were missing some tables and chairs ! Management only cares about taking your money and that's it! Do your self a favor and don't come here in addition to this I found out my friend worked here but quiet because she was disgusted at the food prep and that she was told numerous times that the cups and dishes were clean enough when they were still dirty ! She has worked in many restaurants before and never has she heard that ! It's not worth it trust me don't deal with this business

Elle L.

I wish more people came to this restaurant. Everyone always raves about Connie's, and yes while they are good, skyview really is a gem In Berwyn. Hot rolls, soups are delicious... I've never had bad meal. Prices are decent and comparable to other family restaurants around the area.

Jasmine G.

Bad service, mediocre food, location is rundown 80's, dirty, and management does nothing to make it a better experience for the local community. We have gone twice as we live in the community and want to support local restaurants. Every time we have gone, the waitstaff is slow, the food is mediocre, and slow to come out with the restaurant with only a handful of customers. This time the hostess ignored us when we walked in, after standing there waiting for like 3-5 minutes we had to ask if we just picked a table, the waitress took her time to get to us, the food took a long time to come out, and half of my husbands and my food was missing which we told the waitress. She never brought it, nor did she come back till we we were done. When we told her to bring the bill and that she didn't bring us half our order she apologize and took 10 minutes to bring the bill. There were only 5 tables with customers. When she brought the bill, she told us she didn't charge the kids juices but they were free per the menu!!... so my husband goes to pay and talks to the manager. The manager pretty much ignored the issue after my husband and me explained why we shouldn't pay full price for our meal if only half is served. He charged full price, told us next time to tell him first. Wow!! never coming back.

Olivia D.

ok, so i walked into this place asking politely where i could drop off my cake and the lady just points. i was like ok, then i get the cake and these people don't even have the audacity to help open the door. then when i walk into the hall the one with the sky view, the ceiling is leaking! and it's not like it was just in one place it was all over the dance floor. i think people want to remain dry when they are trying to get their groove on. and to make matters worse all they did was put a bucket on a table so that took up most of the dance floor, water still dripping everywhere. due to this I FELL!!!!!!!! the food was gross, not even worth trying, the best thing there was the bread. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE BREAD!! trying to get a drink is nearly impossible, the bar tender is over talking to some people for what seemed like forever. this is the worst and final thing i have to say. so since i BOUGHT the cake i expect the leftover cake. so i had asked for cake about 5 times never got it. so at the end of the party the host asked the owner for the cake and said there was no more. like i saw you take TWO full trays of cake to the kitchen! please tell me where my delicious cake is! there is no reason to keep my cake! NEVER COME HERE!! THIS PLACE IS SUCKS! THEY'RE CAKE STEALERS! AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE WHEN IT RAINS DO NOT EXPECT TO STAY DRY AND HAVE THE WHOLE DANCE FLOOR!

A M.

Not sure why the rating are so low.. the service staff is so niccceeee! Shout out to Denny our waitress! Very accommodating :)

Fran A.

I was here for a wedding yesterday 9-17-16 decor, and room were nice. Unfortunately the bartender, i dont know if he's the manager was very rude to me when I ask him for a drink, when it's an open bar, money it's not an issue and when it came to customer service Questions.... I wouldn't recommend this place for any events if you have that kind of people to treat you guess like that...

Robert M.

Have taken my dad recently there on Labor day 2016. surprised it was opened. Breakfast is just excellent large portions. my dad family really love this place we would like to go again. and we found out they do birthday parties, graduations we may also take advantage of that in near future. regular customer now.

Abril O.

DO NOT BOOK YOUR PARTY HERE!!!! I recently had a party here in one of their banquet halls. It was absolutely the worst services I've ever had! The girl who I made the reservation with Rebecca (during The morning shift) was very nice and professional. Unfortunately the owner was unprofessional, rude, cheap and a jerk! This place should seriously be closed down. When we got to hall the day of the party there was no one there to great us or our guest. They had 1 guy serving 6 tables who was extra slow, it took approximately 4hrs to get all the food out onto the table, by this I mean it took 30min to get the soup out, 30min to pick up the soup, 30min-40min to get the salad plates out and 30min onto the table, another 30-40 to pick those up..40min to refill the soda and water pitchers. The food was not what he had ordered or payed for! It was also cold and had no flavor. I went to speak to the owner and explained to him that we hadn't order that food he had nothing else to say put "oh...well..." Since it was taking a very long time for the food another relative asked the owner if there was someone else who could help the server and he said "no!" Later I found out from a previous employer that the owner purposely changed the order because he didn't want to spend more money! What was the point of us picking out our food when he was going to give us what he wanted anyway. I seriously wish we hadn't payed for this place! If there was a way to get a refund I would certainly try to do so. DO NOT BOOK YOUR PARTY HERE!