Sam's Cafe

115 N Walnut St, Champaign
(217) 352-7102

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Frank Giraldo

Great American style cafe. Loved the customer service Amy provided. I highly recommend this place for a hearty breakfast ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Food: 5/5

Matthew Klimuszka

I wish I could give this a better review, but it was incredibly mediocre. I had a hard time tasting the coffee in my coffee. I don't know if it needed more beans, to be brewed longer, or what but it was tasteless. For my meal, I ordered the turkey and cheese omelette. For what it was, it was fine. The eggs barely any salt or pepper, and the turkey looked and tasted like it came from an Oscar Meyer package. Nothing was bad, but it was the bare minimum for making what I ordered.

Barry Groover

Nom! Seems like a little hole in the wall place but the folks were super friendly, fast and efficient. Food came out very quickly, I got it to go. Delicious every bite! Do recommend. If I'm in the area I will be back!Food: 5/5

A. Laird

Always expect a wait because people are always eating here. Food is made to order as you order. Menu is small but not limiting. Staff is friendly, so are the customers, and anyone will talk to everyone.Park anywhere on the street and check if you need to feed the meter, and stick on a little more, if you are going to sit and wait for service. There is a bar service across from the grill. The tables and chairs are wire and movable to accommodate as needed.Staff is non-stop busy but friendly.You got questions, they got answers, or the person next to you will have it. Dietary restrictions accomodations are available but realize it's one grill with one cook and everything is cooked on it.Eat there once or twice to enjoy, come back again to be a regular, enjoy the food and atmosphere for one of the tucked out of the way, limited hours, mostly morning diner.And don't forget to look up....

Mona Khneisser

Best local breakfast in town! Love this place and the people running it ♥️??

SAM OESTERREICH (Oesfreelancing)

ways 5-stars for diners who serve breakfast all day long! My 1/2 order of French toast and one egg over easy was perfectly prepared by Ryan. Amy is a wonderful waitress!

T Serenity M.

Best breakfast I've ever had in any restaurant by far. The French toast was like a religion experience (in a good way). The pancake was a solid second. The service was fast and friendly. Go. Eat. Enjoy. Thank me later. There's nothing I can say about this place which isn't positive except that I wish it were near my home so I could go regularly!

G.D. S.

I had read about this place, was passing through , and decided to give it a whirl. Yes sir! Nothing to look at really. It's not "charming", it's a functional downtown diner. No frills, but let me tell you,... the staff is 5 star. The food is very good. The French Toast? It should be it's own food group.


I could really enjoy Breakfast thanks to Sam’s Cafe. I highly recommend here!

David Kindred

Classic American greasy spoon diner.It's been a while since I was last here, but I'm happy to say Sam's is still the same Sam's we all love!Like a certain bunny, still going!

Samuel Weeks

We picked this location because I share the name. We had nine people in our convoy and everyone kept talking about how good the food was. It's a quaint shop that reminds me of the locally owned shops in New York. Food was amazing! Servings were large for the prices. I finished my plate and then my wife's and then my sisters. The only reason I stopped eating was I was making myself sick from trying to eat too much. I'll say it again, it's amazing.

Ryan Bailey

This was fine. It's a low-budget greasy spoon. If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill American breakfast, this place is fine.Toast is just white bread from the store and I'm pretty sure the sausage is just some frozen jimmy dean fare. The coffee was ok.Cash-only at the register which I found immensely irritating. Some folks had to visit the ATM across the street.The redeeming feature was the price. It is what it tastes like: pretty cheap.

Josh H

Tell me where to get a better breakfast, you can't! Best staff hands down, food on your table within 10 min at its busiest and your coffee will stay full. The prices are unbeatable.

Kiara Addison

The food is great,delicious and reasonable. Great staff and cook. Great Job Guys n Gals ?


I really enjoyed this restaurant! You can tell it's definitely a local favorite! The food was made to order everything was delicious! The customer service is wonderful! I stop in everytime I'm in the Champaign Area for breakfast??

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