SemSem Mediterranean - Chicago Ridge Mall

476 Chicago Ridge Mall, Chicago Ridge
(708) 677-6606

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Abraham Zein

I am putting five stars because I do not like to put bad reviews. I feel like people make mistakes but the reason why am writing this review is this is a consistent mistake. I ordered a Shawarma steak bowl (many times) and the food was very bad the steak was not good at all small chopped up pieces. I feel like they scrape the bottom of the grill and put the steak inside my bowl. I threw half of it out This is more of an advice review. You have to put your heart into making the food if you just do it sloppy just to get by and make money you will not succeed . You may make money, but making money is not success. They are two different things pay attention to your restaurant and restaurant orders prepare the food, the same way you would want someone to prepare it for you

Yahpri Maxwell

Best falafel bowl in the Chicagoland area! Most take out places burn the falafels and here they are just crispy enough. Pickled turnips/beets give great acid touch as well

Lora Phipps

The food and customer service was the best. Thank you Sarah, your such a sweetheart.P.s give Sarah a raise, she made sure I got the best of service and food options.??

Omar Fokaha

We came from Peoria for a nice chill day to have fun we decided to go the mall to look around for and we wanted Arabic food and we found and gave it a shot and everything was amazing food was lovely and owner and staff was nice and helpful amazing staff and food

Subaih Towing

I been a customer with semsem from orland park long time and today I ordered for my wife daughter and myself the hummus and salad was disgusting and there was not enough meat and the drink was $3 which it should come with the meal I’m so shocked whatever is rotten needs to be thrown away not refrigerated me and my family got sick, also they raised their price for small portion here is the receipt it’s not like I’m getting the food for free I’m so disappointed I do not recommend this place

Janet Pernell

I am not the biggest fan of Mediterranean food. However, I’m rating this business 5 stars because of the service I received. Even though I was a patron of another restaurant in the mall, I was still served a sample as if I was spending my money with them. What I got out of the sample was a lot of flavors and tenderness. It wasn’t half bad, but still to the point where I would not finish it due to my personal taste in certain foods. If you personally like Mediterranean food, this is the spot for you if you are shopping, or just want a quick bite of something ethnic.

Adriana Esterline

The falafel and hummus were very good. The falafel wasn't dry at all and the hummus had a good flavor. Got a sample of a wrap and that was good too. Very fast as well.

Zaid Hasan

Great service.. omar finished my food in 5 min and created it exactly as i asked.. will definitely stop by again next time im in the area

Gigi Marie

Awesome service and delicious food!What more can I ask for?

Jessica Davies

I waited for almost 10 minutes while the only person working had a conversation with some friends. Then he yelled and argued with another customer (it seemed personal but it was in Arabic so I don't know what was being said). That took another 15 minutes. He gave me the wrong rice, so it was spicy. He had a horrible attitude. I used to love this place. Horrible experience. They need to hire more professional people.

Hussain Muammar

Came to this restaurant to get my wife some food. Ended up waiting for the arabic guy to finish his argument with the previous customer. Once that was over he started taking my order and arguing with me about something that has nothing to do with the food. He gets mad at me for not being able to speak arabic even though we are in America. Then when I get the food back to my wife it turns out he put spicy rice instead of regular and didn't put any lettuce, she didn't eat any of it. Will never return and will be asking for my money back. I came to get food not to watch you argue and then have you argue with me.

Andrew M.

You would not expect to find middle eastern food this good in a food court of a mall but the universe has a full of surprises. The shawarma wrap with hot sauce is awesome.

Muminah M.

SemSem is definitely a hidden jewel in the Chicago Ridge Mall. This restaurant is located in the back of the mall by the entrance/exit door in Food Court; across from the theatre. If you are looking to expand your taste buds palate? You have to try their delicious food. I absolutely love the freshness of the food and toppings! I have also turned my work friends on to this restaurant and they love it too. You should try it as well. Estemta (Enjoy).

Katarína Kmeťová

Little Mediterranean fast food in the corner of the mall. It is nice if your looking for something with veggies but also fries and mayonnaise. Servers are cute and nice, they explained stuff with patience. And gave me veggies in cute little containers. Highly recommend passing all the common fast foods to get to this one.

Rana Hammad

I love this place it’s so clean and the food is so amazing. The waitress ragahd is so sweet she was being so nice to me giving me recommendations.

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SemSem Mediterranean - Chicago Ridge Mall

476 Chicago Ridge Mall, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
(708) 677-6606