Taco Bell

2225 S Cicero Ave, Cicero
(708) 652-6161

Recent Reviews

Catherine Patterson

First i asked for a lot of hot sauce they gave me 1. So i had to go inside and ask for it. Then we were trying to eat and everything was just thrown inside and out of the tortilla. It was imposable to eat. So i had to go in again second time. And asked for my money back because it was so ridiculous to have to go in and out 2 time when it was for drive through. In the end i got my money back and the food remade. But i will never go back to this store again.

Annette Murphy

This manager on duty got upset because I told her to change he gloves before fixing my drink because she had just touch money and we are in the middle of a pandemic! She got upset and said I'm nothing doing all this extra stuff! I refuse to let her fix my food and told her you need to be in another profession! I will never go into this establishment again! Oh and she was the manager!

Amiyah R.

This Taco Bell Is Very Clean & Your Food Is Hot & Fresh!

Nickolis Gingras

Friendly staff, good food.

bhaumik patel

Impolite staff, can't wait for a minute at drive thru; no greeting; no sauce.

Elijah Mccullough

I celebrated my graduation this evening in this great restaurant. Well we passed a enjoyable evening and the venue was absolutely the reason for the strong meeting. The waiters helped in a sweet style, the meals were extremely good and my buddies were extremely glad. We shall surely come back again for more events. thanks very much.

Dianne Lozano

Employees are nice but the food portions are very little. Burritos are flat with hardly anything in them. Tacos are more lettuce than anything else. I feel like they falsely advertise and the food is nothing like the pictures they publish.

Donald Terry

The people there have to learn to move faster and not make mistakes on orders.

brenda tyler

In my opinion I like taco Bell I really didn't have anything to really eatI was on the dollar menu I think they have a lot of choices on the dollar menu I like the fact that it wasn't all beef it was chicken on there also if you are on a budget it is a great place to go to...ENJOY YOUR MEAL...

zaliah t

Two of my favorite girls there never fails with their customer service absolutely love going there cause of these girls

Donna Bella

Seemed like they were in a hurry because the some of the quesadillas were missing chicken and sauce. Still good though.

Patrick Washington

Great service...good food...great price...for fast food tacos.

Larissa Gouge

This morning I came here & ordered me & my husband some food & I totally forget he wanted a chicken quesadilla so I had to go back in & order it while waiting for my food I did not have a problem at all waiting for my food but there was a nice kind lady that gave me his chicken quesadilla on the house since I had been waiting I was so happy that lady made my morning it's small things that truly make a person smile god bless her

green eyez

the back worker he was very nices . very helping . the lady at the register was just talking . to other employees. but other then that. it was okay my order was fast. I'll come again

I’m Ele

I’ve been to this Restaurant a total of 4 times. I recently ate a A different Taco Bell and I liked the food, then I realized that there is a Taco Bell right by my house ( something I never really noticed) which is this one. I came here the first time and I was taken Care of right away, the staff was nice, friendly and helpful. The food they gave me was very good & exactly what I wanted.

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